How often do you spoil yourself?

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How often do you spoil yourself? Once a week/month/year? Twice? Or everyday?
We need to set aside sometimes to pamper ourselves, especially when we are so much stressed from work or from the daily happenings in our lives, just to feel better. Perhaps, you can go shopping for yourself, dinner at a restaurant, or just do an at-home foot spa. Well, at least you’re treating your feet once in a while without spending few hundreds outside your home. You may not feel the pleasure of it, but your feet is thanking you!
And oh, you may not ask, I’m so in love with anything I can do at home. Like what almost people do outside when we actually can do it just at-home. Exactly what I’m doing whenever I want to feel more relaxed without going out.
Here’s what to do for an at-home foot spa:
— Prepare all what you need like foot soak, scrub and lotion.

— Don’t worry if you don’t have Homedics Foot Massager like the one below, you can just use a bowl or basin actually. Put warm water in it, enough to cover both feet. Pour foot soak or any scented bubble bath.

— Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes, then scrub with a pumice stone.

— Massage feet with foot scrub, make sure to put extra effort on rough skin to help exfoliate and then rinse well.

— Massage feet with foot lotion to replace skin natural oils. And you’re done!

— You can also spray foot blush to add a pinkish glow on your feet.



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