Quick Visit to Aguinid Falls

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One of the best things about touring somewhere is when you do it unplanned. And this visit is one of them. I really don’t have plan going out that time because I was afraid my son won’t be comfortable there. He’s still too young though to know where he likes and where he doesn’t want to be. Fortunately, mother fetched us and told me it’s safe there even for small kids.
Aguinid Falls is located at Barangay Tangbo, Samboan, Cebu, Few minutes away from home. And a minute or two away from the national road. It wasn’t the first time I got there but my first since it was developed by the local government. And booom! I was so surprised when I saw the changes. I still can’t believe until now how people enhanced its beauty.
 Truly a heaven’s paradise.
I’m definitely going back there soon. I’ve missed so much activities there like river walking and climbing through water falls way up to its 5th level. And I didn’t bring any waterproof cameras, only used my mobile for these photos. I will be back for more adventures there soon. Don’t worry they have tour guide to help you. For now, let me share you what I was only able to capture. xoxo!



  1. Hi Eleigh,
    I did a little enhancing with the photos but the color of the water is as beautiful as that in actual 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Looks beautiful, this place! I;d really need to take my kids to the Philippines some time.

  3. Yes, i agree that part of the fun of travel, is for the fun of doing the expected and discovering beauties along the way.

  4. Elizabeth O. Reply

    The water looks so clean and untarnished. It would be quite an experience to visit that place, everything is lovely!

  5. I love waterfalls and never miss one in my travels! This one looks amazing and I'd love to see it one day!

  6. the water looks absolutely beautiful! it's turquoise in colour! is the water deep? so tempted to visit this place!

  7. I've already been to Cebu for several times, and this proves that I haven't got enough of Cebu! Aaaaah! Wait for me Aguinid Falls! I'd love to pay you a visit!

  8. Aguinid falls looks really beautiful. The waters looks so clear. Definitely, a must visit attraction.

  9. How far is the falls from Cebu City? I have seen a few I would like to visit. Kawasan falls is one of them. Now that I have seen this, I want to visit this, too!

  10. Oh my, Aguinid Falls will definitely be a hit with my hubby and kids since they're into nature. Not really for me though, just lookin at the water and trail makes me dizzy haha.

  11. I have never heard of these falls. The water is so clean. It actually does not look natural anymore if you just base it on the photos. The color of the water looks like a chlorinated pool. Hope to get to see it for myself one day.

  12. Wow this place looks amazing! I've never been to Cebu but I've been seeing so many must see places there. It's nice that your child loved it there 🙂

  13. omg! that river is magnificent! those blue running water felt like theres gonna be mermaids swimming around.its really clean and clear.

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