How I Deal with Stress

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There are so many ways to cope with stress, either with the help of others or just by yourself. I can’t name them all here so let me write down just four ways I always do whenever stress is becoming inescapable.

1. Talk to yourself. Talking to yourself helps you deal the situation you are in. Whether it’s talking to yourself out loud, or just talking to yourself in your head. “I can do this” or “Everything will get better” and lots of positive talks will help yourself cool off. Some positive vibes will help yourself calm down too.

2. Smile. Because smile is contagious. It can make you happy (even when you’re not) and make others happy as well. Sometimes, it can lead to laughter. And not only that it makes us more attractive, it has health benefits too. So put a good smile on your face everyday, alright?

3. Stay with people that matters most to you. This means with the people you love. I am sure they’re the ones that matters to you, right? Staying with these people will make you feel secured. Just by knowing you are not alone is already enough for everything to be better.

4. Treat yourself. Buying yourself something is pleasing yourself and will help you boost your mood. One piece of something you’ve been wanting to have will somehow make yourself feel fine. Perhaps a pair of sandals would do. A walk in the beach will also do, a relaxing environment will help your body stay at ease too.

How about you? How do you deal with stress? Share your ways below. xoxo

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