The Harshest Things You’ll Ever Learn About Love

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I am a very sensitive person when it comes to love. I tend to believe that once a person is in love, it always end in spending the rest of their lives together. Love isn’t a fairy tale after all, I realized this after my first heartbroken moment. Happy endings don’t always exist for two people bind by love. And what we see in romantic movie ain’t always the same in real life. A fantasy that is never close to reality.
Back in high school years where I used to read novels, I often imagined an amazing life of love like the characters in it. I stopped when I knew that it will never going to be like such. Not always. Been hurt and broken, but the important thing is to get up and start again.

Lately, I found a good read that everyone can surely relate. “The Harshest Things You’ll Ever Learn About Love” is now available on Amazon, This kindle version is good for those who doesn’t want to carry a physical book but would love to read. Print-on-demand will also be available sooner than we know. While it’s paperback copies are locally distributed in Davao City through Jade Bookstore, it got sold out on its second day of release but the publisher has been replenishing it since.
So what do you think are the harshest things to learn about love? Get your copy now and be at the book signing and cocktails this coming September 21, 2015. (See below photo for more details.)


About the Book:
This book is abundant in short pieces, literary essays and letters, poems, and sharp aphorisms on love, life and philosophy which the author carefully put together. “You don’t actually choose the right man. You choose love, and for this reason, the right man,” the author writes in this book which proposes falling in love as an ubiquitous cure. Perhaps, it will require nothing short of magic to be able to bridge that huge divide between real life and fiction when it comes to love, a task that the author will try to accomplish in this book.
About the Author:
Christopher Ryan B. Maboloc has been teaching philosophy for almost twenty years. He has been to Germany, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and Thailand as a young scholar. He finished his master’s degree in applied ethics in Scandinavia under a generous scholarship from the European Commission (Erasmus Mundus). He also contributes social and political commentaries to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.



  1. This book sounds interesting 🙂 Totally agree with you, I used to believe in such fairy tales, the happy ever after.. I've been heart broken for how many times already, can't even remember the number of times I've been lied and cheated. I stopped loving 2 years ago, and now out of nowhere I am falling in love again 🙂

    Rica |

  2. this sounds like a really interesting read, but i wonder if it'll inject more skepticism towards men in general? nevertheless, i'll check this book out. thanks for sharing!

  3. I noticed that most blogs I've stumbled upon this day talked about love. Could this be a sign about something? Hahaha. Anyway, this sure sounded like it's an interesting read ah. I wish they had it for free, because I'm just broke af atm. T_T Hahaha

    Alyssa of

  4. Harshest thing? Love is not just a feeling or emotion. It needs hard work. 😉 Unta love is love lang, manarbaho pa tag maayo para mu work ang love. LOL. But such is life.

  5. sounds like an interesting book! snippets to browse through – does not sound like a cheerful read though?

  6. Interesting. The harshest thing??? What a title! As long as you learn something, I do not think it will be harsh. The ones who often repeats mistakes are the ones who often the harshest of the relationships. 🙂

  7. Interesting take and sounds like "hugot" to the max. It's really complicated to learn about love and know the line between a fairy tale and reality. 🙂

  8. Thank you for recommending. I have a Kindle so I might want to go check that one out and read it one day. The harshest thing for me about love is when your self-worth is diminished for the sake of love. It has to have a balance in order for the relationship to grow.

  9. Sounds interesting but I am one of those people who believe that happily ever after does exist. Would love to know the author's thoughts, though 🙂

  10. This seems like an interesting read. About Love – I've been in love for almost 20 years now, married my childhood sweetheart and it ain't easy for sure, but the important thing to remember is that nobody is perfect and that Patience is the key to being Happily Ever After 🙂

    Chaithra – GIG Love

  11. Love the sound of the book! Haha although medyo hugot, I think I'd enjoy reading this. Don't even get started about what I'd learned about love. I'd learned plenty enough so far! Hahaha

    Mimi | Chasing Bleu

  12. This surely was an interesting read. About Love – I'd been in love for almost 4 years and it ain't easy for sure. A bitter sweet relation for me indeed.

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