Down South: Dau Falls

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It’s pretty common to most of us to go to the beach during holidays, special occasions, or even just weekends. We have so many beaches here in the Philippines, and most of them are very accessible to anyone. If not beaches, we opt for swimming pools, kids love that, don’t they? But have you tried going to somewhere different? Somewhere with a touch of adventures for you and your company? Waterfalls, perhaps?12705616_440935716098873_7731954663341695221_n

I’m a beach person, I won’t deny that. But I won’t say ‘no’ to something that excites my adrenaline. I was born and raised from down south of Cebu, a so-called “waterfalls capital of the province”, Samboan. Approximately 140km from the city, that’s about 4 hours to travel. Yes, we have more than 10 waterfalls here. That’s how blessed we are with water. But no, the water we are using at home isn’t free. And mostly even short during summer. To name few of the waterfalls in our town are Binalayan Falls popularly known as Hidden Falls, Aguinid Falls, Candayvic Falls, and Dau Falls.14359056_10206887821143823_5376797574976535611_nTo where I actually grew up is where Dau Falls located. The highest among the waterfalls we have here and the coldest too. Barangay Suba is just a few minutes away from the proper town. Going to the falls itself involves 30 to 40 minutes trekking and a little more adventure along the way. The last time I actually went here before it was commercialized was early 2012. No wooden trails. No hanging bridge. No guides. And mind you, it was even more adventurous although the tiring journey to Dau Falls.Β 14555922_1299910490040284_1544405218_n

This is not actually for the faint hearted as the journey is not really that easy. I bet you want to do some stretching first. Hahaha! Β I don’t mean to discourage you but some say ‘scary’, ‘hard’, etc. I suggest to not go there when it rains, the trekking part will be harder.12743767_1223635810999526_1019320322890783923_nI honestly had the worst muscle pain going there for the first time. It was all worth it, though. It was really worth it. The jaw-dropping Dau Falls is really a paradise. A piece of heaven on earth, indeed.12573178_433858273473284_7183008193899683753_n

Have you been here? How’s the experience?


  1. My husband want us to go to Cebu this Christmas pero I decided not to muna. Anyhow, takot din kasi ako sa heights, I’m afraid I can’t enjoy places na matataas talaga. Cebu is truly blessed with 10 waterfalls β™₯

  2. The only falls that I’ve visited in Cebu is Kawasan Falls, nice to know that there are so many waterfalls there. Falls are perfect for summer weather but I don’t think I can visit this, tamad ko sa trekking. πŸ™‚

  3. It has been ages since I have been to Cebu. Posts like this makes me want to come back soon.

  4. Ive been to Cebu twice but never visited any waterfalls! I wanna visit again soon coz our relatives are from there.. would love to see some of their waterfalls..

  5. Ahhh. Being a Singaporean, I have heard much about Cebu but Never visited!! Another reason to go one day soon…

  6. Wow, Dau falls has long been resting in my bucket list. I simply can’t find a good time to visit this place. You receive an awesome travel experience and this might be a great experience for you. Keep travelling!

  7. I never associated Cebu with sights like this. Very nice to see waterfalls, but the trek might be too difficult. I love to hike, so if there is a good opportunity to do so, I will not back down.

  8. The falls is indeed beautiful. I could just imagine the tough journey when it wasn’t developed yet but the journey is really worth it.

  9. Yikes! I’ve only trekked once and up Mt Maculot in Cuenca, It was a tough trail but I kinda liked the challenge. so, I think if I happen to be in Cebu, I’ll try to visit one of those waterfalls, but I have to inquire first which one is easier to go to. Coz when we went mountain climbing we didn’t ask first and a group of seasoned climbers was shocked it was our first time because they said it’s one of the most dangerous mountain to climb. I had to make sure this time when I visit Cebu’s waterfalls.

  10. What an amazing place. I have not visited such amazing place before. With your pictures captured I can feel it. Thanks for sharing

  11. I love beaches too! But yeah! this is one great place to go too! Actually, I am a nature person, so whether beach, mountains or whatever, if it’s nature, it’s beautiful!

  12. Whoa!!! This is just spectacular. I’m sure the muscle pain is worth it when you experience such a virgin forest with your own eyes.

  13. It looks terrifying and beautiful at the same time! My family and I aren’t adventure-seekers so I live through pictures like this hehe. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Have been to Cebu thrice already, that province/city is rich with many different destinations. Sad to say we haven’t been there yet to visit the falls. I guess that gives us a reason to go back. πŸ™‚

  15. Oh, long time I have not visited any falls. Still remember those giant waterfalls in some states of India. Beautiful photos!

  16. I think anything that involves trekking is really a test of muscle endurance. Lol! But basing on the photos you shared on this post, I think it was really worth it! Never been there, though. But I bet it’s much more beautiful in person. It makes you appreciate God’s creations and how gifted our country is!

  17. Your pictures look great! Being a Mindanaoan, I’ve been to numerous waterfalls na din but while I find them beautiful, I find them a bit scary! (Probably because I don’t know how to swim lol)

  18. I too love the beach but equally waterfalls are amazing. We have some beautiful ones in the Lake District here in England. The Dua Falls looks stunning though, I would love to see that one day. That bridge looks kind of rickety though, I would be a bit nervous on there.

  19. I’m a beach person too but I also want to experience swimming in a waterfall. They’re just simply beautiful!

  20. I have relatives in Cebu but I’ve never been there. You can say that I’m not that athletic or adventurous as well as I’ve never tried trekking too. However, I’m planning to do it for the first time next month when we go to Batad. Hopefully if I survive that, I can do it in Cebu as well πŸ™‚

  21. I haven’t been here but I experienced visiting a lot of similar places. It’s probably a grueling activity but it’s all worth it.

  22. Oh so nice! I think I enjoy going to waterfalls and “batis” more than I enjoy the beach! Freshwater for the win!

  23. I wish I have the courage to visit this place. I’m not the adventurous type and a bit scared with trails.

  24. What beauties! Last time, i’ve seen waterfalls was 4 years ago in Laguna. These are truly worth a visit. I’m not really a swimmer kaya medyo scared ako sa ganito. Hahaha.

  25. Just reading your post makes me want to go and visit! I wonder if I can handle the trek haha! But, as you’ve said, it’ll all be worth it when you get there. I’ll have to put this in my bucket list. πŸ™‚

  26. I grew up in Cebu but never really explored it. Now that people here in Manila go gaga over Cebu falls and beaches, I wonder what could have had I never visit if ever I grew up there until I was in my twenties. I probably went to all of the beaches there. Unfortunately, I was only there until I was 11 years old. I will surely visit Cebu soon.

  27. Been to Cebu a lot of times but never been ti Dao falls. It is something beautiful. The place speaks of serenity and calmness. A place i see myself enjoying. Would want to go there should i be in Cebu again.

  28. I’ve been to one of Cebu’s waterfalls, I just can’t remember the name. I think it is the one nearest to Dalaguete if my Google map is working properly. I’d love to trek there with my daughter soon. She is adventurous like me. πŸ™‚

  29. I’m glad it was worth it to you. It does look oh so very lovely.

  30. I’ve never been here but it’s gorgeous. What caught my attention are the two photos: the first and the last photo. It is like an artwork by mother nature and I can see myself just being there and not doing anything…

  31. Its worth the long walks and hikes if you are exploring nature. I’ve been to Cebu but didn’t get to see this falls.

  32. Wow! I love the photos! Looks like going there to see the falls were a challenge but worth it!

  33. That’s a nice place to visit! Too bad I can’t swim so hangang tanaw na lang ako pag walang salbabida. I can’t jump in that too. Hahah!

  34. Ganda ng place! And it’s my goal to have us see some waterfalls soon, kasi I myself have never seen one in actual. Ang hirap din ng tumanda sa city.

  35. Elizabeth O Reply

    Wow, gorgeous photos! I like this place, it really looks amazing and calming. I love the ambiance!

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