2016 Highlights

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2016 was a tough year for me and for my blog, but also a year for change. I even came to a very complicated moment where I had to decide between keeping my blog, deleting it, and rebranding it. Few highlights of which I believe were the best decision so far from last year was moving my blog to its new home.

New Home. When my blog turned two last 2014, I thought of going self-hosted. I researched a lot about the pros and cons, including where to move. I also asked some bloggers who have done the same. I even bookmarked some of the websites who posted about moving blogs the DIY way.

I could not believe actually that it took me two more years to finally move my blog to its new home. And yes, the idea came 2014 and only decided 2016, 3 months after my blog turned four. And yes again, my blog is now self-hosted. And I love it, even more, today!

New Name. Before I finally moved my blog, I only thought of just moving it as is. But because I also wanted to make it more real, changing its name was one of the options. Goddess in Disguise is actually a love at first choice. The reason why I chose not to use my real name before is because I’d like my blog to be a tease of who I am. Complicated, I know. The Cheryl F, on the other hand, is me. Pretty obvious, I’d like to laugh. That’s my name, what else should I say? HAHA!

New Look. Don’t you love my new blog’s look? I DO. Yes! And I can’t keep my eyes on the menu’s drop down preview. I have been wanting to have one and couldn’t find it with my blog’s past home. The theme is quite expensive, yes but worth every penny. I just have to do a little tweaking and it’s all good. Also, I need someone who can design a logo or at least someone who has an idea on what should my blog’s header be, or someone who is a little artsy than me. Please do ask them to email me! πŸ™‚

How about you? What is your blog’s highlights last year?


  1. Great to move to a new virtual home! Did so myself a year back. The biggest challenge is basically making sure that new virtual home gets its filling πŸ˜€ Hahaha hope this weekly challenge will push us to actually writing for our blogs!

  2. I am thinking of rebranding too! I can totally relate to the challenges of trying to make a big move…. sometimes we just need to sit still with ourselves until the answers are clear. Love the new blog layout and yes, your real name is beautiful! xoxo Robin

  3. Yeees I love it! Mine got through so much as well. Good thing my friends were kind enough to let me borrow money to pay my hosting and domain fees. Life is still good <3

    Keep on writing!

  4. Nice post. Happy to know about some of the great things of you for 2016. I wish all the very best for 2017.

  5. YAY! I love love love when I get a new blog design and look! My blog will be transforming within the next week or two and I am pumped for fresh beginnings!

  6. I think your new blog looks great, I migrated over to WordPress last November and it was the best decision I could have made! This is fantastic xx

  7. I didn’t get a chance to see your old blog but I am in love with this one. How do you like the self hosted blog? I have always used self hosted blogs. Wish you all the best and so far it’s looking great.

  8. I really like this post. It is fun to talk to your readers about changes you made with your blog. I started my blog last year on December 30th so that was my blog change for the year ha!


  9. Blogging certainly does have its ups and downs and many difficult decisions! I’m glad you decided not to delete and to carry on!

  10. I always like seeing people’s highlight reels. It helps people look at what is being done and gives us a framework for what can be done. Congrats on the things you are doing. Your site looks great.

  11. I do love the look of your blog. Great job! I need to give my blog a makeover at some point.

    A highlight for me is that my blog stats seem to be growing! Always a good thing.

  12. Elizabeth O. Reply

    We all have struggles with our blogs and it takes time before we figure out what we really want to do with it. I think the new layout is quite nice. It’s easy to navigate to.

  13. Your theme is clean and I like it. The drop down menu bar looks grand because of the icons/photos that go along with the links. Congrats on becoming self-hosted and for having a new home! Was the move hard for you?

    • Not at all. There are lots of tutorials online. Plus there are plugins available to help you out with moving.

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