When we think of some of the best city travel destinations, what are the names that first pop up in our mind? New York, London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo? How often do you think of Jakarta? If you’re like most people, you might be sleeping on one of the finest tourist destination cities the world has to offer, a bustling metropolis on the coast of Java, Jewel of the Indonesian Islands. There are five cities in Jakarta and more to explore than you could see in a lifetime. So, where do you start?Jakarta

Have a splash

The northern city of Jakarta is where the coast is. As you might imagine, this means stretches of gorgeous golden beaches and all the sun, sea, and sand you can handle. There’s a bustling tourist economy here, with boat trips, snorkeling, and much more. But if you really want to experience some spills and thrills, you need to check out the waterparks. Attractions like are some of the most kid-friendly spots in the city, with slides, rides, and pools that you can spend a whole day enjoying. There’s even some educational value to be found, with Ice Age themed rides teaching kids and adults alike about some of the deepest mysteries of the Earth’s history.

Find a slice of heaven

Venture a little further off the northern coast of the city and there’s even more to explore. There are boat tours for tourists that can fit any budget, with all the luxuries of private yacht hire available to those who are willing to splurge a little. One of the attractions that most tourists here simply have to see is the Thousand Islands, not too far from the northern coast. Colorful birds, gorgeous seas, and an eccentric collection of marine life including manta rays and turtles make their home here. But the people of Pramuka Island are well worth visiting, too. It’s like a little-hidden getaway, with beach bars, friendly locals, and all the comforts you can hope for when the city gets a little overwhelming.

Get a taste of luxury

That said, if you want to enjoy all the luxuries that city life holds, then you want to stick close to Central Jakarta. This is the financial heart of the city and, as expected, where you can find some of the highest quality accommodation. If you like access to spas, bars, private pools, and great views of the city skyline, you want to check out the Central Jakarta hotels. However, if you prefer your own space in clean, contemporary housing, renting places like in might be more up your alley. You can still find all the luxury amenities you would expect from a five-star hotel, but with a touch of privacy to boot.

Up close with some of the island’s most endangered species

Like many of the more recently developed locations in the world, Java has had some trouble with its conservation of the species that call it and the surrounding islands home. However, in Jakarta, many of these endangered species have found a way to survive in Ragunan Zoo. With a world-class aviary and primate center, this 140-hectare zoo hosts some of the brightest birds and most characterful monkeys, chimps, and apes you can hope to see. The main attraction, however, simply must be the enclosure of Balinese and white tigers. There are few places in the world that offer such an up-close look at some of the most beautiful big cats you can find.

Get a feel for Indonesia

Some people might find that visiting the biggest city a destination has to offer puts you at risk of missing the culture and character that can be found throughout the rest of the country. However, Jakarta never forgets its roots and has them on full display. In the western corner of South Jakarta, which is the more residential side of the city, you can find the very heart of Indonesia represented. This is thanks to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. A 100-hectare park, this must-see stop includes traditional houses representing different provinces and ethnic groups, traditional crafts and arts on display, and even a miniature version of Borobudur, the country’s most famous temple. You don’t have to go too far from Jakarta to see a painstaking recreation of the country’s spirit.

Get a taste of the city’s history

That’s not to say that the city’s history is solely represented by the Indonesian culture it makes a display out of. Jakarta has seen the influence and dominion of a whole host of cultures over the centuries. It’s a mish-mash of Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian, and Dutch influences. Few better places can you see that than The history lives and breathes through the city as well, from the colonial Dutch buildings of Kula Toa to Glodok, the Chinatown of Jakarta, where the oriental influence can be keenly felt in every building along the docks. Few cities truly embrace multiculturalism as well as Jakarta.Jakar


Relax with a view like never before

If you’re looking for nightlife and a taste of the Jakarta party lifestyle, you have to head back to the central city. Amongst the high rises you are going to find some of the best-hidden bars and clubs, the city has to offer. is on the 56th floor of the BCA Tower and represents much more than a bar. It’s a “lifestyle resort” giving anyone who can find it a taste of the luxury lifestyle. A bistro by day, at night it transforms into one of the classiest nightlife spots in the city, with colorful cocktails and relaxing music to accompany one of the finest views you can find in the city.

Bring back some souvenirs

Can you really say that a city is world-class without talking about its shopping? Probably not. There’s no need to fear, however, as each of the Five Cities of Jakarta has more than its fair share of retail therapy on offer. From small stalls offering local foods and handmade goods to the latest and greatest off the runway, you can find it all here. The prime spot for anyone looking for high-quality shopping, however, is the appropriately named Grand Indonesia Mall. This complex is truly huge, with over 200 restaurants and shops to spend days exploring. There are bargains as well as some of the most famous designer name stores, so it’s a great spot for shopping that can fit any budget.

Visit one of the oldest sites in the world

There are some spots worth leaving the city for, as well. Those into their world history of anthropology will know that ancient Javanese cultures are some of the oldest in the world, rivaling the kingdoms of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. The proof is there for everyone to visit at Gunung Padang, some of the oldest ruins still stand in the world. Known as Indonesia’s Machu Picchu, it might not be quite in as complete a state, but it still gives you a great idea of the scale and importance of this building to the ancient peoples of the island. It’s a day trip away from the western side of Jakarta, so if you want to go, you need to plan in advance for it.

The Five Cities of Jakarta hold a lot more than what we could show here. Much like any of the other truly world class cities, it’s impossible to see everything in one trip. It can serve you time and time again, with something new to see every time you visit.

There’s nothing quite like England, and not for the stereotypes you see everywhere. Fish and chips are delicious, of course, but they’re not the only thing that England has going for it. The nights are getting longer and while you can’t guarantee that it won’t rain, there are still some beautiful places to visit this summer. You don’t have to head to London to get a taste of England. The capital is amazing; it’s a business capital and full of tourist spots that you should visit at least once. It’s also home to the Royal family for some of the year so it’s definitely a place that you need to see. Europe has a lot to offer, but England is a place to be!

However, England has so much more to offer than just the capital city. England is a small island but it’s an island full of history and an abundance of seaside towns, seaside towns you should explore at least once. So, when you’re stuck for places to visit, why not check out this list of four places to see in England this summer:stonehenge

Deal, Kent

In the south east of England, just past London, is the county of Kent. There’s a town called Deal with a Fifties vibe – it’s a destination town that people love to visit and while you’re there, you can take yourself to the seafront for fish and chips among the shingles. There are two separate castles for the history buffs among you, Walmer & Deal Castle and are both open for exploration.

Whitby, North Yorkshire

There may be a lot of rain in the north of England, but Whitby has a character and a charm that really cannot be missed. Whitby Abbey is the home of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and when the fog rolls along the wide sandy beaches, it’s eerie and beautiful all at once. Walk the winding, cobbled streets and see the old fashioned sweet shops as you go.

Exeter, Devon

Right by the seaside in Devon, you’ll find a myriad of Exeter hotels to sleep in while you explore the Gothic cathedral and the fragments of a long-dead Roman city. There are places to eat that are stylish and contemporary and you can take yourself on an adventure kayaking while you visit.

Hunstanton, Norfolk

When you want to find the perfect seaside area, think about idyllic Hunstanton. You can find many empty sandy beaches to explore, you can find true Victorian charm at this seaside resort. Norfolk coast is an area of outstanding natural beauty, meaning that you won’t be short on views to soak up. For those who love nature, head over to the Sea Life Sanctuary and get a glimpse of some truly incredible sea creatures.

England has everything from mountains to beaches, fields to cities. There’s something for everyone, whatever your travel tastes. You can go as modern or as quintessentially English as you like; it’s on offer for you no matter what. Shop around online for the best deals before you travel and save yourself some cash!

Travel can provide an excellent opportunity to let your hair down, relax, and enjoy the wonders of life as they present themselves to you on the open road.

Seeing new places and meeting new people can be extremely positive and encouraging experiences, and can expand your horizons and deepen your sense of your own place in the world. When you do return home, you’re likely to find that you appreciate your ordinary life all the more because of the brief time you’ve spent away from it.

In short, travel is great, with many downsides and few if any drawbacks. Whether you’re looking for an HDB for rent, or are backpacking from place to place, there’s a lot that the experience can offer.

Perhaps one of the greatest possible benefits of travel, however, is its ability to help you detach yourself from the concerns of your everyday life, and truly “discover” yourself in a deep and meaningful way. If you’ve approached your trip in the proper manner, you may find that your entire life changes subtly, but positively, as a result of your journey.

Here are some things you can do to help discover yourself when traveling.

Take a notebook with you and keep a daily travel journal

The simple act of writing is one of humanity’s most powerful tools for introspection, reflection on deep and existential topics, and — ultimately — self-analysis and discovery.

You may not be a natural writer at heart, and in fact, you may not even enjoy the experience of writing very much. Nonetheless, there are some real benefits to packing a notebook and pen next time you’re going traveling and using them every day to help structure and understand your thoughts and reflect on your experiences.

The first exercise you should adopt — and easily one of the most beneficial — is to keep a daily travel journal, both as a record of your experiences, and also as a way of summarising and analyzing your daily experiences to yourself.

This doesn’t have to take the form of an intensive novel-writing mission. Rather, you can begin by simply writing out a line or two each evening (or the next morning), detailing your experiences and reflecting on your thoughts or feelings about them. You could even note down any broader thoughts or considerations that might be playing on your mind in general.

This may seem like a bit of a pointless exercise at first, but don’t underestimate the degree to which humans structure and organize their thoughts by clearly articulating them. Writing is one of the best overall ways of achieving this.

Depending on how you choose to record your travel journal, you might also end up with a series of fascinating stories and anecdotes preserved in time, that you can reflect on fondly years later, share with friends or family, or even use as the basis for a future book.

In addition to writing your journal entries, you should also take the time to express yourself on the blank page in any way you want, as the inspiration comes to you. This could involve writing short, spur-of-the-moment poems while sitting in front of a beautiful landscape, or it could involve sketching or drawing as the mood takes you.

Either way, keep a pen and notebook with you when traveling.

Take some books that help you to understand yourself, or think about big issues

When traveling, people will often pack pretty lighthearted novels and airport-paperbacks, if they’re packing any books at all. There is nothing wrong with reading these kinds of books, of course, but they generally won’t have a dramatic, immediate impact on you in terms of helping you to deepen your understanding of yourself, or the direction you’re heading in, in life, or get a handle on deeper considerations of what your ultimate values and goals are.

In order to ensure that you have the greatest possible chance of exercising positive self-reflection on your travels, identify some books that you think will help you come to terms with yourself, or address a real issue in your life, or at least cause you to think deeply, and then take one or two of those with you on your travels.

Self-help books are a great option in this regard — particularly if you’ve vetted them carefully and aren’t just grabbing anything from that shelf of your local bookstore — but works of philosophy, or psychology, or even business organization and productivity, can fill the same role.

The key thing is that you do some reading on your travels, on a subject that gives you real food for thought and has the potential to change your life in some way.

Travel is one of the best times to read such books, as you are away from your usual environment, and are detached enough from your everyday concerns that you can begin to view your ordinary life from a “bird’s eye” perspective, rather than being too caught up in it directly, to see the forest for the trees.

Use the trip as an opportunity to cut down on some of your usual vices

Most people have certain vices which they indulge in on a regular basis, and these aren’t always as dramatic as addictions to hard drugs.

In fact, for many people today, their “vices” can be things which don’t immediately seem to present a major issue, or which might otherwise be harder to pin down. An addiction to caffeine, a tendency to gamble, or occasional binge-drinking, can all seem reasonable if kept within the normal boundaries and not allowed to “spill over” into obviously problematic behavior.

But even something as innocuous as a caffeine addiction can cause an array of underlying health conditions, psychological, and lifestyle problems that might be hard to spot at first glance but which can nonetheless add up to a series of profoundly negative effects over time.

For example; over-use of stimulants such as caffeine prompts your body to dramatically increase its production of stress hormones, including cortisol and adrenaline. When these hormones are produced in the right quantities, at the right times — typically when there’s a real threat that you’ve got to face — they serve an important role in protecting you and guiding you safely through life.

When these hormones are produced in excess or are produced too frequently, or for prolonged periods of time, on the other, the consequences can be devastating, and may include — reduced cognitive function (as the brain struggles to regenerate itself, or develop new neurons), reduced organ health (as organs such as the adrenal glands or thyroid are completely over-taxed and stop working as they should) and more.

If, on the other hand, your vices are more linked to indulgent habits such as eating processed foods, or surfing social media all day, the effects may be less explicitly physical but are still more than capable of causing you serious problems.

Perhaps one of the most negative effects of being ruled by your vices is the simple fact that they distort your view of what is and isn’t normal, and make it difficult for you to organize your life in a clearheaded way.

Cutting back on some of your vices while traveling — or ideally, shortly before traveling — can help to give you the clearheaded awareness that you need in order to face life head on and deal with its challenges.

Despite its size and prominence on the world stage, Germany is still a European country that gest overlooked while some of its close neighbors like France, Italy and Spain attract millions of more visitors every year. However, there are plenty of reasons why you should visit here. History buffs will be right at home, while there is also plenty of beautiful scenery. You can travel around the country easily, and many of the destinations are relatively inexpensive. In this blog post, we are going to take a closer look at five of the cities which you could pay a visit to.

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Despite being flattened and divided during the 20th century, Berlin has quickly emerged as a cosmopolitan and exciting city. There are plenty of historical sites and its nightlife is legendary. It also has a surprisingly diverse food scene which is certainly worth enjoying. Visit during Christmas and the city plays host to some wonderful festive markets.


The capital of Germany’s much-visited Bavaria region, Munich is a rich and thriving city. Compared to the modern and trendy Berlin, you feel like you are in an entirely different country with its beer halls, traditional costumes, and regal German architecture. Take a stroll around the English garden and you will be able to watch the impressive river surfers who ride the waves of the Eisbach. Of course, the city is packed with tourists during the autumn for the world-famous Oktoberfest.


The second-largest city in the whole country, Hamburg is a jewel in the north of Germany. It is home to one of the biggest harbors in the world and it also has more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice put together. This also the city where the Beatles got their initial big break, and you can still stroll down the streets where they played their first gigs. St. Pauli still has remnants from its gritty past, but it remains an interesting place to visit.


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Cologne is one of the oldest cities in Germany, but most of the remnants from those glory days are long gone – barring the magnificent cathedral, which remains one of the most-visited places in the country. While you are here, you will certainly enjoy a few glasses of the local Kölsch beer, which seems to be all the locals drink! Its riverside location makes the city a pleasant place to enjoy a walk.


Not far away from Berlin, Leipzig warrants a few days to explore its treasures. The Leipzig Marriott Hotel is a great spot to spend however long you have here. Just like one of the other nearby cities Dresden, Leipzig has started attracting youthful residents who have formed their own kind of culture here.

Each of these five cities offers something different, so why not visit one or more of them yourself? You are bound to be rewarded with some fascinating cultural attractions, friendly people, hearty food, and, without a doubt, a few beers!

I used to be an outdoor person before I had my son but I haven’t really tried going to a mountain. I haven’t tried visiting any place too that has a temperature below normal literally. Most of the time I opted for beaches to relax and unwind. This year has probably changed my adrenaline. First one to reach was Mt. Hambubuyog located in the municipality of Ginatilan. Getting there actually gives you a couple of choices such as through the roads from Samboan town, Oslob or Ginatilan. You can also opt to trek from Inambakan falls.

Mt. Hambubuyog is one of the places I won’t mind always going back. My reasons? Keep reading. . .

1. Majestic. Mt. Hambubuyog’s peak is where the Divine Mercy chapel is also located. It has solemn feelings and it’s a great place to visit when you want to achieve peace of mind.

2. Views. Standing at the peak allows you to witness the sun setting at the Negros island side. The neighboring island’s panorama is not quite clear during rainy season so make sure to visit there during summer to maximize the experience. You can also see the Bohol island at the other side of the peak.

3. Camping. Despite the very cold temperature of the place regardless of the season, staying overnight is a must-try to everyone who will visit there. There’s a camping area below the chapel where you can place your tent and other camping needs. You can also stay beside the chapel in case it rains. The place has comfort room so you don’t need to worry if nature calls. Also, the chapel has electricity.

4. Accessibility. The good thing is it’s accessible with vehicles so trekking is just an option. If you don’t own a vehicle, you can ride a habal-habal. But if you want an adventurous journey, go for a trek. You can trek from Inambakan Falls to Mt. Hambubuyog. You can always ask the locals around.

5. Child-friendly and safe. As a mom, it’s always great to visit a place where I can bring my 2-year old son. Although some visitors left trashes there it still has a worry-free environment and my son loves it there. And when you are with your family, you can also do some activities such as kite flying.

Have you been there? How was your visit?

This is my third time in Bohol. In fact, every visit to the island brings a different story. Of course, I’m so lucky to be able to visit different tourist spots from each visit. I came to visit Danao Adventure Park the first I went there. I rode the park’s cable car, although the plan was to try its zip line. I’m scared of heights!
The second time I went to Bohol was with my entire family so we took tours available in our hotel. It was the time I was able to see the chocolate hills closer, I also got to meet the famous Tarsier. We were also able to see Prony, dubbed as the biggest python in captivity. We also had the chance to see different butterflies at the butterfly farm and a lot more.  It was actually an incredible trip because imagine being able to visit several spots in a day.
The weekend before Valentine’s Day, I visited Bohol again. This time with a whole new story and adventure, not to mention I brought my son with me. As expected my hands were full, because, mother duties. It was our first long travel and glad that my little one cooperated, although not all the time. But what are toddlers!

Our first day was a relaxing day. We only went to the Fort of Saint Vincent Ferrer or commonly known as Punta Cruz Watchtower. We were lucky to arrive there just in time for sunset. But because LO kept on running around, no good photos for me.

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On the second day, we decided to hop to Pamilakan Island. About two and a half hours travel from Baclayon by boat. We arrived in Baclayon at around noon time so expected to meet big waves. Plus the weather was not that friendly that day. It is recommended to go there early in the morning where the ocean is calm. That’s according to the locals we met at the pier. And yes, the waves were scary! But the island is really worth the travel.

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During our third day, we decided to travel to the Eastern Tip of Bohol. It is where Anda is located. Beach! I was actually expecting it to be just like the beaches found in Panglao. Amazed as I was, I fell in love with Anda. Long white sand beach. I couldn’t get enough of it. I wanted to stay there longer. It is better than Panglao, most of the tourists who went there said Anda is better than Boracay. I haven’t been to Boracay, though. But because Anda looks untouched and is beautiful as it is from its creation, I know it is better than any other beaches.

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It’s pretty common to most of us to go to the beach during holidays, special occasions, or even just weekends. We have so many beaches here in the Philippines, and most of them are very accessible to anyone. If not beaches, we opt for swimming pools, kids love that, don’t they? But have you tried going to somewhere different? Somewhere with a touch of adventures for you and your company? Waterfalls, perhaps?12705616_440935716098873_7731954663341695221_n

I’m a beach person, I won’t deny that. But I won’t say ‘no’ to something that excites my adrenaline. I was born and raised from down south of Cebu, a so-called “waterfalls capital of the province”, Samboan. Approximately 140km from the city, that’s about 4 hours to travel. Yes, we have more than 10 waterfalls here. That’s how blessed we are with water. But no, the water we are using at home isn’t free. And mostly even short during summer. To name few of the waterfalls in our town are Binalayan Falls popularly known as Hidden Falls, Aguinid Falls, Candayvic Falls, and Dau Falls.14359056_10206887821143823_5376797574976535611_nTo where I actually grew up is where Dau Falls located. The highest among the waterfalls we have here and the coldest too. Barangay Suba is just a few minutes away from the proper town. Going to the falls itself involves 30 to 40 minutes trekking and a little more adventure along the way. The last time I actually went here before it was commercialized was early 2012. No wooden trails. No hanging bridge. No guides. And mind you, it was even more adventurous although the tiring journey to Dau Falls. 14555922_1299910490040284_1544405218_n

This is not actually for the faint hearted as the journey is not really that easy. I bet you want to do some stretching first. Hahaha!  I don’t mean to discourage you but some say ‘scary’, ‘hard’, etc. I suggest to not go there when it rains, the trekking part will be harder.12743767_1223635810999526_1019320322890783923_nI honestly had the worst muscle pain going there for the first time. It was all worth it, though. It was really worth it. The jaw-dropping Dau Falls is really a paradise. A piece of heaven on earth, indeed.12573178_433858273473284_7183008193899683753_n

Have you been here? How’s the experience?

One of the best things about touring somewhere is when you do it unplanned. And this visit is one of them. I really don’t have plan going out that time because I was afraid my son won’t be comfortable there. He’s still too young though to know where he likes and where he doesn’t want to be. Fortunately, mother fetched us and told me it’s safe there even for small kids.
Aguinid Falls is located at Barangay Tangbo, Samboan, Cebu, Few minutes away from home. And a minute or two away from the national road. It wasn’t the first time I got there but my first since it was developed by the local government. And booom! I was so surprised when I saw the changes. I still can’t believe until now how people enhanced its beauty.
 Truly a heaven’s paradise.
I’m definitely going back there soon. I’ve missed so much activities there like river walking and climbing through water falls way up to its 5th level. And I didn’t bring any waterproof cameras, only used my mobile for these photos. I will be back for more adventures there soon. Don’t worry they have tour guide to help you. For now, let me share you what I was only able to capture. xoxo!


Cebu, Philippines – The Moevenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence last May 22, 2013., presently considered one of the most popular travel websites among online netizens around the world, is renowned for providing its readers with key travel information. It features reviews and opinions of individuals who aim to share their unique travel experiences with the rest of the world. TripAdvisor showcases wide-scale reviews about hotels, restaurants, and much more.

The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence is awarded annually to the top performing 10% of all hotels worldwide, and is given to establishments that consistently earn high ratings from TripAdvisor travelers

Recently re-launched on December 15 2012, after having undergone a PHP500,000,000  total transformation, the Moevenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu is proud of the fact that it has been publicly recognized with such a prestigious award after having only been in operation for less than six months – a feat that is truly difficult for any hotel to rival.

Knuth Kiefer the hotel’s General Manager when asked about the award said “ it’s pleasing to see that our guests have chosen to recognise us in this manner” he went on to say that “the hotel has continued to develop its services over the past 6 months and will continue to strive to refine its services further over the coming 6 months”.

Moevenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu is the flagship property for Moevenpick Hotels & Resorts in the Philippines, and will soon be joined by the Moevenpick Huma Island in Palawan.

For hotel inquiries and reservations, guests may call (+63) 32 4927777 or email Visit the Moevenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu Facebook page at:

For further information:

Contact details
Name: Sasha Rahman
Address: Punta Engano, Mactan Island, Cebu 6015
Phone: (+63) 32 4927777

About Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts:
Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts, an international upscale hotel management company with over 14’000 employees, is represented in 25 countries with 71 hotels and resorts currently in operation. A further 30 properties are planned or already under construction in Ankara (Turkey), Dubai (four projects – United Arab Emirates); Abu Dhabi (three projects – United Arab Emirates), Shanghai (China), Dharamshala (India). Focusing on expansion in its core markets of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts specialises in business and conference hotels, as well as holiday resorts, all reflecting a sense of place and respect for their local communities. Of Swiss heritage and headquartered in Zurich, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is passionate about delivering premium service, culinary enjoyment and sustainable environments – all with a personal touch. The hotel company is owned by the Mövenpick Holding (66.7%) and the Kingdom Group (33.3%). For more information please visit

***Press Release. All content, including photos and/or contact details, featured in this post is provided by Moevenpick.

One of the many things to do while in Bohol is to do the country side tour. A remarkable and fun-filled visit to Bohol’s tourist attractions. Best idea for first timers to experience the wonders the place has to offer. A day is good enough to visit all so make sure to be in Panglao Island too for their awesome beaches. This is actually my second time here, and I’m back, and I will still be back for more amazing memories.

Camwhoring at the beach! hahaha!
I wouldn’t leave Bohol Plaza without this photo taken. Hehehe!
Way to chocolate hills! 5th photo here 🙂
I wanna sail like Popeye the sailor man. 🙂 Oh Popeye the sailor maaannn!
Python Prony and me! Hahaha! Scary!
Inside the Baclayon church, the second oldest stone church in the Philippines. Yes, I do pray too. *wink*
Me and my sissies 🙂
Blood Compact. A tribal ritual in the Philippines to seal a friendship or to validate an agreement.
Butterfly Sanctuary. I wish I have wings like them 😀
The accessories I wore that day! Yellooowwww!
Sending you lots of love from Bohol <3


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