Go for GREEN

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Okey! I’m not really a hundred percent environmentalist but I just thought of sharing this one to you.
One of the many colors to love is green. But what does it means to you? It is actually not my favorite color, however I love it in so many ways. From the color of the year (Emerald) to the different aspects of the environment. Wouldn’t it be great if the planet earth is greener and cleaner? It is undeniable that green nature is very appealing to the eye and it feels even safer. Unfortunately, there are humans who are abusing the beauty of nature, humans who destroy what God has created for all of us.

Isn’t it lovely if our nature is as green as this? It is not good to take down what is being given to us for our own desires. Yes, I believe that there’s money in nature. But why destroy? What would be left if we’ll destroy all?
It is actually amazing to be able to see views of nature like this at this time. Clean and greener! I just hope that all of us will protect our environment and stop being abusive! Let’s all take care of what God created for us.
I want to share this too! This might be out of topic, but I don’t care anyway. LOL!
To those who haven’t been to Bohol, here’s one reason to visit there; Tarsier!
Ok! I find this cute, really! This little guy is looking at me and smiling. Lovely!
I can’t tell if the one on the photo below was angry or just sleepy? hahaha!
Took the photos above during my first day in Bohol with my family. It was ended a great day seeing those beautiful nature that is really being taken care of.
How about you? What’s your take in preserving nature?



  1. Hubby and I are nature lover, we live in a country and all we can hear are birds and other animal noises.They are music to our ears and all we can see are trees and flowers.

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