Don’t Start With The Dress, There Are Better Ways To Style

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When it comes to pulling outfits together, do you often find yourself starting with the dress? Or maybe you’re not wearing a dress, so it’s the skirt or the trousers? Either way, this is often a really normal way for you to build an outfit. But at the same, it’s just so boring and predictable. You choose a cute dress, you then pick out a jacket to go with it, then a pair of shoes and you’re done. But that’s often a sure fire way to play it safe – especially if you’re just matching colors! Instead, you’re going to want to shake things up. Before you start, make sure that you look for style inspiration to get yourself into a more creative frame of mind. Then look to build your outfit up using one of these starting points.

  1. Shoes

First of all, we have the shoes. If you have seen a pair of shoes that you absolutely love, but you’re not entirely sure on what you could possibly wear them with, don’t let this put you off of buying them. Instead, think about creating an outfit for those shoes in particular. If you know that you want a look to really have fun with, find the shoes and then go and shop for a dress to match. Keep the outfit as basic as possible if you really want the shoes to stand out.

  1. Jewelry

When it comes to your jewelry, you may often find that you see it as a way to finish off your outfit. And that will often be the case, but it can also be the way that you start off an outfit too. Maybe you’ve found a stunning piece of costume jewelry that you want to style, or you have your engagement ring, such as to style out? Then why not make sure that every outfit you build from there is going to complement it?makeup

  1. Makeup

Then, you have your makeup. This is often the case when you’ve just got a new lip color or eyeshadow palette that you’re dying to try out. When you find yourself wanting to wear something right away, you often need a look that will work with those set colors. So let your lipstick do the talking.

  1. Bag

And there’s always a particular bag that you’ve got too. Sometimes, we see these unusual and characterful bags that we just have to have. But you know that they’re just not going to go with your current wardrobe. Similarly to the shoes, you’ll then want to get an outfit that is relatively plain so that you can really show off the bag.

  1. Nails

Finally, you’ve got your nails. And you’re probably used to coordinating your nails with your outfit, like what shows, by now. But what about when you’ve got a gel manicure and you have that one color for two weeks? Then, you’re definitely going to want your nail shade to choose your looks.


  1. Mariya wendy Reply

    This blog is for fashionista’s. But i really learned something. Thanks.

    • Gen quirao Reply

      Thankyou for ths blog. I am not good in dressing up myself , always endup with just jeans or a simple dress. No make up, no arts in nail, it helpin me.thankyou

  2. Vane Canada Reply

    Exactly correct! I’m not good at dressing up myself. I’m also having a hard time pairing my clothes and jewelries.

  3. Leona Mae Consulta Reply

    I feel so guilty with pulling out a trousers first yay thank you for sharing this, gonna start changing an old habit hahahaha

    • Kathleen Kate Pabia Reply

      Yaaaas!!! For more slaying outfits! Thanks for this! I learned something from your blog!

  4. Thanks for this i learn how to be fashionista its better to be fashionate this time.Have a great day!

  5. Nalen Valentos Reply

    I love this blog it helps me alot and it gives me ideas on how to choose for my ootd

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  7. Jennylyn Prado Reply

    Yay. Love this ♥️ Thank you po for sharing fashionable tips. From shoes to make up to bags and nails. Love love it!

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