LIFE Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic: Quarantine Story

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Positive – either this is a good thing today or not, that I am not sure. Earlier this year, sad news hit the world, the existence of COVID-19. And what more shocking was, the first positive case was where I currently live. Everything suddenly changed. The usual is no longer a thing.

I thought the situation got better. I thought. But. It was mid of March when my son and I went to Cebu for an entrance exam at a school where he’s supposed to enroll for the school year 2020-2021, and a closed border between Cebu and Negros island was imposed. We had to hurry back to Negros since all of our belongings are still here. I don’t know it would take long or even longer before we can move back to Cebu. What’s more difficult is that we only have ourselves. Yes, just me and my six-year-old son. This also means that accessing our essentials is even harder. I have to tag him along all the time.

Today’s uncertainty made me realize so many things. One is that I wasn’t scared for my life. I wasn’t scared of death. I am just VERY scared that it would hurt so much. What if I’ll get sick and my son would be left here alone? Who to ask help? My son was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease two years ago and had to stay in the hospital for ten days. I remember how it felt looking at him very sick. It wasn’t a pandemic but it definitely turned my life upside down.

The quarantine basically changed the way we live our lives. Routines have changed as if we’re living in a parallel world. This challenged me as a mother. Everything has to be done by me. The cooking – because most of the karenderyas are closed. This made me an instant chef, which of course I’m proud to say I’ve cooked different recipes in less than a year. Lol. The teaching – because my son said I’m his mom and not his teacher. The learning – because instead of binge-watching KDramas on Netflix (which I did for the whole month of April and a bit of May), I resorted to enrolling myself in online classes, paid and mostly free. Because what better way to help a depression fighter than to feed the mind with the knowledge that might actually contribute to future success.

Life has taught me so much, much more when I became a mother. Don’t procrastinate. Something I need to put in mind always. Never ever put off until tomorrow what we can do today. Later might be never. Make time. No one is really busy. We always have time for anything. Strive for patience. We all have our boiling point but losing patience can mean regretting it later. Breathe deeply. Be positive. Feed your mind with positive thoughts. Positive thinking always means a positive life. Wear a smile. It’s contagious. As simple as that. Gratitude. Be thankful for every blessing. Be thankful for life’s ups and downs. Pray. For me, God is real. And by clinging to him makes my life even more wonderful.

What keeps me moving forward? Life is beautiful. Motherhood is beautiful. By just looking at my son made me think I must have made something good in my life to deserve a blessing like this. I am indeed very lucky. And nothing can’t take that away from me.

Love, love!

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  1. Jasmin De Luna Palaganas Reply

    True po Di na ko natatakot para sa sarili ko natatakot ako para sa anak ko ano mangyayari sa kanya kung magkasakit ako and yun ang nabago ng pandemic sobrang dami sana makagawa na ng gamot dito Stay Safe po!

    • Gen quirao Reply

      I just pray that this pandemic (covid19 virus) will end very soon… Your story inspired me a lot, being a mother., Really i can relate. That even we’re just in home really i prayed harder, sometimes,or most of the time i cried. Ntatakot ako para sa mga anak ko. Oa na kung oa, but yes. Lets just pray more para sa ikakabuti ng buong mundo.

  2. Jennylyn Prado Reply

    Super love this quarantine story of you mamsh, it really inspires me and for me as a Single Mom I really think for the positive side of this situation where I everyday enjoy my son’s development as a toddler. I love the way you think for the positive side of this kind of situation.

    FB Account m: Jennylyn Prado ♥️

    • Marie Fe Castillo Reply

      Nakaka praning po talaga ang mga pangyayari na pinagdadaanan natin ngayon pero hindi po dapat tayo panghinaan at di dapat tayo mawalan ng pag asa lalo na kung alam natin na may pamilyang umaasa sa atin. Think positive lang po tayo, kayang kaya natin tong lagpasan.

    • Eddielli Bungay Reply

      I realize that I am grateful because I have work whereas many of our kababayans are struggling! I hope soon enough will be covid Free! ❤️

  3. Famela Mendoza Reply

    Ang pagiging isang Ina ay npkraming klakip na reponsibilidad, nariyan ang pagiging paranoid pg my sakit ang ating mga anak pinoprotektahan ntn cla sa bagay na Alam ntong cla ay kumportable at masaya sa lahat ng hamon ng buhay tanging tau lamang ang mgdadamyan at mgmamahalan pamilya at ang panginoon ang mging tangi ntng sandigan upang lhat ng to ay malampasan.

    • Catherine Aclao Reply

      I love this quarantine story. Just keep thinking positive

  4. Bethzaida Uranza Reply

    The fact that you are afraid to get sick and that could probably left your child alone is a painful thing to think of. I can feel the burden you are struggling in. You’re such a strong mother an a lovable mom. God bless you.

  5. Ma. Ellaine Gabot Reply

    Novel Corona Virus kills a lot of people. Our livelihoods, love ones, studies and our normal lives. We suffering for difficulties and adjusment for this new normal. But as a student I do believe that everything happens for the purpose. Children are very happy because they dont need to say “ma stay here, dont go to work”, They can achieve the care and attention they need for their parents, and also they can make their time useful on doing hobbies and bonding. For the Parents, we know how hard the work, sadness and pain they are suffering this is the time that children can make their parents feel good, rest, care, and support. Maybe this year is the most painful and hurtful because of the pandemic, but we always look for the brighter side of this diseases. We ignite, we care, and we understand every situation of the people surrounding on us. This is the time to realize everything that we cant live on our owns. This pandemic kills a lot of people, We stand for praying each other for the heal of every person. May God guide us and heal the world.

  6. Jona Barbadillo Marquez Reply

    Thankful I have found and read stories like yours which broaden my knowledge and understanding about the our current issue regarding how to cope up with the pandemic.
    This is such a great help for me as I’m a mother too! I can relate.. I have felt an additional strength while reading this..
    I understand I have to be strong for the family specially for my children even during this time of crisis.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us.
    It’s so inspiring..
    God bless you and stay safe..

  7. Bryant Gil Cutamora Reply

    Tama po eto, kahit na sa marami tayong naririnig or nakikita na negative sides sa covid 19 meron pa ding positive side na matutunan like bonding with family, may bago kang matutunan sa pamilya mo. Maaalagaan mo pamilya mo. At tsaka mother is the best teacher talaga

  8. Charlotte Monroid Reply

    I wonder how will it stop. What about kids education? I pray all of this will end very soon. May God bless us.

  9. Kenneth Uranza Reply

    Mother’s love makes the world go round. Thank you, thank you for being the best mom to your child. For showing the beauty of life and for loving him more than he could ask. I know it is hard to raise a son, but you didn’t give up. You never fails to make him feel how fortunate he was for having you as his mother. While reading this post, I feel so much joy. I salute you. KEEP SAFE always and continue being the best mom to your child.

  10. Maria Gemma Abdula Reply

    Wow Ms. Che! This is so nice of you. I cannot imagine how difficult for you to stay strong in this difficult times. But actually, just to share my thoughts, I wasn’t scared for myself as well. I was scared that my mom would suffer more. The stress she might get, just by thinking of that, it makes me sad. How I wish I could just get her worries in an instant. I know this will take long pa. We don’t have vaccine yet pa eh but I believe in God. Indeed what you said is true, God is real. We just have to pray harder and believe that we’ll make it through the end.

    Anyways, thank you for helping people amidst the covid19, Ms. Che. (giveaways and games). You are truly a kind-hearted mom. God Bless you and you family! Keep fighting!

  11. This is a wonderful story of yours. This alone can prove how great mother you are. I admire your bravery amidst of the pandemic problems, I just hope that we can all surpass this. Cheers to the moms who only wants the best for their kids! Kudos to you, Ma’am Cheryl!

  12. Blake Taylor Reply

    This experience you told here is very unexpected. But, you gave us inspiration in doing different things than thinking about the current situation of our country. Due to the pandemic, my mother has been struggling so much. I really recommend this story of yours to all moms out there and also to my own mom. I hope you’re happy together with your son. God Bless and Thank You!

  13. Pauline Alfonso Reply

    Covid-19, a Virus that shocked millions and thousands of people. Here in the Philippines we salute Mother’s like you Ma’am. For being bold, brave, and strong for your child. Being a model to each and everyone of us. It inspired me so much and you made my heart feel warm. Your child must be super lucky to have a mom like you. Indeed superheroes without capes really exist and you are an example. For being calm through tough times, being strong in difficult problems, and being a mom to a child who was born in you. So to all mom’s out there, read this and be amazed. To you ma’am, Thank You and God Bless.

  14. Mariya wendy Reply

    Yes momsh. We’re not expecting that this pandemic will really go to far. Praying for our love ones safety always. ❤️

    • Jowana F Gumboc Reply

      Pray for pandemic to end.Thanks for sharing your life story.You’re truly amazing and inspiring.

  15. Leslie Santos Reply

    very inspiring naman po ng story niyo, i admire you being a mother hopefully maging katulad q po kayo na puro positivity ang nasa isip.. once po nangyari din sakin pagkapangank postpatriu
    depression and habng tumatagal dun q po narereloaze na very blessed q kasi nagkroon aq ng baby na super lovable and beautiful kaya while in quarantine talagang bonding po kaming pamilya, wala po kming inaksatang oras para ndi magkasama sama .. salamat po sa inspiring stories niyo naway maging kasing tatag q po kayo sa pananaw sa buhay godbless po and more powers

  16. Aidyl Sanchez Reply

    Sa panahon ng pandemic tayong mga mommy o ina ang magpapaliwanag satin mga anak kung ano ang nangyayari sa mundo kasi sila anh unang naapektuhan..ngaun po nabasa ko po ang blog nio natutunan ko po na wag matakot para sa pamilya at sa naging matatag po ako o mas tatag pa po..

  17. I love this. It taught me a lot. Thank you! Let’s all pray for the betterment of the world.

    • Gen quirao Reply

      I just pray that this pandemic (covid19 virus) will end very soon… Your story inspired me a lot, being a mother., Really i can relate. That even we’re just in home really i prayed harder, sometimes,or most of the time i cried. Ntatakot ako para sa mga anak ko. Oa na kung oa, but yes. Lets just pray more para sa ikakabuti ng buong mundo.

  18. Vane Canada Reply

    That’s true. Thanks for this story it inspires me a lot.

  19. Thalia Ong Reply

    I can totally relate to you. Let’s live in prevention nalang to be super safe!

  20. Leona Mae Consulta Reply

    It feels so uplifting to read blogs like this knowing the world today is facing a huge crisis. Even if we’re stuck at our homes, I pray that everyone is safe and secure despite the struggles they’re dealing with right now. Soon we’re gonna go under the sun without restrictions and threat of CoVid-19. ❤️

    • Mary Gen Sabanal Reply

      Super relate! I have lots of realization because of this pandemic. Mamsh! Stay safe! Pray .. stay healthy .. Godbless! Matatapos din to ..

  21. Shaira Luna Reply

    It is so hard to think that this is happening until now, but we should / we still think positive behind of this pandemic, please be safe everyone!

  22. Gracel Dagdagan Reply

    This pandemic teaches us to be with our family more often and be closer to God

  23. Honestly I enjoy reading your blog ma’am ! Yes it’s true this pandemic is very unusual it really changes our lifestyle. Now I am inspired to write my own blog

  24. BeruthyPascual Reply

    so much touchy im so nervous all over the world facing this pandemic. Praying that God will heal every positive cases and recover from this covid

  25. Annjaysept Reply

    blessing talaga sa isang tao ang magkaroon ng anak pero mahirap din maging isang ina lalo na ngaung may pandemic ,hindi natin maiiwas mag alala lalo na sa kalusugan natin at sa anak natin lets all pray nalang na sana matapos na ang problemang ito .. godbless and staysafe ❤️

  26. BeruthyPascual Reply

    So much touchy All nation will facing a big problem Praying that God will restore the world and protect everyone of us from the virus

  27. Gabe Rielle Reply

    True momsh,,we should never stop hoping and praying that this pandemic will end sooner,,

  28. Your son is too cute! I hope he gets well po. Mas nakakatakot ang magkaroon ng sakit ang anak kaysa sa Pandemic, for me too. Yes life is beautiful as motherhood too. Stay positive and keep safe

  29. So true momsh. Iba talaga nagawa ng pandemic na to sating lahat. Keep on moving and be positive always. kaya natin to. ♥️ Thanks for sharing your story. Keep on inspiring us. Godbless mommy.

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  32. Jennylyn Prado Reply

    I read it before, and Super love this quarantine story of you mamsh, it really inspires me especially me as a Single Mom I really think for the positive side of this situation where I everyday enjoy my son’s development as a toddler. I love the way you think for the positive side of this kind of situation.

    FB Account m: Jennylyn Prado ♥️

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