Grand Birthday Celebration in an Affordable Way

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My little one will turn three in less than a month, and believe me or not, I still do not have plans nor prepared anything. Unlike the previous birthdays he had, this year will be different. His first and second birthday were not the same too, from the preparations to the budget, everything was different. But both birthdays were a grand. Here, I will enumerate few factors on how to achieve grand birthday celebration without sacrificing too much of your budget.

Here, I will enumerate few factors on how to achieve grand celebration without sacrificing too much of your budget. Most of these factors come from what I learned in my son’s first birthday, which I somehow found an alternative on the second birthday.

Decorations. On his first birthday, we chose Cars theme. What I actually was buy everything. I literally just bought everything, from balloons,  cake table decorations to celebrant standee. Not wrong, though. But there’s actually cheaper alternatives for that. On his second birthday, I decided to do everything on my own. I made my own design of letter standees from old newspapers. I bought balloons at a local craft store instead, cheaper than buying from balloon suppliers. And saved almost 3/4 of the budget.

Invitations. If you want to have your own personalized invitations, better design it on your own. There are actually so many beautiful templates you can find online, for free. All you have to do is edit the writings and attach the celebrant’s photo. Print and that’s good to go. You can also make your own envelopes if you want.

Grand Birthday CelebrationPhotoshoot. It’s been a trend nowadays to have a pre-birthday shoot. If you want one, grab your own camera, go out and shoot. That’s what I did with my son’s second birthday. A week prior to the celebration, I asked my mom’s help to organize the shoot. If you know how to edit photos, much better. If not, you can play them around online. There are lots of online editors that are easy to use. Play with it. A slideshow of the celebrant’s photos during the celebration is a good idea too.

Food. I’m not against food caterers but if there’s someone in your family who can cook, much much better. It will save you from hiring cooks. Plus, you need not worry about how the food taste.

This is applicable to other celebrations too, not just birthdays. How about you? What’s your idea of having a grand birthday celebration in an affordable way?


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