Sarah Glows Thanks to Alagang Inside Out

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We’ve all seen how the Pinoy popstar princess went from being the industry’s favorite girl-next-door to being the girl peg with countless citations and awards under her belt. Not only has Sarah Geronimo’s contribution to the music industry been widely recognized (with 10 AWIT AWARDS, 6 ALIW awards, 23 MYX Music Awards, Best Asian Artis – MNet Asian Music Awards 2012, Best Southeast Asian Act – MTV Europe Music Awards 2014, Bestselling Filipino Artist – 22nd Word Music Awards, among others), her film and television work has also earned her as much accolade (Iconic Movie Queen of Philippine Cinema – FAMAS 1015, blockbuster movie after blockbuster movie). At the cosmopolitan age of 27, Sarah has proven that she definitely owns a permanent spot in both pop culture and local showbiz.

So, how does Sarah do it? Entertainment analysts will be quick to say that Sarah is one determined woman. Her innate talent, coupled with her passion to perform, has made her the celebrated artist that she is. Another thing that makes Sarah stand out among her contemporaries is the importance she places on keeping herself and her image not only wholesome but also holistic. In fact, this ideal balance has transformed the girl-next-door into somewhat of a beauty icon, what with the slew of beauty endorsements up her sleeve.

Beautiful Inside and OutIn Sarah’s case, she only trusts one beauty vitamin partner to keep her body and beauty holistically sound. In fact, with Myra, Sarah knows that her skin is cared for from the inside. Stress, pollution, and an unhealthy lifestyle – often byproducts of living the ultra-demanding celebrity life – produce bad free radicals in the body. These free radicals, in turn, steal life from healthier cells, causing damage and making the skin tired-looking and dull. In showbiz, there is no room for haggard or dull days. The spotlight is always cast on our favorite stars and celebrities, and the competition is tough. Sarah, as always, is determined to keep her game on.

With Myra, Sarah rests easy knowing that the Vitamin E in Myra capsules acts as a powerful antioxidant that’s good for the body not only because of its beauty benefit but health benefits as well.

This is what Myra does: Ang alaga ay mula sa loob, kaya mas tumatagal ang pagkaganda at healthy ng skin. When you take Myra in, your skin will not only be soft, smooth and young-looking, but you’ll also look fresh, hindi-haggard looking at my healthy glow ang skin. After all, best skincare really starts from the inside. In fact, it is this amped of level of alaga from within that gives skin that healthy, lasting glow for Sarah’s – and for anyone of us aspiring.

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