How to Build a Wall Using Laminate Flooring

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Redecorating a room can be really fun, whether it’s your bedroom, living room or just any room, but what if you don’t want to do the same thing everyone else does? What if you don’t want to paint a wall? What if you don’t want to change the flooring? Well, there is another thing you can do – add an accent wall. This isn’t just any painted accent wall, though, it’s a laminated flooring accent wall. It looks really cool and it’s definitely not something that you will see in every other house. Here’s a little example of what I am talking about:
Looks pretty awesome, right? Well, if you want to build something like this, you need to do some careful planning ahead of time. So, here is a little guide on how to go about building one of these walls as well as some other information. Also, you can do this in any room, any decor style, and use any laminate you want.
Getting Acclimated
Once you pick out the type, color, thickness and size of laminated wood, it’s a good idea to place the laminated wood flooring in the room where the wall is going to be for at least 48 hours. Have a look at what has to offer you, this is one of the best flooring company I found online, they have a great selection of laminated wood. This will enable the wood to get acclimated to the room. You also want to make sure that all of the lot numbers on your wood planks are the same. Most manufacturers will include a lot of numbers which will include the color of the laminate and the thickness as well as any other criteria. So make sure that your wood planks all have the same numbers.
Cost Of The Project / Skill Level
This is a pretty cheap project, it’s only going to cost you around $200 if you make an 8-feet by 8-feet wall – this is going to include the material only, not anything else you need. This should only take you around 5-10 hours to do and really anyone can do this project, but it’s designed for ease, for novices.
Tools and Equipment You Will Need
Laminate flooring of your choice
A rubber mallet
A Caulking gun
Stud finder
Tapping board
Liquid Nails
Nail gun with brad nails
A level
Air Compressor
Step 1 – Measuring
Measure the wall you want to place this against and buy the right amount of laminate. This is a pretty easy step, just make sure you go all the way to the floor and all the wall up to the crease in the ceiling like the picture shows above.
Step 2 – Find The Studs
Next, you want to find all of the studs in your wall. Once you do this, mark the on your wood in pencil and make a note on the wall as well so you know not to anchor it in this part directly. Instead, you will do it at an angle.
Step 3 – Organize Your Boards
Figure out which boards will be laid as is and which ones will need to be cut – there is always going to be boards that need to be cut. Set the ones that need to be cut, to the side.
Step 4 – Liquid Nails
Next, take your liquid glue and place a thin zig-zag pattern on the back of the planks. If you are working from the top down, make sure that you place this first board in the upper corner. Make sure that you align the edge with the edge of the wall – if there is one.
Step 5 – Use The Nail Gun
Easy enough, use your nail gun to anchor the board to the wall, you can nail into the studs, but do so at an angle of 45 degrees.
Step 6 – Rinse and Repeat
Do this entire process until the entire wall is filled up. You should also be doing any last minute steps like making sure that you use your leveler to make sure that they are all level and using your tape to make sure they are all even fits. Also, before you nail the rest of the boards up, with the glue on the backing, place the next board parallel to the last board you put up and use your rubber mallet to hit the side of the boards so it’s as close to the board beside it as it can be. This will ensure that the entire wall looks like one solid piece rather than separate entities.

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  1. Woah, thank you for this! I have a blank wall in my bedroom that I have many plans for, but just can’t seem to figure out what it’s missing. I think this is it. This will add personality to that wall, I think. 🙂 Really nice guide you’ve put together here! I might have my dad help me out in making this happen haha. I’ve got no skills in labour like this. 🙂

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