Goddess In Disguise x Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2017

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Recap! I changed my blog name and its domain last year to ‘The Cheryl F‘ despite the fact that ‘Goddess In Disguise’ was doing well in any terms. Although I wasn’t using the latter officially, I didn’t give up its ownership. I only redirected everything I had to the new one. The Cheryl F is obviously a more personal name. Goddess In Disguise, on the other hand, was originally created because of my love for style and beauty. But as I mentioned in my 2016 highlights post, it’s a love at first choice. And it will always be that way!

Funny Fact! I do not know if you guys really read my blog. Maybe you just click on the link and leave. Lol! I don’t even know if my friends or any of my family know I’m blogging. Although I’m pretty sure most of them are following my facebook page and other social media accounts, I just don’t know if they know what they are all about. Hahaha. I admit I don’t have better English skills than any bloggers out there. Sometimes, writing a post makes me lost for words. And more often than not, I feel like my writing is nonsense. Hahaha. Thanks to Google and Grammarly, though! If you’re using the two, then you know what I mean.

Goddess In Disguise, even before the year 2016, albeit not famous has been on a good track. And it is really a surprise that in less than two months after I decided to finally settle with the name and stick to it, a new recognition came. Being nominated is in no way part of my expectations. Especially here in Cebu. How much more being one of the finalists? Yes, unbelievable! We are one of the finalists of the Best Cebu Blogs Awards under Personal category. We, because I couldn’t make it this far without you.

I am a little puzzled to who nominated me because I haven’t met a blogger in person, or maybe I did unknowingly. Actually, I am still in awe until now. I will be forever grateful to those who keep on supporting my blog. And to those who nominated me, I owe you this recognition. Thank you also to the team behind BCBA, may you continue acknowledging bloggers in Cebu even after the next 10 to 20 years.

The awarding of the Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2017 will take place on December 3 at Parklane International Hotel. I may not be able to attend the event (time will tell) but I hope to see you all there.

Goodluck and Congratulations to my fellow finalists.

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