2015 Holidays Secret Little List

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Holidays are almost here, in fact, Christmas is just days away. Which means it’s the perfect time to treat our family and friends. Every day is actually a perfect one, but we just love to do it on holidays, don’t we? As much as we’d love to give gifts to our loved ones, it never hurts treating ourselves as well. I, myself, will admit that I have been writing a list on what I want every holiday since the high school years. Usually, they’re something I can’t have or can’t have just yet. But no one dies of it, anyway. So here I’m sharing you for the first time my wishlist this holidays. They’re honestly more but let me just share five of them.You can actually get one for me, I’m so willing to receive it. Hahaha!

source_photoWhile almost everyone is flaunting their white sneakers already, I’m still going gaga over it. I found on Spring this Lily White Sneakers that might be an angel in disguise. A gold logo printed at the back makes it even more pretty. Size 6 please. *wink*

source_photo-1As much as I love blazers since I can wear them to any occasions, I am also obsessed with vests. Long one preferably.

Do I need to say more? Come on! Who doesn’t want an action camera, anyway! I have a CoolPix but sometimes it’s not good enough. Which makes me crave for something better, go for GoPro.

Although most of the time I prefer carrying a tote bag to fit all essentials, I still seriously want a sling bag. It doesn’t make sense sometimes, but I am more comfortable putting mobile phones and cash in a smaller bag.
I don’t invest much on makeups but when I do I’ll make sure it’s the one I’m going to use. I’m often settled with just fixing my eyebrows and putting lipstick. But sometimes, I’m good with just a lipstick on. And since I have been wanting to own a matte lipstick, I want it in different shades as well.
That’s all for now, folks! How about you? What’s your wishlist for this year’s holidays? Do share them in the comment below. I’d be happy to read them. xo.



  1. Awesome list. I too want a gopro but damn it costs the same as an entry level dslr I might as well opt for a new lens haha. Thanks for sharing this!

    Lester |

  2. a friend of mine just bought a go pro recently. hehe if there are extra gift at home for christmas like this ill give you one. lol as for me, i just have a simple wishlist this christmas, that is for a successful career 🙂

  3. I'm kinda hypocrite if I'll say "I don't want something for Christmas" when in fact I got my eyes on a prize this coming holiday: a laptop. Yeah, though it's gonna be a Christmas present to myself. Though if circumstances will cooperate, I want a new pair of shoes either, as well as new (actually an old model and call-and-text only type) cellphone, and a camera too!

  4. Nice list! I'd love a Go Pro and a sling bag too. But most of the stuff on my Christmas list this year consists of scrapbooking or planning stuff. Haha!

  5. Don't we all wish for a Go Pro as a gift. Its something I can live without really, but would be very excited to receive as a gift. But given the price, I do not expect someone will give Mr such a gift anytime soon. 🙂

  6. Go Pro is in my wishlist too!
    And yeah, I've ditched all my glossy lippies for matte ones.
    I'm so wearing bright matte shades of late!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  7. Wishlist? When I think of it, the list seems so long that it has nothing. I somehow don't seem to know when to start and where to continue. I want everything yet nothing, but no one gets that….

  8. I love the GoPro Hero Session. It's so compact and really powerful. The white shoes looks cool too.

  9. Well. Well. Well. My views have changed through the years. While it's great to give presents to loved ones and people who have helped us last through an entire year, we should also give presents to ourselves. This Christmas I got myself my gym memberships ( yup, I got 2 ) and another one, though it's always delayed, is a trip to I have not decided on which country yet.

    I love the Lily White Sneakers! I have been looking for the perfect white sneakers since September of this year, lol. Hope you're able to score all the items on your list. Merry Christmas!

  10. Elizabeth O. Reply

    What a lovely list. White sneakers are in these days, and it's really obvious as to why people like it! I love matte lippies, they are the best. Shimmer is not for me.

  11. Cute list of stuff you wish for this Christmas. I hope you'll manage to acquire them, or better yet, receive them from your loved ones. 🙂 I don't have too much to ask for. Every year, it is automatic that I get art materials for Christmas. Most of my materials from last Christmas are actually still unopened. 😛 The best gift I could possibly receive, I think, is the gift of travel. 😉

  12. White sneakers are really trendy right now. I see many women wearing them with shorts, pants, and even skirts. The GoPro is an ideal camera to carry during travels. Nice list!

  13. that pair of sneakers looks cool! but white sneakers is a devil in disguise, aren't they? the pain in our hearts when we notice some mud stains on them. Noooooooo!

  14. Hi Cheryl! I want a GoPro too so bad! Hope you were able to get your secret list for Christmas x

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