Designing a Bedroom that Works with Any Fashion Fanatic

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Fashion fanatics have to sleep sometimes.  All that clothes shopping and catwalk tracking can get exhausting, so a place to relax, unwind and get some rest is priority number one.
What elements go into a fashion fan’s bedroom design? The key thing to remember is that it has to be stylish.
Walk-in wonder
There will be a lot of clothing and accessories to marshal in any sartorial superfan’s boudoir, so the first thing to go into the design is storage. Precious and treasured garments need careful hanging and a walk-in closet is often the best solution. Large walk-in closets are spacious enough to house all your clothes in a well-ordered way. Make it easy to locate items by installing lighting that softly illuminates the space without being overpowering.
A large bedroom can accommodate a walk-in closet by annexing an area and fitting it out with shelves, storage, drawers and rails. Clothes are relatively compact, but accessories such as handbags, shoes and boots will eat space, so include provision for this in the design. If you don’t have the funds or space for any of that, consider hanging a drape across an alcove or corner of the bedroom to keep your precious things safely stowed.
Light touch
Light levels in your bedroom need to be tightly controlled. There will be times when you want to welcome in the sunshine so you can scrutinize your new designer purchase, other occasions call for privacy when trying on outfits – regulate the light flow into your bedroom with stylish window shutters. Their streamlined silhouette and elegant lines will complement any bedroom décor, as well as being practical and useful for stopping glare from fading clothes and furnishings.
Bed basics
You’ll need your beauty sleep, so kit out your bed with the finest linens you can afford. Take inspiration from your favorite designers and go for all-out luxury. Whether it’s the traditional flavors of Ralph Lauren, the eccentric flair of Vivienne Westwood or the full-throttled glamor of Chanel or Dior, make sure you are sleeping with the best.


Beds can be wonderful storage solutions, so if you are short on places to stow your vast wardrobe, consider an Ottoman storage bed with integral drawers.
Zone out
A fashionista’s bedroom works well when divided into zones. Make separate areas for dressing, relaxing, applying make-up and doing your hair. Don’t go overboard on the mirrors because too many can become jarring – plan for one full-length looking glass for checking your outfit and one make-up mirror with good lighting to ensure a flawless, fabulous face.
Walls of style
Decorate the walls of your bedroom with prints of sketches by famous designers, iconic dresses or models. Do you have a favorite handbag, ball gown or pair of shoes on your wish list? Fix inspirational fashion cues on the walls to keep you focused on what you do best: fanatically follow fashion!
A bedroom that celebrates a passion for fashion, couture, and style is always going to be a personal labor of love, but when you get the basics right, all the pretty individual touches will follow as if by magic.



  1. You have such flair! I need to get a vanity set and create a room in my room or walk in closet just for applying makeup. I do have a wonderful bed area though. I bought one of those bed veils and the atmosphere it creates is perfect.

  2. some great tips! ive got an idea of what my future bedroom would be like. i just need a huge bedroom first haha

  3. Those are some great tips. I've actually been thinking of redoing my bedroom but need to come up with some ideas on how to go about getting it done.

  4. Elizabeth O. Reply

    When it comes to bedrooms, I appreciate modern and minimalist themes better. I want a clean looking bedroom, it's more relaxing for me!

  5. Love to have a zoning area for my room. Since I have two tweens, I really need to have my own room to organize my things, especially my shoes and bags.

  6. Great tips. I painted my room with an image of a girl with flowing hair with many fashion symbols on it.. She's an inspiration whenever I see her!

  7. My room definitely needs a makeover! It is kind of plain and functional, but maybe once the kiddos are grown I will invest in it. I can use some of these tips.

  8. I like the idea of having zones in the bedroom. It would definitely make it more organized and make it look less cluttered.

  9. Nice to be fashionista in bedroom design if you have the budget for it. However comfort should be the key element for me, not flair nor glamorous.

  10. I really agree with maximizing storage with a great bed! I would love to redecorate my own bedroom 😀

  11. I love to zone out my room so that my mind can switch to working mode when I am at the workstation area and relax when I am on my bed areas.

  12. These tips are soo perfect for me. I plan to do my room with your tips in mind, especially with the lighting and walls of style. Though I would prefer having corkboards/moodboards instead of plastering a whole wall

  13. I have our room painted in violet and I'm glad my hubby did not reject it. Anyway, that picture of a bedroom is so classy.

  14. This post is so timely … my daughter is in the process of redecorating her room for the nth time … transitioning from anime-themed to a more classic one.

  15. Talking about redecorating. I need to do that as well, but first, I need to find a new place. Moving soon. Awesome tips 🙂

  16. it's weird because I always have that ideal bedroom in my mind but when I see how untidy i am with my room, i will only tell myself "ehh nevermind i will ruin the design anyway" haha but my mom has a very neat room.. i love how she design the curtains and match it with the bed and pillow sheets

  17. Jenah Constante Reply

    Thanks for the tips This will be really helpful to me because interior design is the course I take in college❤️

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