Whenever I’ll be on travel, accommodation is not really my main concern, as long as there are lots of fun activities to do, I’m already good. But this time I got twice the deal. Fun activities plus good accommodation, happy me! Here I’ll be sharing the views from Bohol Plaza Resort and Restaurant in Dauis, Panglao Island where me and my family checked it during our first night. This is exactly located in Dayo Hill, yes you read it right, a resort on a hill with breathtaking views.

I love this lobby! 😀
Pardon me if I can’t show photos on the room because it got messy right away with our bags. LOL! Here’s the hallway anyway. 🙂
Brighter than the sun, yes it is! You actually will be able to witness the sun when it rises and when it sets, isn’t it a great package to see both? 🙂
Have you been here? Tell me your experience on the comments below!


Okey! I’m not really a hundred percent environmentalist but I just thought of sharing this one to you.
One of the many colors to love is green. But what does it means to you? It is actually not my favorite color, however I love it in so many ways. From the color of the year (Emerald) to the different aspects of the environment. Wouldn’t it be great if the planet earth is greener and cleaner? It is undeniable that green nature is very appealing to the eye and it feels even safer. Unfortunately, there are humans who are abusing the beauty of nature, humans who destroy what God has created for all of us.

Isn’t it lovely if our nature is as green as this? It is not good to take down what is being given to us for our own desires. Yes, I believe that there’s money in nature. But why destroy? What would be left if we’ll destroy all?
It is actually amazing to be able to see views of nature like this at this time. Clean and greener! I just hope that all of us will protect our environment and stop being abusive! Let’s all take care of what God created for us.
I want to share this too! This might be out of topic, but I don’t care anyway. LOL!
To those who haven’t been to Bohol, here’s one reason to visit there; Tarsier!
Ok! I find this cute, really! This little guy is looking at me and smiling. Lovely!
I can’t tell if the one on the photo below was angry or just sleepy? hahaha!
Took the photos above during my first day in Bohol with my family. It was ended a great day seeing those beautiful nature that is really being taken care of.
How about you? What’s your take in preserving nature?


Excited! That was the feeling I had during the Sinulog Festival. It was Goddess In Disguise’s first Sinulog and my first time to actually use my camera in the middle of the crowd. I got exhausted but the feeling was amazing. Well, not to think that I was able to see lots of actors/actresses, it was still a one of a kind experience to witness the festival itself. The colors, the props, the floats, the beat, the dance, and the people are just something you really don’t wanna missed! Here’s some of the photos I took while joining the huge crowd on the streets. I hope you all enjoy!



And so I’m ready to post something about me, my closest cousin, and my dear sister. I wanna call this “Tres Marias Adventures” which is of course about our adventures literally and our journey in life together. Not everyone is lucky to have their sister and cousin close to them, especially if they don’t live in the same place. Well, I guess I’m just so much luckier that I don’t just have a sister, a cousin but best friends as well. We can actually be anything we want. We can be the craziest persons on earth, the most serious ones, or the jaded! Hahaha! And oh, we can give you the loudest laugh and the annoying cries if you like. LOL!
We honestly don’t have too much alike, but we always make sure that our differences won’t hinder anything! As the saying goes, “Similarities create friendships, but differences hold them together!”. So join us while we are making the best of this roller coaster called life together! xoxo!


One of the best places in Cebu that I always wanted my date would bring me. Lol! This is in Mt. Busay, north of the city center 🙂 This castle-like garden gives you breathtaking views, doesn’t matter if it’s sunrise or sunset. I’m very sure you will love the cool and relaxing temperature of the place. Just make sure you’ll go there with someone you can hug, in case you need to 😀
Enjoy the photos! xoxo!



Want to chill and relax away from the city? Here’s one paradise I found perfectly for a weekend getaway with the family. This is in Liloan, Santander, south of Cebu. You will love the white sand and the fresh air of the place. Plus, it’s not always crowded so for sure you’d enjoy the silence and the peacefulness it brings.
Enjoy the photos! xoxo!
Santander Pebble Beach Resort






I believe almost all of us want to be on top, to whatever the word “top” means to you. In some cases, there are also people who just wanted to stay on to whatever level they are at the moment. But it’s not the top I wanna talk about. I wanna share the photos I took while on the plane, on top of Cebu 🙂
I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxo!





Me, on the plane…lol!


One of the exciting activities while in Puerto Princesa is to do the Honda Bay tour. Since we didn’t go there with an agency, it simply means no one was controlling our time, we stayed at each islands without limit. And yes, I had so much fun underwater 🙂 Enjoy the photos! xoxo!

I’m not sure with the name of this island because we didn’t choose to hop in there, I think it’s Luli Island. Not sure 😛
Pambato Reef 🙂
Starfish Island 🙂
Souvenirs that I got from Starfish Island, lovely right? 🙂
I wasn’t able to take pictures in Pandan Island due to too much excitement that I forgot to bring my camera out of the boat. But I assure that it’s very nice there.
Puerto Princesa has been declared many times as the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines. When I went there, I wouldn’t just agree with that, but would give a 5 thumbs up as well. Everyone seems to be well disciplined when it comes to their environment. It’s really clean and green.

If you want to have a city tour, better do it by yourself. In that way, you can minimize your spending since not all tourist spot have entrance fee. I took a photo of the activities you can do while at Mitra’s Ranch.
After the touring around the city, we decided to look for someone who can cook fresh foods for us without going to expensive restaurant. We went back to Sta. Lourdes and found Nanay Linda. She has a small store near the Honda Bay port. She offered that her children will cook for us for free, we just need to pay for the rice. We bought fresh fish of course. And yes, first class fish. Yum!
I’m so blessed to get the chance to visit one of the beautiful places in the Philippines, Palawan is an island province in the Philippines located in the Western Visayas Region. Famous tourist location with many beach resorts and seafood restaurants. So many reasons that made me and my best buddy excited to go there. Thanks to Cebu Pacific for such a safe and awesome fly.

 Just as when it was announced that we’re almost arriving at the “City in the Forest”, Puerto Princesa, it made me even more excited and couldn’t wait to see what’s actually in there waiting for us.
 The first thing we did when we arrived there was of course eat our lunch since it was already noon time. Then took a tricycle to look for a place to stay. We chose to stay at the cheapest pension house in the city since we’d only be staying at the room to sleep. Glad we found VIM Pension House. Perfect for backpackers like us. And yes, very cheap!
 After checking in at the pension house, we decided to rent a motorcycle since we don’t need a travel agency to tour us around and we also don’t need someone to control our time. In short, we only had a “DIY’ tour for the entire time we were there. Motorcycle rent is 300/day, not that cheap though but worth it. Next plan was to inquire about the Honday Bay Tour. We asked locals where to go to be able to do the tour. And so we went to Sta. Lourdes, where the Honday Bay port is located, and inquired about everything we need to do to get the tour. At first, I thought it’s impossible for us to get the tour since we’re only two. But happy that it’s very possible. There’s a small boat which is good for a maximum of 6 persons. Actually enough for us so that’s what we took. We also asked about the entrance fees for every island because it’s no longer free, not like before.
When we’re done inquiring about the tour, we decided to go to Iwahig to do the Firefly watching. And wow oh wow! It was such an amazing experience to cruise the Iwahig river for almost an hour. The quietness of the place where you can only hear the sound of the water, the dancing of the trees and the chirping of the birds and even some animals. I was even thinking that it was the most romantic experience ever and would love to do it all over again. And while cruising the river, you will see the fireflies at your side from the mangrove trees. Beautiful as you could ever imagine.
Sorry I wasn’t able to take pictures of the place, it’s impossible to take pictures on fireflies though. But got this shirt with a glow-in-the-dark print on their souvenir store. I suggest that you go there by yourself to save. We only paid 300/person while tour agencies are asking 1,100/person. And do NOT go there when it’s windy because most fireflies will hide at the center of the forest and you can only see very few of them. But it’s always worth a try!
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