Popular Dress Style for the Bridesmaids

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Bridesmaids are important and honorable guests at the wedding, so when planning the feast, one should take care of bridesmaids’ dresses style.

It would be nice to ask the other guests’ advice and listen to their ideas on bridesmaids’ dress style choice, as well as to know in advance what other guests are going to wear. Bride should be undoubtedly the most attractive and elegant person at the wedding. The maids should decorate her just like flowers the whole wedding day, so one should discuss in advance all possible bridesmaids’ attires. It will look magnificent if all maids wear similar style dresses.

Long floor-length dresses. This is a perfect and the most appropriate finery for the bridesmaids. The best tones for such dresses are: blue, pink, yellow, light green, violet, silver shades, lavender and fuchsia colors. A dress should be moderately decorated with rhinestones, tinsel and flowers, but one should be very attentive here so as not to let the gloss of the bridesmaids’ dress overshadow the bride. Modest purple bridesmaid dresses are very popular in 2015.

Dresses with print. Such dresses look very unusual and will perfectly fit the atmosphere of a thematic wedding: a wedding in hipsters’ style, 1980s feast, or any youth party is impossible without some bright colors. A flower print, geometrical figures, zigzags, polka dots preferred by many ladies – there is a great variety of options for such dresses.

A cocktail dress with decorative elements is another great option for an evening dress for the wedding. It can have a midi length or reach the mid-thigh. Don’t combine the short cocktail dresses with high platform shoes as it looks inappropriate. A finery should have several decorative elements such as scattering of rhinestones as a necklace, or a cascade of bead-buttons.

Asymmetrical and lace dress models. For modern style feast dresses with one shoulder will fit well: such neckline looks great with midi length dresses as well as with foot length evening gowns. Affordable bridesmaids dresses with a lace are extremely elegant and are a perfect match for the wedding in a Fairytale, Romantic age, or Vintage styles.

Bridesmaids in similar dresses look fashionable, beautiful, stylish and solemn. But no matter what ideas you have regarding their attires, you should not put your girls in some strict conditions. You should necessarily consult them and take into consideration all their desires and preferences which will help your friends feel individual and feminine at your wedding and at the same time effectively support the idea of the entire wedding decoration.


  1. This post made me realize I haven't attended a wedding in years, haha. I love dresses simple when it comes to brides maid attire. After all, they shouldn't upstage the bride!

  2. I've yet to wear the bridesmaid dress that I will love. The closest I've liked was the one for my brother's wedding…oh wait, I was maid of honor….does that count?

    Print bridesmaid dresses sound really nice. I would love small prints.

  3. Awesome tips, normally the focus is always on the bride but it helps if her dress is complimented by those of her bridesmaids.

  4. Great post! But if it's for my wedding, I prefer simple, pastel knee-length dresses for bridesmaids so all eyes will be on me. Aww! Hahaha.

  5. nowadays, bridesmaids dress are being changed into cocktail dress to make it more fun and diff on the usual long gown

  6. I remember in our wedding that we made the bridesmaid dresses with different designs of neckline but with only one color, orange. I thought they looked nice enough to wear as cocktail dresses, but I do not know if they ever wore it after the wedding. Hehe.

  7. I've never been a bridesmaid before, but these are great! I never knew that there were certain styles to take into account! Thanks for the tips.

  8. Haven't been a bridesmaid before but always present at weddings as wedding singer so I also had to dress up well. Love the dress on the photo that seems like a goddess' dress. 🙂

  9. Thanks for sharing this list. A good friend of ours are getting married next March, and we need to get our bridesmaid dresses sorted out soon!

  10. I guess what is common for the bridesmaids are the lace dresses for grand weddings. When I was a bridesmaid, I wore a silk dress, though.

  11. I'd prefer long, simple dresses for the bridesmaids! Kay ganahan ko og beach wedding so I'm picturing long white dress ra. Haha

  12. ive never seen bridesmaids dresses with print on. like you said, it looks great with themed weddings!

  13. I think you can never go wrong with cocktail dresses for bridesmaids. Just make sure that you maintain the same color scheme.

  14. My friend customised the maid-of-honour dress for me and it was cream colour. While it's beautiful, I was sad I didn't have any chance to wear it again~

  15. Few of my friends are getting married this year end so some ideas of bridesmaids dress does help in the wedding planning. Thanks for the suggestions.

  16. long, floor-length dresses aren't really the popular choices for bridesmaids dresses here in sg. most go for simple, feminine short (knee-length) dresses.

  17. I would love it if my bridesmaids wore something like the purple dress you posted here, it looks simple, but elegant, and would be flattering to different body types

  18. The long floor-length dress is a classic and it is usually the best in traditional church weddings. The bridesmaids on my wedding a few years ago wore that design and they were stunning.

  19. I have covered a few weddings already and bridesmaids are really underrated. As long as their dress doesn't steal the Bride's show, they really deserve to look and feel good also. 🙂

  20. Thank you for posting this article. Sometimes I do get invitations to the wedding and I have a hard time picking the right dress to wear.

  21. The last time I attended a wedding (and was one of the bridesmaids) was in 2010, I think. Waaa 5 years na. Don't know what's the latest trend na. Good read! 🙂

  22. This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Should introduce to people who is going to be bridesmaid or seeking for bridemaid dress

  23. Choosing a dress for bridesmaids is really a hard task and I am grateful to you for sharing these wonderful tricks and ideas to do that. I need that as I also getting married next month at LA venues.

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