Bridesmaids are important and honorable guests at the wedding, so when planning the feast, one should take care of bridesmaids’ dresses style.

It would be nice to ask the other guests’ advice and listen to their ideas on bridesmaids’ dress style choice, as well as to know in advance what other guests are going to wear. Bride should be undoubtedly the most attractive and elegant person at the wedding. The maids should decorate her just like flowers the whole wedding day, so one should discuss in advance all possible bridesmaids’ attires. It will look magnificent if all maids wear similar style dresses.

Long floor-length dresses. This is a perfect and the most appropriate finery for the bridesmaids. The best tones for such dresses are: blue, pink, yellow, light green, violet, silver shades, lavender and fuchsia colors. A dress should be moderately decorated with rhinestones, tinsel and flowers, but one should be very attentive here so as not to let the gloss of the bridesmaids’ dress overshadow the bride. Modest purple bridesmaid dresses are very popular in 2015.

Dresses with print. Such dresses look very unusual and will perfectly fit the atmosphere of a thematic wedding: a wedding in hipsters’ style, 1980s feast, or any youth party is impossible without some bright colors. A flower print, geometrical figures, zigzags, polka dots preferred by many ladies – there is a great variety of options for such dresses.

A cocktail dress with decorative elements is another great option for an evening dress for the wedding. It can have a midi length or reach the mid-thigh. Don’t combine the short cocktail dresses with high platform shoes as it looks inappropriate. A finery should have several decorative elements such as scattering of rhinestones as a necklace, or a cascade of bead-buttons.

Asymmetrical and lace dress models. For modern style feast dresses with one shoulder will fit well: such neckline looks great with midi length dresses as well as with foot length evening gowns. Affordable bridesmaids dresses with a lace are extremely elegant and are a perfect match for the wedding in a Fairytale, Romantic age, or Vintage styles.

Bridesmaids in similar dresses look fashionable, beautiful, stylish and solemn. But no matter what ideas you have regarding their attires, you should not put your girls in some strict conditions. You should necessarily consult them and take into consideration all their desires and preferences which will help your friends feel individual and feminine at your wedding and at the same time effectively support the idea of the entire wedding decoration.

Finally, I’m officially back. It’s been 4 months since I last posted an update on this blog and I’m missing it badly. It felt like something is missing on me. Good news that I’m back on track. 🙂 Things have somehow changed for that short span of time but for so many beautiful reasons. And that’s a long story to tell, on my next post maybe :p
Anywhoo, since I don’t have much time to go out yet for shopping or treats for myself, I am thankful that online shopping exists. I really do. It saves more time and effort. Lol! And with so many online shops all over the world, it makes it even more easier for me to buy stuffs I need. Good thing there’s too. It has thousands of products to choose at a pretty low price. All in one at Tmart. Plus, a worldwide free shipping. Yes, it is free. We all love it, don’t we?
Next to my love for shoes are shoulder bags and handbags and that’s what I exactly get from Tmart. Tmart Elegant Women Map Pattern PU Leather Zipper Closure Handbags Yellow came just in time.

If you’ve followed me on Instagram then you knew when I received this bag and the excitement to use this. It is so handy and can be used in a backpack way. It is made of PU Leather, has a zipper closure, box bag style and has a cellphone pocket inside. I immediately fell in love with this product because of its durability. Good match for mommies like me since it’s large enough for storing my stuffs and baby’s. I even used this once as a hospital bag. Hahaha! Perfect for all occasions, indeed.

The design is also fashionable enough to fit for you daily OOTDs and its map pattern is suitable for travelers out there. You can also possibly get your stuffs in just one parcel since Tmart almost has everything you need. Great job isn’t it? I couldn’t wait to get stuffs from them again. 🙂

Have you checked their site already? Or have you purchased stuffs from them already? Share your experiences below and would love to read them.


The idea of becoming self-employed today may not be so difficult to contemplate since recent advances in technology have made this a feasible option. And it certainly has been gaining a lot of converts lately. Why wouldn’t it? You can earn a regular income and you don’t have to commute to and from work every day. Some people even think that you don’t have to dress up. You can just lounge in your living room, wearing your pajamas, armed with just a cup of coffee and a laptop, and you’d be all set to work for the day.

However, in the interest of also avoiding becoming a veritable frumpy hermit, it would be good advice to somehow find a balance between becoming a reliable freelancer and having a respectable social life–one where you can go out with friends for a drink or go on a holiday once in a while. Besides, “all work and no play” might end up making you anti-social.

Kidding aside, it is indeed quite important to be able to also have time for some R&R once in while. A day at the beach perhaps? But how do you do this exactly? How do you balance work and leisure? Well, here are some nuggets of wisdom that you might find interestingly helpful in achieving that goal.

1. Have a chic list of goals.
Make a list of the things you want for yourself–that cute doll dress or those sexy pumps you spied at the mall last week, perhaps–and put it in a place where you can easily see it. Choose places where you usually work, like in your living room or if you have a study, on the wall in front of your desktop. This way, you are constantly reminded of the things you should be aiming for and you don’t lose focus.

2. Set a daily routine.
It might also be quite helpful if you designate specific hours every day for work. If you do this, your mind would be able to get used to the idea of having regular working hours and in turn, you avoid procrastinating. Set your alarm, even if you don’t need to. Greet every morning with a cup of coffee and some healthy breakfast. Don’t laze around in your bed until you feel compelled by your stomach to get up and scrounge for food. As a freelancer, this might be difficult to do at first but with determination, you would be able to discipline yourself to keep regular working hours in no time.

3. Look fabulous every day.
Contrary to popular belief, just because you’re working from home, it doesn’t mean that it’s all right to look unkempt. You have to take care of yourself, too. Usually, it helps set your mind to work if you also physically get ready for it. So, take a shower, have breakfast, and put on gorgeous clothes before sitting down in front of your laptop. Get ready for the day as if you’re working for a multinational company with a prestigious office address. This way, when you look at yourself in the mirror you can tell from your reflection that you’re ready for work. And if you get a surprise video call from a client, you don’t have to scramble to your bedroom to get yourself decently clad. You’d be ready all the time.

4. Spruce up a stylish home office.
Choose a corner of your apartment or house and set it up as your home office. You don’t have to have all the sophisticated tools right away. You can just start with the basics first, things like the appropriate furniture and the necessary equipment including a phone, a computer printer, and maybe a drawer for important files.

Aside from these, you might also want to eventually find a small office space. There are actually a lot of office space for rent in Cebu that you might consider looking at. This way, you will be ready to expand your freelance work and maybe turn it into an outsourcing business when the time comes.

Author Bio:Gina Ballesteros is a supernova writer for Regus, a global company that offers flexible workspaces, virtual offices, and IT support services for small and big businesses worldwide.

Ever got a problem creating a bun out of your very thick hair like mine? Here, I’m going to tell you what helps me making this perfect bun, so read on.. 🙂
There was a time I remember that I don’t like my hair touching my skin anywhere in my body, I know that’s weird but that’s just what I felt that time. It’s like whenever I can feel my hair even in my shoulder, it boils my temper. Hahaha! And since I have a long and thick hair, having it pony-tailed won’t even help. So I looked for something to help me, and here’s what I got…

Tadaaahhh… Xinrong Curler or Sweetheart Curler bun maker.
Steps on how this curler helps me creating a lovely bun (found at the back of the packaging):
1.)  If your hair consist different layer of length, we recommend you secure your ponytail with a rubber band otherwise ignore this step.
2.) Pull hair through the existing gap of the curler and press the intervals for further grasp.
3.) Lift both ends of the curler upwards until the end of hair.
4.) Hold both end of the curler and roll downwards spontaneously.
5.) Adjust to your appropriate tightness as desired and bend both ends into a circular shape.
6.) Gently toggle hair backward to cover the exposed curler.
7.) When the curler is finally concealed, a lovely bun is easily completed in seconds.
So that’s it, you will be able to create such perfect bun in less than a minute 🙂 You can also use the curler to to make a French twist.
How about you? How do you make your own bun? Do you have some tips to create a perfect bun? Share it on the comments below 🙂 xo

Most of us are aiming for a self transformation once in a while, I too.. I have been thinking to change something in me for quite some time now, but only yesterday that I decided on where to start. I have a thick and naturally black hair since birth and not even once that I colored it. Well, I did with some highlights last year but they weren’t even noticeable so it only ended up like I did nothing at all. Lol! I have always wanted to try having a red hair because I think it’s cool, but not even one salon here would do that for me 🙁 and it leaves me keeping a black one until yesterday. Hooray! Finally I found somewhere I know risking something in my hair would be worth it. A big smile on my face!

I actually chose to color half the length of my hair only with gold since I can’t dare to color the full length yet, but because hair is so black, it didn’t turn out as I expected. It took me a little courage to do this, because I was scared that I might not like it. I even kept telling myself good luck! Hahaha. Who wants to have an ugly hair anyway? Not me!
Still I’m happy with the result. I got one reason not to frown because it’s Monday again! 😀
Me and my cousin after the hair transformation. Ignore the dirty mirror! Hahaha!
Do you like my new hair? ^__^


As well as her belting voice and outspoken views, we love that Jessie J is never afraid to take fashion risks. From the cobweb-like knitted purple dress she wore to the Brit Award nominations to her fundraising head shave for Comic Relief, the 24-year-old singer never shies away from new or different styles. With The Voice having recently returned to our screens for a second series, the nation is enjoying the first-rate singing, but many of us can’t wait to see what outfits Jessie has in store. Until then, here are our picks of her best looks from series one.

Photo Source

Pretty in purple
Worn throughout the blind audition stages, Jessie paired form-fitting black disco pants with an oversized Vivienne Westwood shirt. The Voice’s only female judge made sure that her boldly patterned outfit still looked chic by sticking to two main colours: purple and black. Even her luscious hair extensions had lilac dip-dyed tips.

Training hard in dungarees
Denim dungarees (still a big trend for Spring/Summer 2013) along with a blue and gold t-shirt were a key part of Jessie’s uniform during the mentoring sessions before the Battle shows. Styled up with chic make-up and a sleek, slicked back ponytail, these were dungarees with a grown-up attitude.

Pop Print-cess
Cool, confident and quirky, prints and patterns popped up in many of Jessie’s ensembles. Two of our favourites were the daring black and white Aztec print catsuit she sported for the very first show, and the animal print playsuit she wore for the Battle show performances.

Sparkling for the live shows
For the first live show, the look was a bit softer and girlier. With her hair in a curly side-part, Jessie wore a cropped Blondie t-shirt with a bejewelled jacquard skirt. Adding a bit of an edge to her outfit (and five inches to her height) were a pair of White Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots, which were all over fashion blogs this time last year.

Gothic finale elegance
Going darker and sleeker for the last show, Jessie looked sexy and sophisticated in a black faux-leather dress with sheer skirt. For their finale duet, Jessie co-ordinated perfectly with protégé Vince Kidd, who was also suited and booted in leather.
Though Vince may have finished fourth overall, Jessie J was definitely our style winner for The Voice’s first series!


After the Santacruzan sa Sugbo event, we were finally able to take photos of ourselves. We weren’t able to do it earlier because we came in late, argh my bad! But anyway, the exhibit didn’t end after the event so it gave us chance to pose besides the lovely Filipiñanas/gowns from different designers in Cebu. And I mean it, they are so lovely!

This is my favorite! All are gorgeous actually, but this one really stands out. I so wanna wear this! It’s not just that I love how the designer did for the shoulder, but this Filipiñana has a long, long tail. Perfect for a red carpet! ^^
I’m not a yellow lover, but lately I’m appreciating what the color has made me feel. Bright and energetic!
What I’m wearing in this post is not that kind of branded clothings actually, I don’t know how it’s called but it’s not thrift too. There’s a lot of Korean inspired boutiques here that you can find in and out of the mall and they’re so cheap like you can buy the top at Php100 only and the skater skirt at Php200, if you’ve been here, then you know what I mean. 😀 xo!


We all have friends, don’t we? Some are considered best friends, some are just good enough. But to whatever we want to label them, the fact remains, they are our friends. They remain our friends for the rest of our lives. They never become our enemies.We might be far from each other, might haven’t seen each other for so long, might no communication at all —  but when friendship is built with trust and love, it will never allow itself to sink.

It’s not easy to become a good friend, it takes a lot of investments like loyalty and trust, etc. You need to listen and as much as possible avoid fighting each other. Misunderstandings are possible, but understand and forgive. Friendship does not require the same kind of living. It doesn’t mean that if you are rich, your friends should be rich too. It is accepting each other wholeheartedly despite the differences you have.
I am so grateful that God has given me such wonderful friendship with these people.
The best part is, we are not just friends but brothers and sisters as well! ☺
We live life with simple rules,
We maybe sometimes damn stupid,
but we do care for those who would also give a care,
We maybe so silent sometimes but deep within us,
there’s a bleeding noise banging inside,


We maybe not that expressive but we can always bear to sense silently.


Maybe we can’t give the best companionship but we can treasure all good memories,  
Maybe sometimes you don’t like our style and personality, 
but behind our imperfections,
We can still be here to lend a hand when you needed us!
Thank you for reading ☺
The photos above were taken a year ago when my friends and I decided to have a fun shoot with a photographer friend. I hope to be able to do this again this year.
How about you guys, what’s your friendship story?


Okay. So it’s been a while since my last post and I’m sorry for that but I’m not sorry that I stayed home for almost two weeks. 😀 However, Saturday bores me, this day has left me nothing to do, so I decided to go out and stroll around. But since it’s summer already and the weather may not be friendly with me, I chose to wear comfy clothes to keep me cool yet still looking hot. 😛

So SM is already ready for Easter huh! Fine! I’m trying to do the Easter Egg Hunting in advance since I have never tried this my whole life. Hahaha


Would you collect more eggs if I’m the Easter Bunny? 😉
As much as I love wearing pumps or wedges, I also love wearing flats especially if I’m just going to the mall. One of my fave flats, what’s yours?
I was trying to braid my hair all by myself and ended up with my hands drooping. It’s not that easy especially that I have a very thick and long hair. I think it took me almost an hour to finish the braids. LOL. But I think I did it well though.
I love how messy it looks. My first time, not that bad right? Hehehe.
Liz Claiborne Top, Thrift Shorts, Katrina flats, NAS bag, Thrift accessories (Old)
Who wants to be on a movie awards? Well, I do. This may not be like Oscar Awards for real, but this one definitely makes me just giggle for excitement. Oh, I couldn’t wait to join the GiG Spotlight and thanks to Liss Cope from Latinolook and Debora Faria from The closet Lullaby for hosting this event.

So here’s my entry:
Ever since I was a child, it is already my dream to become a queen when I grow up. Who doesn’t want to be one anyway. That dream halfway came true when some cool people invited me for a body painting photoshoot with the theme “Egyptian Queen”.  Yes, you read it right.
Meet CLEOPATRA, the most enchanting woman who has ever lived. More than 200 films, hundreds of thousand of book copies, television series and a lot more. Why do you think her name still lives even today? Is it because her life story is about love and sex? Is it because she is a Woman of Power? Well, it is never too late to watch the movie.


Here are some photos I would like to share with you on that day I became like Cleopatra.
This is not just because I was given the chance to portray her in photos but because I honestly admire her the most.


So there, I hope you all like the photos above. Thanks again to GiG for this event.


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