Acne has never been my concern during the younger years, in fact, I could not remember a time where my physical appearance was a concern. I think it was 4 years ago when the breakout started but it wasn’t as severe as it was last 2018. I tried using different products to get rid of the acne, searched everywhere, even did a regular derma visit but to no avail. Diamond peel, facial spa, acne shots, etc. I have tried them all. Even opted for a Glutathione IV, hoping it could help. Well, it did lighten my skin but it did not solve the acne problem. I also had the chance to talk to some of those who experienced the same, but their solution did not solve mine.

How To Get Rid Of Acne

Until now, I still don’t have the idea of what caused my breakouts. Was it because I was too fat? Or was it because of the hormonal change? Was it because of the unhealthy lifestyle I have? Was it because of the wrong products I used? Or was it because of the bacteria/germs, etc? I wish I know so at least I’ll be able to avoid them.

The owner/nurse of the skin clinic that I used to visit introduced some products to try and see if it works on me. Some did not but one amazed me. Following a correct way to take care of your skin also helps a lot. I used to just wash and apply cream and done.

It’s been over a year already of having acne-free skin and I really love it. It brings back my self-confidence and I don’t have to avoid the cameras again. Watch the video I posted below for the few steps I did and are still doing to get rid of my facial acne.

Have you experienced the same? What steps did you do? I hope mine helps. xo

As the saying goes, “travel is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer”. This quote is pointing towards the benefits of traveling. Traveling has always been in the limelight because of its countless benefits from getting new friends, exploring new cultures, falling in love with nature, to lots of physical and mental health benefits. If you are longing to explore some mesmerizing landscapes, try to do it by means of the road rather than flying. Road-tripping gives you a lot more fun and adventure than traveling by air. And if you do your road trip on a two-wheeler, you will get more close experience with sceneries and will get the opportunity to travel on off-roads. You will become a part of the landscape you are visiting and learn about different cultures more closely.

Many people recoil with dread when thinking of road trips because there is some risk factor involved in road-tripping. Remember there is no adventure that is free of risks. What you can do is through preparations, bringing all the safety gear including motorcycle helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, rain gear, and boots with you,  for your road trip to continue smoothly and free of bumps. Besides the adventure and joyful part of traveling, there are some issues you need to cater too. Facing skin problems on a trip is not unusual, especially if you are road-tripping on a bike. There are many reasons for the generation of skin problems from changing weather, and routine to travel stress. Read on to learn in detail about the factors that fuel skin issues on a trip and how to take measures for avoiding this problem.

Some elements that are affecting skin while traveling:

When on a tour, the beautiful sceneries take all your attention and you start considering nothing more important than exploring the mesmerizing landscapes. Besides mindful eating, your skincare routine is placed on a back burner. You try to make use of every minute in finding something new about the culture, history, and cuisines of the destination you visit. Here are some topmost factors that are more responsible for affecting your skin.

Change in environment and weather conditions:

When you enter an environment, with a different level of moisture, which is unfamiliar for your skin, it certainly affects the cells of your skin. Furthermore, cold weathers have more dry air which can make your skin dry and rough. And hot weather, on the other hand, may contain more radiations and humidity which has also an adverse effect on your skin.

A change in your skincare routine:

While making memories and exploring untouched sceneries of nature, skincare is the last thing you worry about. As a result, you won’t be able to keep your daily skincare routine. When you are so much involved in your trip, you don’t really find time to even wash your face properly. This carelessness results in the accumulation of dead skin cells which in turn leads to uneven skin tone and breakouts. Moreover, air pollution and unhealthy eating habits are also some of the factors responsible for damaging your skin.

Change In Your Skin Care Products:

For packing smart, most of you rely on the hotel toiletries. Products provided in the hotel toiletries might not be suitable for your skin and likely to affect it. Additionally, bad sleeping routines and the use of pain killers during the tour, affect your skin too.

Smoking more often:

You already know that smoking is a nightmare for the health of your heart and lungs (besides other organs). What you don’t know is it can prematurely age your skin. And when you are on a trip, you generally have more time to smoke while exploring the beautiful nature.

Some productive tips to keep your skin fresh while traveling:

Always take moisturizer and facial mist spray in your luggage:

Applying a suitable face moisturizer the night of hitting the road will make your skin fresh for more than a day. Bring your moisturizer with you on your journey for you will need it daily; moisturizer will help you in maintaining your skin’s health. It has the ability to keep your skin hydrated when you are exposed to a cold and dehydrating environment. Alongside this, facial mist spray will also be very productive for your skin because it can also hydrate your skin besides keeping it refreshed throughout the tour.


Bring your own facial wipes or towelettes:

Most people don’t remove their make up on trip either because they are too tired or they don’t have makeup removing towelettes. Remember sleeping in makeup can clog your pores and cause breakouts. And removing it will allow the natural oils in your skin as well as natural bacteria on your skin to support moisture and repair. So it’s better to carry good facial wipes or makeup removing towelettes for the health of your skin.

Don’t ditch a sunscreen especially when visiting some mountain peaks:

Traversing through beautiful valleys is a great experience but at altitudes, you are directly exposed to sun rays which can cause skin burns. Applying sunscreen will save you from sunburns and goes a long way in taking care of your skin and the way it looks.

Avoid Touching Your Face Often:

Many of us have the habit of touching our faces or rubbing our eyes. We should stop this habit because touching hands can introduce dirt, oils, and bacteria to the skin that can cause acne. And when you are on a tour, it is very much likely that your hands contain lots of dirt and bacterias. Also, touching your skin will increase breakouts. So, it is advised to wash your hands with antibacterial hand wash or sanitizer especially before doing makeup.

Don’t skip your beauty sleep:

Take at least 6 hours of sleep daily even on tours, if you want your skin not to look aged early. This is one of the things that we often compromise on while traveling. An effort to develop less sleeping habits will not only affect your body but your mind too.

Using fake nails is one of the easiest ways to follow on nail trends. I believe that some public figures use such especially on photo shoots. There are actually quite a number of ways to apply fake nails, either using nail glue, nail adhesive, or using gel polish with the help of the UV / LED lamp. Since I don’t have the lamp yet, I prefer using nail glue because I don’t think the adhesive can make the attachments longer.

I got the idea of using fake nails from a friend last year and because I have short fingers and my natural nails are too flimsy to have them long. You can have the entire service at any salons or nails spa, however, it will cost you more than five hundred. Also, you will most likely have to wait for two hours or more for the procedures to be done. So if you don’t have that much time I suggest buying fake nails on your own.

Fake Nails
Fake Nails

The application is really handy and it will only take less than ten minutes even for beginners. Plus, the usual price for the faux nails you can find even online is less than three hundred pesos (Php300). Which means you can save more than half of the cost when you go to nail spas. I got mine around two hundred pesos (Php200). That’s a set of twenty-four fake nails, nail glue, cuticle stick, and nail adhesive. Most fake nails you can find online are already pre-designed so you only have to choose the design or nail arts. There are also sizes and shapes to choose from, though you can always reshape and resize the nails pretty easily.

Here are the steps on how to apply fake nails at your own convenient home:

  1. Wash your hands and make sure that everything around the nail bed is completely dry.
  2. Clean off any nail polish.
  3. Buff the surface of your natural nails to roughen it and clean it.
  4. Push the cuticle back gently using the cuticle stick.
  5. Arrange the nails according to what is suitable to which fingers.
  6. Put a dot of nail glue on to the back of the fake nail and one on your natural nail.
  7. Place the faux nail just above the cuticle. Keep it straight.
  8. Press down onto the nail bed. Keep pressure applied for 15 to 20 seconds.

Faux nails can be reused only when you don’t mess up, so make sure to apply them precisely.

Have you tried applying fake nails on your own? How’s the experience? xoxo

Lately, I noticed that the hair on top of my forehead is getting thinner which for me looks weird since I have a natural thick hair. I’m blaming aging, but I’m not that old yet so I thought maybe this is something I should be concerned with. Fortunately, last week of April, Edge Naturale reached out to me introducing their very own product. The edge enhancement cream which basically helps to regrow edges. I was only able to respond to them around May but good thing that the offer was still up at that time.

It was such perfect timing. I actually planned of doing a DIY hair and scalp treatment when the pandemic started. Even bought a potted Aloe Vera plant for that. When I received Edge Naturale’s follicle enhancer, I was pretty excited to give it a try right away.

Here’s some information about the product:

Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer

Follicle Enhancer is constructed of natural oils, peppermint, and coconut milk. It cools and soothes the scalp while stimulating follicles for incredibly fast restoration.


Water Carbomer Stearic Acid Petrolatum Glyceryl Stearate Glycerin Cetyl Alcohol Mineral Oil Peppermint Oil Argan Oil Avocado Oil Niacin Castor Oil Jojoba Oil Coconut Milk Extract Phenoxyethanol (and) Ethylhexylglycerin.

My 2 cents:

I like that this does not give a greasy feeling on the scalp. A little tingly though but the mint smell is a plus. It’s been a week of using this product and so far I can feel and see a small difference. Slow progress is still progress. Compare to the local brand I was able to try last year, which unfortunately gave me an allergy, this one from Edge Naturale is really worth your money.

I’m giving this a month or 3 weeks at least to get a full restoration. I’ll be updating this post once I finish the entire jar. xoxo

You can buy one here: Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer


This is how it looks now. Better than ever. I can now wear my hair down confidently without worrying about ugly lines and edges!

Have your tried this product already? Let me know if you did. xo

Your skin is a mirror to your health. When you have had a long and sleepless night, it looks puffy and tired in the morning. Did you enjoy a deliciously greasy burger at your favorite fast food restaurant? Your skin will get oily as a result of your culinary indulgence. Are you anxious or worried? You might experience nervous eczema or rashes on your neck area and your arms.  In short, your skin shows how your body feels. It is the largest external organ of the human body, and it is not only a health indicator; it’s also a significant part of your natural beauty. Clean and clear skin is a sign of both health and beauty. Consequently, most people are desperate to maintain a smooth, fresh and glowing skin for as long as possible. The secret, however, is not in breaking the bank with the purchase of all the latest anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating products. Instead, it’s about giving your skin the best chances to stay beautiful. Find the right skincare for youFind the right skincare for you

Love starts with a healthy routine

Admittedly, we said you shouldn’t buy all the skin products that promise to keep your skin young and fresh. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy any product. Instead, you need to focus on selecting a few skincare products that are right for your skin and your age. In your 20s, you need products that can handle slight acne and red blotches apparitions. In your 30s, you need to favor vitamin E to help reduce brown patches, while your 40s is the time to start using antioxidant moisturizers. It’s vital that you give your skin the care it needs for each period of your life. There is no need starting anti-wrinkle treatments in your 20s when your skin is still firm and elastic.  

Avoid unnecessary abuses

You’ll be surprised to measure the real damages that unprotected sun exposure can cause. Naturally, the most dreaded issue is skin cancer, but in reality, it isn’t as common as you might think. However, premature aging of the skin is a common consequence of unprotected exposure. Don’t go out without sun protection if you want your skin to look fresh in future years! Additionally, another kind of damaging abuse is an unhealthy diet, which might lead to weight gain. When your body gains too much weight and struggles to keep it off, your skin gradually loses its elasticity. It is even recommended to consider weight loss surgery with to reduce the negative impact on the skin. Other harmful elements that can damage the skin are alcohol. If you’re the partying type, you need to drink plenty of water before going to bed to moisturize your skin cells.

Go the extra mile

Last, but not least, you can also adjust your diet as part of your skin care program. According to low-sugar diets can be beneficial to acne-prone skins. Additionally, if you thought your protein bar was healthy, it’s time to ditch it: it aggravates acne, wrinkles, and rashes. Instead, eating plenty of vegetables of different colors gives your skin all the vitamins it needs to glow.

You’ve got only one skin, so make sure it receives all the attention it needs to stay healthy and beautiful. Avoid unnecessary products and risks. In the long term, your skin is worth it!

I was able to try the first product of  Althea last year, and just last month, they’ve launched their new products called the Bare Essentials.  What’s more exciting is, Bare Essentials is a skincare trio. Yes, not just one but three products. Althea Bare Essentials

What is Althea Bare Essentials?

It is a set that simplifies skincare down to just three steps for the best results with the minimum care. It consists of three products; the Contour Cleanser, the Primer Water, and the Fixer Cream. According to Althea’s website, natural ingredients were carefully found and selected from the depths of nature to give the most hydrating experience for our skin.

Step 1: Contour Cleanser – A rich and foaming cleanser that removes impurities while improving blood circulation. It contains micro capsules to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and leaves the skin feeling cool and refreshed too.

It’s surprising that I only need a small amount to cleanse my face. This is a bit creamy, that’s why for me a small amount is literally enough. Just mix it with a bit of water and lather it on my face. I love how it feels refreshing after washing my face. Also, the smell of this cleanser is relaxing.

Step 2: Primer Water – This bottle of water penetrates into the layer of the skin to plump them up, prepping the skin and making it a smooth canvas for products to come.

This is by far the best toner I have used. It has a consistency that is thicker than the other toner I have tried. The best way to apply this is to use your fingers. This is not watery so no need for cotton, else there will be a waste since this absorbed quickly. Since this is a 2-in-1 product, a toner, and a primer, this is also good to use before makeup.

Step 3: Fixer Cream – Powerful moisturizing properties are packed into this little jar that provides the skin with hydration for up to 24 hours for a fresh, revitalized complexion.

I have been looking for a good moisturizer that works for me and this is one of them. Actually, there are just two moisturizers that I have liked so far. One was the water-based I got from Althea too. And this one, the fixer cream. This is a bit creamy and thick. But I love how it completely dries up to a non-sticky finish. Also, just a small amount is needed to cover up the entire face. And yes, it gives the moisturizing effect that long. Plus it makes my skin smooth.

My two cents:

Completing the three steps actually works as it promises. I love how completely smooth and moisturized my skin is the next day. And you wouldn’t believe that this is not as expensive as those who claimed that works. For a less than Php1,500 you will be able to get this set. I am actually using this before going to bed and I love how my skin feels the next day, even the entire day. This is really impressive and already very effective with just three steps. I can’t believe that I don’t need to invest in something that peels off my skin just to get that result of a good-looking skin. I highly recommend this. If you’re like me that don’t have much time for any regimens, this is a perfect match. Also, the packaging is very minimalistic.

Have you tried this one already? If not, you can order Althea Bare Essentials here.  xo




Althea, the leading online store that caters most of our k-beauty needs, finally comes up with its own brand product. Starting off strong, they are introducing the Althea Petal Velvet Powder. According to Althea, this debuting beauty is made with micro-fine particles that minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines to reveal a flawless and petal-like complexion. Its translucent and perfecting qualities also create a satin finish that mattifies without dehydrating the skin. To be honest, I am not a loose powder user until this one. Ingredients: SILICA, MICA, VINYL DIMETHICONE/METHICONE SILSESQUIOXANE CROSSPOLYMER, DIMETHICONE/VINYL DIMETHICONE CROSSPOLYMER, METHICONE, HIBISCUS SYRIACUS SEED EXTRACT, HYDROGENATED LECITHIN, 1,2-HEXANEDIOL, GLYCERYL CAPRYLATE, MALTODEXTRIN, FRAGRANCE

Size: 3g

Types: All skin types

Color: Translucent

Application: Pick up product with a brush or puff provided and gently sweep onto the skin.

What I like:

  • It’s lightweight and travel-wise.
  • Made from natural ingredients.
  • Just like its name, Althea, it smells like a fresh flower but is very gentle to those who have a sensitive nose.
  • Its staying power is amazing. Mine lasted the entire day so I really didn’t have to reapply.
  • It makes my skin looks bright and smooth.
  • The powder is finely milled and is velvety.
  • No breakouts, allergies or irritations.
  • Doesn’t create unpleasant white cast especially during flash photography.
  • It comes with a super soft puff. You can use a brush, though, depends on where you are comfortable.

What I don’t like:

  • It’s only 3G, too small for an everyday use.
  • It’s only available online.

Will I repurchase? Definitely, YES! I don’t wear makeup every day but using this powder to set my day cream and sunscreen is super amazing.  It’s only 210 php, around $4. You just have to ditch the right amount of powder to use and it will go a long way. Highly recommend to those who love using loose powder.

Have you tried Althea Velvet Powder already? Let me know in the comments below.

I started using baby powder every diaper change when my son turned six months old. The contents of the baby powder I used weren’t really my concern until my little one started coughing every morning. His doctor found out it was an allergy and a hundred percent sure it was because of the powder. I am very meticulous when it comes to the cleanliness of the entire house especially in our room so dirt and dust could not be the reason. His pediatrician advised to not use powder with talc. I had trouble finding a talc-free powder to use so I just use cream instead. Although it wasn’t convenient to me, I had no choice.

So, what is talc? Talc, as a powder, absorbs moisture well and helps lessen friction, making it useful in keeping the skin dry and in preventing diaper rash. It is a clay mineral with the chemical formula from the elements magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. An ingredient that has been a subject of debate and lawsuits in the US because of its supposed link to cancer. One good reason to choose a talc-free powder. Although reports regarding health issues with products containing talc have unclear findings, prevention is still better than cure.

Even though there are talc-free powders here in the Philippines, it’s still hard to find one you can trust. It’s a good thing now, there’s BELO BABY TALC-FREE POWDER that is all-natural with 0% harmful chemicals.

Belo Baby Talc-free PowderBenefits:

  • Made from certified natural and finely milled rice and maize
  • Carefully formulated without talc
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist – tested

Having a very active toddler means there’s a much-needed help in keeping his skin dry especially on his back and this product brings me in peace. My son is not fond of anything that needs to be applied on his body especially during a diaper change. So I was actually expecting he’d resist when I tried applying the powder. For the first time, he didn’t say ‘Done, mommy’, but instead asked for more.

Belo Baby Talc-Free PowderBelo Baby Talc-free powder also comes in a very cute packaging that already includes a soft puff. It’s actually handy and travel-wise. Not to exaggerate but I immediately fell in love with its scent. It smells so good and fresh. A little sweet and it doesn’t just go away. It does the same job with other baby powders in the market (if not all, most), except that this one has no Talc and is all-natural. That alone makes me feel safe and secured especially for my son.

I was honestly tempted to use this one on my face too. I am not a powder user ever since because I have a sensitive skin and easily breaks out. But I can’t say no to this. I did and I like how kind this is to my skin. No breakouts. No any kinds of pimples. I am actually planning now to get one for myself too. A PhP 219.75 for a 65g is so worth it.

This talc-free powder from Belo Baby is indeed crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms. Will I recommend this? Big YES! This is good to include in your regimen with taking care of your kids. I actually just say ‘Hi’ to my new daily partner in keeping my little one fresh all the time. Will you?

Belo Baby is launching this talc-free powder this month (May) and is now available in leading supermarkets and department stores nationwide. You can also buy now here: and enjoy FREE delivery until May 31 with a minimum purchase. Aside from that great news, Belo Baby is also giving away gift packs to three (3) of my lucky readers. Sweet and exciting, right? To know how you can win one of the Belo Baby Talc-free powder gift packs, just check the mechanics below. Winners will be announced on May 31. Good luck!

Giveaway Mechanics:

  1. Like The Cheryl F  and Belo Baby Facebook page.
  2. Follow ME (@thecherylf) and Belo Baby (@belobabylove) on Instagram.
  3. Follow ME (@TheCherylF) and Belo Baby (@belobabylove) on Twitter.
  4. Comment your name and your social media accounts you used to like/follow.

For more information about Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder, you may visit or check their social media accounts.

I have been an Olay user since 7 years ago. I am still using its 7-in-1 cream and I love how it makes my skin looks younger. When Olay released its new variants of skin whitening soap called ‘One Wash Wonder’, I was able to get the first dibs through Sample Room. This is actually a bit late but would still love to share my thoughts.

There are 3 new variants in three different colors, as well. Each bar has different focus ingredients. One has Vitamin C, the other one has Rose and Milk, while the other has Papaya.

Difference? The three of them have the same moisturizing effect and each lather very well on your skin. However, the scent of the pink one with rose and milk is very sweet for me. It smells good at first, though. But I don’t like it. It doesn’t smell like a soap for me. The one in Papaya has somehow a common smell of any other papaya soaps. Somewhat becomes ordinary to those who are a papaya soap user. What I like better is the one with Vitamin C, the blue one. It doesn’t have a sweet scent but it makes you smell better after a bath. I also love the fact that these bars don’t melt easily. So it’s really a good steal and worth your money.

For me, I think what describes Olay most with these beauty soaps is the blue variant. Although I haven’t noticed any improvements with my skin complexion even after using the three bars especially that it is a whitening soap, it made my skin looks better after all. I even recommended this to my friends.

How about you? Have you tried one of these whitening beauty soaps? Which one do you like best? Please do share them below! xo

Aging isn’t a bad thing. In fact, birthdays are great. What’s important is to have a healthy looking skin no matter what age we are. Our face will go through changes and aging is one of that. But there are also ways to prevent premature aging.

So what really happens to our skin in our 20s, 30s, and 40s and how to keep it looking healthy?

In our 20s

Acne –  even if this wasn’t an issue as a teenage, many will experience this. Pimples will appear on the lower face and particularly along the jawline.

To treat this, any products with Niacinamide can be used, like Myra Vitawhite Facial Wash, to even out any red blotches and add radiance to the skin. Myra Vitawhite facial wash also has Vitamin E beads which protect and nourish the skin for a healthy glow, and Biowhite Complex which derived from plant extracts that gently whiten the skin in as early as 7 days.dscn4073

Taking care of our skin at this stage will determine how much damage our skin will have in our 30s and 40s. Products with Vitamin E are great to keep our skin supple and youthful.

In our 30s

Uneven skin tone with broken blood vessels and sun spots, as well as fine lines and crow’s feet, will be more noticeable at this stage. This is actually the decade when our lifestyle habits from the past start to show on our face.

Women’s big concern during the thirties is hyperpigmentation such as melasma or brown patches that often occur on the forehead, cheeks, and chin. It’s usually a result of too much sun exposure but it can also be caused by a change in hormones.That is why it’s important to wear sunscreen or use products with Vitamin E to protect our skin from sun’s harmful rays.

In our 40s

Our skin will start to get drier at this age, which may mean more prominent lines and wrinkles.

Counter this with a high-quality moisturizer to help improve hydration. Anything with peptides, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid will gradually correct darks spots and brighten the skin as well. We should take care of our skin with Vitamin E products to boost collagen production and prevent wrinkles.




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