Worth Remembering

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I had such an amazing experiences that are always worth remembering during my last year in college. One is working full time while studying, and the other one is when I was given the chance to be part of the modeling industry. Not the runway type because I’m so petite hahaha but the photography one. And I want to share some of my favorites when I was modeling. I actually have too many favorites but can’t post them all so I’m just choosing few which I think really stand out!

— The photos were taken during my first photoshoot, Me, my friends Cassandra and Ritz were lucky to be invited as one of the pioneering models of Enzoluna jeans (local jeans in Manila). This is where everything actually started.

— Credits to Sir Britz Briones and Sir Ian Javier for the photos.


— Some of the reasons why I can’t forget the time I had these photos is because we had it in different places around Mactan Island in Cebu for a whole day session and because this was postponed twice for different reasons but God is so good that He still allowed us to do this. Taken with Chen and Claire who I just met during that time.
— Credits to Shutter 8 for the photos.
— Unprepared, unplanned! But what a blast! This was taken in the midst of the very hot weather with my friend Cassandra. What I love about this photo is because I didn’t wear any make-up. Just me in front of the camera, smiling like an innocent child. 😀
— Credits to Elmershox for the photo.
— And just right after I had photoshoot with Elmershox (the photo above this photo),  another photoshoot was done on the same day. Yes, on the same day. Hitting two photoshoots at the same day huh! What an overwhelming feeling of joy that I was able to work with great people behind the lens. Serious photos but behind these were great laughs.
— Credits to CebuPhoto and to Sir Dexter Maneja for the photos.
I may not be able to do this again, but the feeling that it has brought me will remain in my heart for the infinity time. I’m thanking those people who were part of this unforgettable experience and to God for making all these things possible. I’m thanking myself too for believing in me. Hahaha. And I am VERY PROUD! ^__^



  1. love the pictures!

    I wish I could model too but I don't think I'll pass haha! should be fit first lol

    photoshoots are fun! (at least for us) enjoyed the photoshoot during our prenup, hubby hated posing haha so there.

  2. You're very beautiful! I love your photos especially the ones where you have minimal makeup on. 🙂

  3. Wow! My fave is the third photo <3 It's nice that you got to experience modelling. And had fun while doing it as well 🙂

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