Why Hyper Wonderland is a Good Party Choice this Sinulog 2016

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Aside that January is the first month of the year, it is also the month where the biggest festival of the Queen City of the South will happen. Set every third Sunday of the month, Santo Niño festival or best known as Sinulog will set foot in Cebu. But wait,  not only that you get to witness the activities in this festival, you will also get the chance to party. How about partying and giving back at the same time? Read on!

The wildest, grandest and most wonderful event in history is about to happen as Hyper Cebu brings Hyper Wonderland.
– Hyper Cebu is a lifestyle and events brand established and stabilized through the organizational leadership of JCI Cebu Inc. It showcases Cebuano passions in five (5) cultural areas such as Food, Fashion, Music, Tech and Travel. Until now, it has been strengthened by the commitment and support of Hype Cebuano Volunteers, who are powered by the same passion and innate drive to achieve a common goal – acknowledge genuine and authentic Cebuano skills and talents, composed mainly of members of Cebu’s young and dynamic student leaders, ardent artists, enthusiastic contributors, and working professionals.
–  It is a gathering of the best of Cebu’s talents, full of fun and festivity, hyped up by the local and national DJs.12495985_871590709622260_2565445232701405434_o-1

When and Where is HYPER WONDERLAND?

– This event will take place in Vibo Place, N. Escario Street on January 17, 2016, Sunday. What’s good about the venue is that it is out from the stampede areas and near to the access roads, probably the newest place that Hyper People would want to be on Sinulog day.vibo-place-map-1
Why HYPER WONDERLAND a good party choice?
– What sets Hype Cebu apart from the other party events on that day is that it gives back to charities. This is a volunteer-ran advocacy where all the Hyper event proceeds will go to certain beneficiaries. The profit for this coming Hyper Wonderland will be benefited by the Dance Sports Team of Cebu City and certain JCI Cebu projects this year.

To those who don’t have tickets yet and to those who are outside Cebu, you may contact Hyper Adam at 0917-318-7622. All tickets from General Admission (GA) to VIP entitle a free drink from Bacardi. Hurray!12509363_452793691587071_895235294049593668_n-1

VIP HUTS inclusions:
– 10 VIP Tickets
– 10 Epic Sinulog Kits
– Beer Pong Table
– Bacardi bottle + Softdrinks + Ice
– Party Cups
– 10 Chairs
– VIP Car Park Sticker
Epic Kit inclusions:
– Epic Sinulog Shirt (Black/White)
– Epic Sticker
– Poster Paint
– Whistle with Sling
– Resealable Pouch
– Epic Brochure (Discount Booklet)
– Epic Rave Bag
This is a jungle-themed event so be ready to get wet and wild. Gates will open at 2pm and is set to run through a non-stop rave of 15 hours. Which means, a party all night! What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now! See you in Wonderland, Hyper folks.


  1. I've always wanted to go to Sinulog in Cebu. It would have been nice to go to this event as well. I look forward to photos of this event.

  2. Great post here. All over my FB all I see are posts about Sinulog. I've never experienced it yet. I should definitely make it happen one day. I've only experienced Masskara in Bacolod city, where I'm from.Thanks for sharing the details tho. I could use this for my next vacation back home. 🙂

  3. Wow looks like this Sinulog party is going to be a blast. So many people talking about it, they also have best of Cebu's talents.

  4. This looks like a great festival in such a affordable ticket price.Would love to visit this Sinulog Festival sometimes.Nice share.

  5. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Sounds like and event for all the young folks that love music and parties. That's really awesome!

  6. I have been to Cebu during the Sinulog long ago when events like this did not exist yet. Frankly though I am not in favor of serving alcohol during religious events. I hope "drinks" does not equate to alcoholic drinks.

  7. This makes me even more crave for an opportunity to visit Sinulog the next time around. Tsk tsk tsk. I haven't witnessed such event ever since.

  8. They do have a combination of passionate minds that would surely make the party even better. This is also good for Cebu as they help promote Cebu.

  9. Are these DJs one of the top in the world? I don't club, so I don't really know these people. But it's good to learn about such stuff to stay in touch!

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