How To Get Rid of Acne in Few Easy Steps

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Acne has never been my concern during the younger years, in fact, I could not remember a time where my physical appearance was a concern. I think it was 4 years ago when the breakout started but it wasn’t as severe as it was last 2018. I tried using different products to get rid of the acne, searched everywhere, even did a regular derma visit but to no avail. Diamond peel, facial spa, acne shots, etc. I have tried them all. Even opted for a Glutathione IV, hoping it could help. Well, it did lighten my skin but it did not solve the acne problem. I also had the chance to talk to some of those who experienced the same, but their solution did not solve mine.

How To Get Rid Of Acne

Until now, I still don’t have the idea of what caused my breakouts. Was it because I was too fat? Or was it because of the hormonal change? Was it because of the unhealthy lifestyle I have? Was it because of the wrong products I used? Or was it because of the bacteria/germs, etc? I wish I know so at least I’ll be able to avoid them.

The owner/nurse of the skin clinic that I used to visit introduced some products to try and see if it works on me. Some did not but one amazed me. Following a correct way to take care of your skin also helps a lot. I used to just wash and apply cream and done.

It’s been over a year already of having acne-free skin and I really love it. It brings back my self-confidence and I don’t have to avoid the cameras again. Watch the video I posted below for the few steps I did and are still doing to get rid of my facial acne.

Have you experienced the same? What steps did you do? I hope mine helps. xo


  1. As I watched the video, it occurred to me that our facial features, whether good or bad, do not specify our self-worth. Flaws on our skin, such as adult acne, dark spots, sunspots, or scars, do not define us. Physical attractiveness reveals nothing about our personalities. Starting with ourselves, it is highly improbable to value women for their character rather than their appearance.

  2. Mahirap din maging consistent pagdating sa skin care routine. Ako tamad talaga ako, dash narin siguro sobrang busy sa mga kids and business madalas hilamos lang talaga

  3. Anarose Lucero Reply

    Relate so much mam Cheryl,I have an oily skin kahit nung mas bata pa ako may pimples na tlaga ako pero paisa isa lang pero from the last 3yrs lang nagka breakout tlga ako as in sabay sabay mahapdi bumubukol at nagpeklat ung kakagaling lang may tumutubo nanamanminsan sa kilay pa di ako makapag kilay siguro effect din Ng hormones change Lalo at.nagpa family planning ako through injectable…I feel so ugly I seldom took a selfie until now ung mga bakas naiwan and ung mga promising product na makaka galing daw eh diko Naman afford,thanks for sharing your acne journey po I will try this, lahat na din namn sinubukan ko na so dina bago sakin ang mag try din ng ibang way.

  4. Mahirap talaga kapag naglabasan ang mga acne nakakabawas ng self confidence. Kaya as much as possible maging maalaga tayo sa skin. Syempre tayong mga babae gusto ng clear skin para magboost yung confidence natin at feeling beautiful palagi. Kaso lang mula nung nagsusuot ako ng mask medyo nagkaroon ng acne yung face ko.

  5. Problem ko yan noon buti nalang nawala na din sila ngayon sa face ko. Simple skincare lang gamit ko mild soap lang then moisturiser nakatulong naman kahit papano.

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