Direct Postcard Campaigns – 5 Reasons Why They Are Still Relevant Today

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It’s often hard to imagine something as primitive as sending marketing letters via mail still continues to be effective. In fact, everyone from local retails stores to large multinational brands utilizes this time-tested marketing strategy to get more eyes on their products and offers. Even new age marketing gurus complement their online marketing efforts with a solid direct mail campaign. This begs the simple question, why are direct postcard campaigns still relevant? Following are 5 reasons why.Postcard

People Still Check Their Letterboxes: You have heard people saying, “Emails are going to make direct mails obsolete one day.” The thing is people have been saying that ever since Email services first came into being. Decades have passed, and we are still using letters and letterboxes. As long as people continue to check their mailboxes, there is no reason for direct postcard campaigns to lose their effectiveness.

They Create an Equal Playing Field: When a recipient receives a marketing postcard, it really doesn’t matter who is it from. As long as the offer is good, and the design is attractive, it can create a positive impact. In this age where marketing space is increasingly becoming more and more expensive, big-box retailers and large multinationals dominate the billboards, online banners, and TV spots. Postcard campaigns manage to create an equal playing field. It gives local businesses a chance to compete with chain stores without having to spend thousands of dollars on

Cheaper Than Other Marketing Strategies: The cost of a postcard marketing campaign is far less than any other marketing strategy. The major expenses being buying die cut plastic postcards and postal charges. Barring these, businesses might need to spend some money buying mailing lists from non-competing local businesses. The overall cost is so low, that even small local businesses routinely use postcard marketing strategy to great effect.

Postcard Campaigns Can Be Personalised: Unlike mass Emails and generic banner ads, postcards can be personalised for each and every recipient. Businesses do this all the time. They often attach personalised messages for all customers to get better conversion. A simple friendly message like “Hey Dave, thanks for your business last Sunday, here’s something you might be interested in” can really encourage customers to make a positive move.

People Growing Tired of Spam Emails: When was the last time you visited the spam section of your Email? Never, right? Thanks to the growing number of spam marketing mails, even great Email campaigns fail to get the proper mileage. Tired of intrusive pop-ups and an endless barrage of Emails, people have started to appreciate direct mail campaigns.

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