Lace Dresses: Yes or No?

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Anything lace always has a trend factor and it always has a fashion hit even through the past decades. Not only for weddings and evening gowns but even casuals and cocktails. And mind you, lace dresses can fit in any occasions. It can be flirty yet formal, simple yet sexy. But of course, the kind of wear with lace will always depend on your choice.

Since I’ve been wanting to have one, I’ve done a quick research to where I should buy. I found one that will surely make every girl radiant and on the go. The Blue Chiffon Lace Short Sleeves Short Dress! This modest but playful collar dress looks sweet for every girl out there! It has light pleats on the skirt with curved edges for a sophisticated look. The inner fabric is beige in color to balance the sheerness of the chiffon material on the outside.
This dress brings back the 1960’s fashion craze. It makes you look more slender and taller due to its short length. Pair this dress with doll shoes for a great look! Now you’re ready to go on your casual event. So, is it a yes or a no?
And not only that, this dress is also a good steal. Dress.Ph is offering this at Php924 only from the original price of Php4,740. You’ll be able to save as much as Php3,816. This also comes in different sizes so no need to worry if you’re chubby or slim. There are also lots of choices to choose from, you may want to check them now before they’re gone. xo.


  1. This wedding dress reminds me of that dress in Lars Von Trier's most beautiful movie about depression, Melancholia. It won in Cannes, and you should definitely watch because your blog is something I'd like to feature in my Bisaya Short Films!

  2. I love lace dresses, I have a few LBD that has this feature. hehe. I think it's very lovely and accentuates femininity beautiful. You're right, you can definitely wear it to any occasion and look good whatever you do!

  3. Definitely yes!! Lace dresses are feminine and chic at the same time, moreover it can be worn on different occasion by pairing it with different accessories.

  4. Oh yes ofcourse ! I love anything lace but it's always so hard to find a good quality lace dress. Thanks for the recommendation .

  5. I say "YES" to the lace dress! I can't wait until I give birth and start to lose my extra pounds and be able to wear a pretty dress like this.

  6. I'm not a massive fan of lace but these are super cute. I've seen a few lace dresses that I like but it's a bit hit and miss I think.

  7. The fashion sense reminds me of this Korean Blockbuster Film that every CBC Member should watch: Ms. Granny. Have you seen it? When the Granny turned into a lady, she had the flair and sense of lace preference like the one above.

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