4 English Towns You Should Visit This Summer

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There’s nothing quite like England, and not for the stereotypes you see everywhere. Fish and chips are delicious, of course, but they’re not the only thing that England has going for it. The nights are getting longer and while you can’t guarantee that it won’t rain, there are still some beautiful places to visit this summer. You don’t have to head to London to get a taste of England. The capital is amazing; it’s a business capital and full of tourist spots that you should visit at least once. It’s also home to the Royal family for some of the year so it’s definitely a place that you need to see. Europe has a lot to offer, but England is a place to be!

However, England has so much more to offer than just the capital city. England is a small island but it’s an island full of history and an abundance of seaside towns, seaside towns you should explore at least once. So, when you’re stuck for places to visit, why not check out this list of four places to see in England this summer:stonehenge

Deal, Kent

In the south east of England, just past London, is the county of Kent. There’s a town called Deal with a Fifties vibe – it’s a destination town that people love to visit and while you’re there, you can take yourself to the seafront for fish and chips among the shingles. There are two separate castles for the history buffs among you, Walmer & Deal Castle and are both open for exploration.

Whitby, North Yorkshire

There may be a lot of rain in the north of England, but Whitby has a character and a charm that really cannot be missed. Whitby Abbey is the home of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and when the fog rolls along the wide sandy beaches, it’s eerie and beautiful all at once. Walk the winding, cobbled streets and see the old fashioned sweet shops as you go.

Exeter, Devon

Right by the seaside in Devon, you’ll find a myriad of Exeter hotels to sleep in while you explore the Gothic cathedral and the fragments of a long-dead Roman city. There are places to eat that are stylish and contemporary and you can take yourself on an adventure kayaking while you visit.

Hunstanton, Norfolk

When you want to find the perfect seaside area, think about idyllic Hunstanton. You can find many empty sandy beaches to explore, you can find true Victorian charm at this seaside resort. Norfolk coast is an area of outstanding natural beauty, meaning that you won’t be short on views to soak up. For those who love nature, head over to the Sea Life Sanctuary and get a glimpse of some truly incredible sea creatures.

England has everything from mountains to beaches, fields to cities. There’s something for everyone, whatever your travel tastes. You can go as modern or as quintessentially English as you like; it’s on offer for you no matter what. Shop around online for the best deals before you travel and save yourself some cash!


  1. I always dream of going to England someday to, of course, get a glimpse of the royal family but because of this, I am able to know that England is so much more than that. It has a lot to offer. Thank you!

  2. Yes! England is one of the country I want to visit someday with my love! 🙂

  3. Mary Rose Estarez Reply

    Wow would love to visit those place too with my hubby SOON❤️

  4. Gen quirao Reply

    I wish i could travel the world with my kids, including ths beautiful places. ..

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