Using fake nails is one of the easiest ways to follow on nail trends. I believe that some public figures use such especially on photo shoots. There are actually quite a number of ways to apply fake nails, either using nail glue, nail adhesive, or using gel polish with the help of the UV / LED lamp. Since I don’t have the lamp yet, I prefer using nail glue because I don’t think the adhesive can make the attachments longer.

I got the idea of using fake nails from a friend last year and because I have short fingers and my natural nails are too flimsy to have them long. You can have the entire service at any salons or nails spa, however, it will cost you more than five hundred. Also, you will most likely have to wait for two hours or more for the procedures to be done. So if you don’t have that much time I suggest buying fake nails on your own.

Fake Nails
Fake Nails

The application is really handy and it will only take less than ten minutes even for beginners. Plus, the usual price for the faux nails you can find even online is less than three hundred pesos (Php300). Which means you can save more than half of the cost when you go to nail spas. I got mine around two hundred pesos (Php200). That’s a set of twenty-four fake nails, nail glue, cuticle stick, and nail adhesive. Most fake nails you can find online are already pre-designed so you only have to choose the design or nail arts. There are also sizes and shapes to choose from, though you can always reshape and resize the nails pretty easily.

Here are the steps on how to apply fake nails at your own convenient home:

  1. Wash your hands and make sure that everything around the nail bed is completely dry.
  2. Clean off any nail polish.
  3. Buff the surface of your natural nails to roughen it and clean it.
  4. Push the cuticle back gently using the cuticle stick.
  5. Arrange the nails according to what is suitable to which fingers.
  6. Put a dot of nail glue on to the back of the fake nail and one on your natural nail.
  7. Place the faux nail just above the cuticle. Keep it straight.
  8. Press down onto the nail bed. Keep pressure applied for 15 to 20 seconds.

Faux nails can be reused only when you don’t mess up, so make sure to apply them precisely.

Have you tried applying fake nails on your own? How’s the experience? xoxo

When it comes to pulling outfits together, do you often find yourself starting with the dress? Or maybe you’re not wearing a dress, so it’s the skirt or the trousers? Either way, this is often a really normal way for you to build an outfit. But at the same, it’s just so boring and predictable. You choose a cute dress, you then pick out a jacket to go with it, then a pair of shoes and you’re done. But that’s often a sure fire way to play it safe – especially if you’re just matching colors! Instead, you’re going to want to shake things up. Before you start, make sure that you look for style inspiration to get yourself into a more creative frame of mind. Then look to build your outfit up using one of these starting points.

  1. Shoes

First of all, we have the shoes. If you have seen a pair of shoes that you absolutely love, but you’re not entirely sure on what you could possibly wear them with, don’t let this put you off of buying them. Instead, think about creating an outfit for those shoes in particular. If you know that you want a look to really have fun with, find the shoes and then go and shop for a dress to match. Keep the outfit as basic as possible if you really want the shoes to stand out.

  1. Jewelry

When it comes to your jewelry, you may often find that you see it as a way to finish off your outfit. And that will often be the case, but it can also be the way that you start off an outfit too. Maybe you’ve found a stunning piece of costume jewelry that you want to style, or you have your engagement ring, such as to style out? Then why not make sure that every outfit you build from there is going to complement it?makeup

  1. Makeup

Then, you have your makeup. This is often the case when you’ve just got a new lip color or eyeshadow palette that you’re dying to try out. When you find yourself wanting to wear something right away, you often need a look that will work with those set colors. So let your lipstick do the talking.

  1. Bag

And there’s always a particular bag that you’ve got too. Sometimes, we see these unusual and characterful bags that we just have to have. But you know that they’re just not going to go with your current wardrobe. Similarly to the shoes, you’ll then want to get an outfit that is relatively plain so that you can really show off the bag.

  1. Nails

Finally, you’ve got your nails. And you’re probably used to coordinating your nails with your outfit, like what shows, by now. But what about when you’ve got a gel manicure and you have that one color for two weeks? Then, you’re definitely going to want your nail shade to choose your looks.

The world of fashion is home to loads of different kinds of people. There are consumers who are merely looking for something to wear, enthusiasts and collectors searching for pieces to finish their wardrobes, and professionals hoping for inspiration to build their next big garment. Everyone likes to use their own methods on a quest like this, but it can be hard to know where to begin when you’re first getting started. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring professional fashion, and where the members of this field find their creative juice.find their styles

The World Around You: Some of the best-loved trends throughout history have had strong connections to nature. Replicating the petals on a flower, leaves on a tree, and even including fur from animals, it’s easy to look to nature to help with this part of life. When you’re looking for garments which are inspired by this, it will be best to use companies focused on sustainability and the environment. While you will be doing good, you will also be able to find authentic examples.

Fashion Shows: Around the world, there are hundreds of different fashion shows, trade events, and other popular activities which revolve around clothing. Going to these places can give you access to the very latest trends, exposing you to what the best designers have been working on. A lot of professionals will take this approach, using their competitors to fuel their creative drive, without copying them in the slightest. This makes it nice and easy to spark your imagination while also enjoying a nice day out.

Other Professionals: The people working around you present more than just the chance to catch a glimpse at trade shows, though. Designers work hard to make sure that their clothing is in the public eye long before it has to launch, using tools like a lookbook or video reel to show off the different styles hitting the selves. You can find these all over the web, and this makes it incredibly easy to take advantage of them.

Past Trends: Nowadays, a lot of the biggest names in fashion are looking at the trends of the past to help them to fuel their inspiration. One of the easiest ways to do this is by looking at lookbooks from the past, along with magazines, fashion columns, and other publications with photos of the clothing being worn. Not only can this help to build a single garment, but it can also help you to master a whole look. This sort of approach to style is likely to keep on happening.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the sources of inspiration you use to drive your fashionable thinking. It can be hard to come up with new ideas for the garments you wear, with a lot of people struggling to figure out what is going to be popular in the near future. Designers can often lead the way here, and it will be made all the easier if you follow their lead.

It is no denying that I’m obsessed with any timepiece and the love I have for them can never be replaced by any other accessories, except of course with a diamond ring. Kidding, though! When a wooden watch made a boom, I was drooling to get one for myself. Hence, Jord.
Jord, according to wordsense dictionary, means earth, which makes this timepiece closer to nature. Its focused is on creating a hand-crafted watches made of 100% natural wood. Rosewood, ebony, purpleheart and maple to name a few. In this post, I’ll be featuring a Fieldcrest Series in maple.
“We grew up on tree-lined streets with slow driving cars, and plenty of friends to play on the pavement with. No matter the season, the weather was always perfect and the sun always went down too soon. Life is good. Life is simple. No need for the bells and whistles. Just like our Fieldcrest Series. Let the blond wood of the maple be a constant reminder of those warm and sunny days.”
I wasn’t surprised that this arrived in a wooden box but I’m amazed to know that the box is made of the same wood. It is also unbelievable that this watch is super light and comfortable to wear. This features a scratch-resistant mineral glass and deployment buckle with push buttons. This is also splash-proof but should not be submerged in water (3ATM).

I love Jord’s craftsmanship, their attention to detail is superb. I’m also impressed with its branding, look at the ‘J’ on the watch’s crown and the ‘JORD’ on the wooden band. And because this is unique and stylish, I’m pretty sure this can be worn with any outfits you want to pull off, whether it’s dressy or casual.

Jord offers free shipping worldwide. I didn’t receive this on the date as expected though but trust me, this timepiece is worth every penny! I actually gave the same watch to my mom last Christmas. Since this comes with a box, gifting is easier.

Do you already own a Jord watch? Do you love it as much as I do?

Fashion fanatics have to sleep sometimes.  All that clothes shopping and catwalk tracking can get exhausting, so a place to relax, unwind and get some rest is priority number one.
What elements go into a fashion fan’s bedroom design? The key thing to remember is that it has to be stylish.
Walk-in wonder
There will be a lot of clothing and accessories to marshal in any sartorial superfan’s boudoir, so the first thing to go into the design is storage. Precious and treasured garments need careful hanging and a walk-in closet is often the best solution. Large walk-in closets are spacious enough to house all your clothes in a well-ordered way. Make it easy to locate items by installing lighting that softly illuminates the space without being overpowering.
A large bedroom can accommodate a walk-in closet by annexing an area and fitting it out with shelves, storage, drawers and rails. Clothes are relatively compact, but accessories such as handbags, shoes and boots will eat space, so include provision for this in the design. If you don’t have the funds or space for any of that, consider hanging a drape across an alcove or corner of the bedroom to keep your precious things safely stowed.
Light touch
Light levels in your bedroom need to be tightly controlled. There will be times when you want to welcome in the sunshine so you can scrutinize your new designer purchase, other occasions call for privacy when trying on outfits – regulate the light flow into your bedroom with stylish window shutters. Their streamlined silhouette and elegant lines will complement any bedroom décor, as well as being practical and useful for stopping glare from fading clothes and furnishings.
Bed basics
You’ll need your beauty sleep, so kit out your bed with the finest linens you can afford. Take inspiration from your favorite designers and go for all-out luxury. Whether it’s the traditional flavors of Ralph Lauren, the eccentric flair of Vivienne Westwood or the full-throttled glamor of Chanel or Dior, make sure you are sleeping with the best.


Beds can be wonderful storage solutions, so if you are short on places to stow your vast wardrobe, consider an Ottoman storage bed with integral drawers.
Zone out
A fashionista’s bedroom works well when divided into zones. Make separate areas for dressing, relaxing, applying make-up and doing your hair. Don’t go overboard on the mirrors because too many can become jarring – plan for one full-length looking glass for checking your outfit and one make-up mirror with good lighting to ensure a flawless, fabulous face.
Walls of style
Decorate the walls of your bedroom with prints of sketches by famous designers, iconic dresses or models. Do you have a favorite handbag, ball gown or pair of shoes on your wish list? Fix inspirational fashion cues on the walls to keep you focused on what you do best: fanatically follow fashion!
A bedroom that celebrates a passion for fashion, couture, and style is always going to be a personal labor of love, but when you get the basics right, all the pretty individual touches will follow as if by magic.


Only a few days to go and it’s already Christmas, and then comes New Year. Wow, how time flies. The party, the fun, the food, the chitchats, exciting right? But are your outfits ready? If not, I’m giving you outfit ideas in this post that you can totally pull off this coming holidays. Starting with pastels, more likely on rose quartz and serenity, why? Because Pantone said so. *wink* I’ve found pieces online that I love and have put them together to make a totally gorgeous outfit.ootd2-1
I don’t usually wear a dress, but for some special occasions, why not! Paired with a good choice of accessories and pumps, will surely make you an eye catcher.ootd1-1
While stilettos are one way to look smart, I can’t say no to white sneakers with a skater skirt.ootd5-1
A pair of denim jeans might be good but come on, leather pants are way prettier.ootd3-1
You may also opt for red – the color we usually represent for the coming holidays. Red is love.ootd4-1
Let us all welcome the New Year with a happy heart and by looking good. Come on, get dressed, be beautiful, we deserve it!
Which outfit do you like? Do you have outfit ideas too? Share them below, I would love to know them. xo
Holidays are almost here, in fact, Christmas is just days away. Which means it’s the perfect time to treat our family and friends. Every day is actually a perfect one, but we just love to do it on holidays, don’t we? As much as we’d love to give gifts to our loved ones, it never hurts treating ourselves as well. I, myself, will admit that I have been writing a list on what I want every holiday since the high school years. Usually, they’re something I can’t have or can’t have just yet. But no one dies of it, anyway. So here I’m sharing you for the first time my wishlist this holidays. They’re honestly more but let me just share five of them.You can actually get one for me, I’m so willing to receive it. Hahaha!

source_photoWhile almost everyone is flaunting their white sneakers already, I’m still going gaga over it. I found on Spring this Lily White Sneakers that might be an angel in disguise. A gold logo printed at the back makes it even more pretty. Size 6 please. *wink*

source_photo-1As much as I love blazers since I can wear them to any occasions, I am also obsessed with vests. Long one preferably.

Do I need to say more? Come on! Who doesn’t want an action camera, anyway! I have a CoolPix but sometimes it’s not good enough. Which makes me crave for something better, go for GoPro.

Although most of the time I prefer carrying a tote bag to fit all essentials, I still seriously want a sling bag. It doesn’t make sense sometimes, but I am more comfortable putting mobile phones and cash in a smaller bag.
I don’t invest much on makeups but when I do I’ll make sure it’s the one I’m going to use. I’m often settled with just fixing my eyebrows and putting lipstick. But sometimes, I’m good with just a lipstick on. And since I have been wanting to own a matte lipstick, I want it in different shades as well.
That’s all for now, folks! How about you? What’s your wishlist for this year’s holidays? Do share them in the comment below. I’d be happy to read them. xo.


Starting today, I will be posting my weekend madness featuring my random thoughts, tales, hang-ups and wish lists and anything that comes out of my mind in connection with what this blog is all about, of course. Let me start with a hang-up!

It’s November and it’s the same month I got the chance to wear one of Cebu’s young designer’s creation. Back in 2011 when my cousin was about to get married, I was chosen to be one of the bridesmaids. The rule was to wear anything we like as long as it matches the wedding’s motif. Of course, that’s always something to look forward to. Not every bridesmaid are given the freedom to choose their dress style. I was lucky enough to know someone who can provide me the dress I like. A talented and a good friend, James Cañete (may he rest in peace), handed me his creations in drawings. Choosing one was actually hard, I wanted to have all the designs he made for me, however, I only had to choose one.

James Canete Creation

Since the dress had to be long, I chose one that will not cover my shoulders for it to be balanced and so I won’t look covered from head to toe. I also wanted a simple one to not steal everyone’s attention. Of course, the center of attraction should be the couple especially the bride. The dress came with an instruction on how to wear it and what accessories to pick by James himself. I was also told on how to style my hair. I’m such a lucky client. Lol!

James Canete Creation
James Canete Creation
James Canete Creation


James Canete Creation

This made me missed my long hair. Now, that’s a hang-up! I wore this only once. I might look for an event that might need me to wear this one again. Hahaha. What do you think of this dress?

P.S.: Took the photos above using a smartphone only. That’s pretty obvious, I guess!

Anything lace always has a trend factor and it always has a fashion hit even through the past decades. Not only for weddings and evening gowns but even casuals and cocktails. And mind you, lace dresses can fit in any occasions. It can be flirty yet formal, simple yet sexy. But of course, the kind of wear with lace will always depend on your choice.

Since I’ve been wanting to have one, I’ve done a quick research to where I should buy. I found one that will surely make every girl radiant and on the go. The Blue Chiffon Lace Short Sleeves Short Dress! This modest but playful collar dress looks sweet for every girl out there! It has light pleats on the skirt with curved edges for a sophisticated look. The inner fabric is beige in color to balance the sheerness of the chiffon material on the outside.
This dress brings back the 1960’s fashion craze. It makes you look more slender and taller due to its short length. Pair this dress with doll shoes for a great look! Now you’re ready to go on your casual event. So, is it a yes or a no?
And not only that, this dress is also a good steal. Dress.Ph is offering this at Php924 only from the original price of Php4,740. You’ll be able to save as much as Php3,816. This also comes in different sizes so no need to worry if you’re chubby or slim. There are also lots of choices to choose from, you may want to check them now before they’re gone. xo.

It’s almost the time of the year where the kid in me will come out, Halloween. While to some this may be just any ordinary day, the other part of the world is jumping for excitement. The trick-or-treating has always been fun for kids. However, the spooktacular parties thrown by your parents or the neighbors can become boring as you grow older. Well, there are always ways to throw an age-appropriate party. A themed party can be one.

trick or treat

How do you want to appear on your Halloween party? You can be a superhero or your favorite cartoon character or transform yourself into your favorite celebrity. But that may cost you a hundred few bucks for a one-time event. You can actually save money by doing ‘dressed up’ instead of a ‘costume’. You really don’t have to be scary. Unless the party is a majority for kids then if you can’t be scary, at least be funny for them. You may also opt for an all black outfit – chic and modern way to style yourself. Just do a little trick on your makeup so you won’t appear plain.

I do love dressing up, who doesn’t anyway? And Halloween is undoubtedly the best time to do so. You can actually use items you already own instead of buying one at the mall, forget the rush at this moment. But then, why stop yourself when you really want to buy a new one? You can always check for the best and most affordable pieces online. Hence, I have marked down Zalora’s Cyber Sale into my calendar to make sure I get a good steal. Here’s my pick for an all black outfit:

Halloween outfit
Never leave your outfit preparation to the very last minute. What’s your Halloween outfit idea? Share them in the comment below! xo!


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