How To Take Control Of Your Finances

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This is quite new and tricky for me as I don’t talk much about how to take control of my finances but I hope what I’ll be sharing below will help you somehow.

Years ago, when I still didn’t have a child of my own, I spent every penny I could earn on whatever I wanted. I didn’t have much care where my money went at that time. Neither thought of saving anything for the future. Which I kind of regret now. My younger self wasn’t thinking of future responsibilities. Like, I used to think that it’s just money, I can earn that and I can work for that. While it’s possible and it’s true most of the time, having saved something is still different.

Having to prioritize my child’s needs over my own made me think that I wish I worked as hard as I could and saved as much. Becoming a mother made me realized so many things. As much as being a mother teaches me so many life lessons. It also made me a great manager of my own finances. Both for needs and wants. And not just for me, but for my own family. Taking control of your finances is never easy but it sure gets better.

How To Take Control of your Finances

Earn more, spend less!

A lot of us get easily tempted to discounted prices and/or on-sale things in stores. So we tend to buy those things even when we don’t need them without realizing the fact that even if it’s at a fifty percent discount, we actually haven’t saved anything but just spend. A lot of us spend more than we actually earn. The reason why so many of us opted for a loan. Some availed for a credit card to cover the needs in absence of cash. And with today’s loan availability, some applied for it even when they don’t need it. Online loans for instance when you only need to present one valid ID and fill up a form regardless of the information you entered is correct or not, the possibility of getting approved is still very high.

I paid off my debts!

I will admit that I have tried taking a loan (online) but just out of curiosity. The process is rather very easy but the interest is not a joke. Imagine you applied for a Php1,000 loan, you only get to claim about Php800 plus (principal amount minus charge) and you will have to pay Php1000 plus the interest on your due date. Having debts like that will actually make your situation even harder. Worst, it might drown you. Believe me, you are at peace when you have no debts. But when you can’t avoid one or more, debt consolidation will be your great help.

Save money, and money will save you!

I remember I read something online that says saving first before spending is actually a great technique. For me, that is a wise one. Hard but wise. Our wants overwhelmed us, especially the younger ones. Blending in with the trend even when there’s no need, has slowly become a priority. A lot of teens spend more on extra clothing just to be part of what’s in. Fashion is expensive, I get that. But splurging on trendy clothing just to be seen as a fashionista is just not right. It’s okay to get what you want once in a while. Treat yourself, you deserve that. But do not overdo it.

What I actually do is set a budget. It’s better to set an amount to save every payday so you will not spend extravagantly after your needs. To put it in a simple term – Earnings minus savings minus needs equals wants. Can I only get what I want when there’s extra money? I know you’ll ask darling! But yes, and no. Yes, that’s why we have to work harder (but don’t also forget to live a life). No, because you still need to weigh if you really want it! There’s no other way to take control of your finances better than this.

Now is always the hardest time to invest!

One of my dreams is to have my own clothing line. It’s still quite hard to achieve that one yet because of our situation right now. But I’m positive that in a few years, I will have one. For now, I’m starting to establish a small clothing store. It is still a good investment during this time. I suggest that when you invest, think of the long term. Getting your own house is a good investment. Some banks offer Trust Funds, an investment you might be interested in. There is also a forex investment. If you want to start small, wear your investments as they say. Owning a piece of jewelry that is pawnable is also an investment – one that is very famous right now.

“If you expect your money to take care of you, you must take care of your money.” — Suze Orman

How about you? How do you take control of your finances?


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  2. Anarose Lucero Reply

    Pag nanay kana tlaga dun mo lang maiisip ang pahalagahan Ang pera..ung gusto mo makapag save para sa futurre Ng kids..kaya ako right now ginagawa ko na Ang ibang tips na to dahil natuto na din ako..thanks for sharing this additional tips Ma’am,very helpful.

    • Annalie Suano Reply

      Thank you for sharing po… Anyway just keep safe always and God Bless…

  3. Jennylyn Prado Reply

    As I read this Article of yours po on how to Take control of your finances, I reflect my Self during that day I don’t have kid to take care of, especially for me now, as a Solo Parent I take all the responsibilities for my Son. From giving birth, delivery, new borndays and till now toddler days I made it on my own. I just realize on my pasy that I didn’t save my money for my future I judy by what I wanted just like yours po I think I could earn it and work for it not realizing and thinking for the future. But for now as I face this hard time and read this It gives me real Idea like investing for the future, I started investing gold jewellery for fashion and of course for the emergency needs. Hehehe. Thank you for sharing po.

    • Angela Nissi Dela Cruz Reply

      Thank you po for sharing this tipid hacks, bilang nanay sobrang hirap po talagang mag budget ng pera ngayon dahil una sa lahat ang mahal na bilihin samahan mo pa ng expenses sa kuryente at tubig, With this article nakahelp tlga sa mind ko na tlagang magtipid wag bumili na hindi nmn need dahil wants mo lng..Thank you for sharing po iaaply ko po itong nabasa ko♥️

  4. Giovanni Cutanda Reply

    It is indeed an informative blog. Keep posting for more knowledge.

  5. Ma. Cyril Creer Reply

    Thanks po for sharing your tips in taking control of your finances. Magagamit ko po Ito para sa future namin Ng anak ko.
    As a mother, puro needs talaga Ng anak ko Ang prinaprioritize ko .. Isinasantabi ko muna Ang para sa sarili ko.
    The biggest regret ko ay Yung Hindi nakapagSavings Nung nagwowork pa ako. Sobrang nahihirapan ako ngayon Sa finances namin Ng daughter ko. Mabuti nalang nandyan Yung parents ko to support me and my child.

  6. Diana Beatima Reply

    True.. Save Money and Money will save you. Before Pandemic.. I save money kahit paunti-unti. I even tried stock market, For the future ika nga. And that savings helps us a lot nung magkapandemic.

  7. Napaka importante talaga na may natatabi tayong pera. Pasalamat talaga ako na may naipon na ako kahit papano hindi na kami napapautang kapag may mga emergency. Laking ginhawa kapag wala kang iniisip na utang.

  8. Hazel Mary Ruiz Reply

    I agree with all of this tips Mommy Che. Lalo ngaung ganito sitwasyon ang hirap need talaga ng patience and more ways para makapagtabi talaga for some savings.

  9. I really really love how your blogs are always so informative! This would definitely help me as a person to be much more smarter when it comes to financial things! I would gladly like to share these things to my friends and families, and im sure they would take note of these tips too! Thank you again Ms. Che

  10. I agree with everything here Ms. Che, we really need to take control of our finances since there are limited resources available during the pandemic. I will take note of these tips and mind them every time!

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