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ShopBack is the number one CashBack/Rebate Site in the Philippines. Well, it is not only present here but to countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and India, as well. It gives you cashback on your online purchases with over 300 partnering mechants like Lazada, Agoda, FoodPanda and many more. I’ve already explained how to use ShopBack in my previous post, so I’ll just focus on what this post is actually about – my wishlist.

As a woman, I find it a little awkward for not being too fond wearing accessories. I actually don’t wear one most of the time, if I do it’s one or two but I prefer just having to wear a watch. It’s always my favorite accessory.

This Classic Sheffield watch from Daniel Wellington in Rose Gold is heaven. And when I say heaven, yes, I super want this. I love the fact that this watch is not too fancy. Just perfect for a minimal person like me. I’ve been seeing this on Instagram and Facebook but yeah, needs over wants, I’m a mother and I think you know what I mean.
And speaking of being a mother, I have also been wanting to lose weight and get back in shape. No, I’m not making excuses here but as a first time mom, I sometimes find it hard sneaking a time to workout especially when you have a very clingy little one. I can’t run around the house, not possible. My son would only ask me to carry him. Tried doing zumba but failed because my son will immediately ask me to dance with him – that’s automatic, and by ‘dance with him’, it means carrying him while dancing. Imagine?
This Granmerlen Fold-able Indoors Manual Treadmill from Lazada will be a great help. I’m not being choosy but sometimes with the right equipment, motivation becomes stronger. I can’t jog outside as you know my son will always look for me, cry when I’m not around. So I have to always stay home, else bring him if I need to go out.
Aside from wanting to get back in shape, I also wanted to explore makeups and with that I wanted to have some sets of makeup brushes.
This Sigma Beauty Essential Kit in Make Me Cool from Sephora is to die for.  I’ve read so many good reviews about this set of brushes and I am so inlove with the color. Chic and Elegant. Plus this has its own container to make it easy for storage purposes. Yes, on my birthday please?
A 2-3 days staycation from Roomorama is also a wish. Been wanting to go somewhere, regardless if it’s summer vacation or not. Spending quality time with my son and the rest of the family at the pool is something I’m always looking forward. Daydreaming here!
Since wishing is free let me tell this last but not the least, I found Lifeproof Fre case for my smartphone at YouPoundIt which I think is needed, since I still can’t afford buying a new gadget, in case, just in case I’ll get careless (hopefully I won’t). So at least, a life proof literally case would be a life saver not only to my phone but to my pocket as well. *wink

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