Avoid Windswept Look with Facelift Surgery

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You don’t feel any older. You’re still youthful and filled with vitality on the inside. You have dedicated your life to taking care of yourself because you know that your body is your temple. That means staying active and making wise choices about what kind of fuel you put into your system. Your skin has been a priority as well as you protect yourself from exposure to the sun every day. In spite of doing everything the way that you should, the years have continued to march on. They’re making their mark on your face, the most noticeable part of you. Those fine lines and webbing of wrinkles can’t be ignored. Your skin has lost its firmness and elasticity. It’s starting to droop, making you look tired all the time. Worse yet, it’s making you feel old every time you catch your reflection. You’re ready for a change. A plastic surgeon can help you with facelift surgery. There’s only one problem. You want it to look natural.

Avoid the Windswept Look

 While a facelift is an effective and popular approach to combat the visible effects of aging, you want it to look like it is natural. The procedure is meant to tighten up that loose skin just enough that it no longer sags and you smooth away those wrinkles. When facelift surgery is performed by a master surgeon, the end result will be a face that looks like someone has turned back the hands on the clock of time to reclaim his or her youth. However, there are times when the results are too extreme. making a patient look like he or she has been caught in a windstorm that has made the face look overdone. The right plastic surgeon can help you to avoid this problem.

Taking a Different Approach is the Best Place to Start

 The key to a successful facelift is to avoid severe changes that result in an unappealing, unnatural outcome. The skin should not look like someone has yanked it back, forcing the eyes to be wide open, the brows to be raised as if in surprise, and the mouth stuck in a strange smile that looks forced. While your plastic surgeon can help you to soften the effects of aging with cosmetic surgery, no one can actually take you back to your younger years. No one should tighten the skin to such a degree that the face looks like a mask. One of the mistakes that many patients make is in asking a surgeon to go overboard when it comes to how tight the skin will be. Another issue that can cause a problem is using general anesthesia during a facelift. This causes the face to relax completely to the point that the face relaxes completely. This lack of muscle tone can make it difficult to judge how tight the skin should be drawn back in order to have the desired effect. If your plastic surgeon uses intravenous sedation combined with local anesthetic in targeted areas, you are more likely to get an unforgettable lift that restores the natural contours of your face without going to extremes.

How Can Intravenous Sedation and Local Anesthesia Help You

 Your surgeon can use intravenous sedation to ensure that you are relaxed without putting you completely under the power of general anesthesia. Local anesthesia will be administered in the areas where incisions are necessary. If you are having a mini facelift that is focusing on the skin around your jaw, your surgeon will focus on the area around your ears to make small incisions. At that point, your muscles and skin will be shifted in order to tighten up the skin. Any excess skin can be trimmed away. However, your surgeon should never take too much or your face will not look natural. If you are having a facelift that focuses on the middle region of your face, including the cheekbones and the jaw, your incisions will be in the same area as with a mini facelift, but the shift of your skin and muscle will vary in order to eliminate excess folds of skin that are drooping around your mouth. If you have a brow lift, this will focus on the forehead and your incisions will be made at your hairline. For a full facelift that focuses on all areas of your face, Incisions will be made at the hairline and around the ears as your surgeon works on sculpting the tissues in your face to freshen up your appearance. Your surgeon may address removal of excess fat with liposuction or add more volume to your face by performing a fat transfer. By using a local anesthetic for all incisions made during your procedure, it will be possible to make changes that are not too extreme because your muscle tone will still be responsive during your procedure.

Is a Facelift Right for You?

Typical candidates for facelift surgery are in their forties to their seventies. If you are seriously considering a cosmetic procedure for your face, your surgeon will evaluate several factors to determine if it will work for you. Your skin must still have enough elasticity to respond well to surgery. You will also need to have a good bone structure that will enhance the definition of your face after surgery. If you have sagging skin, a facelift is likely to be right for you. Your health will be considered as well as your surgeon ensures that surgery is a safe alternative for you.

Learn More About Getting the Best Results from a Facelift

 Turn to the professionals at the Glasgold Group Plastic Surgery for your facelift consultation. The practice has been ranked as one of the best that New Jersey has to offer. Through careful evaluation, you can find out if a facelift is ideal for you and how to get the kind of results you want to see.

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