Life as a Blogger: An almost a decade journey!

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I started blogging late of 2010. It was a compilation of the poems I wrote since college. I had it with the free platform first but decided to delete it after a year for some personal reasons. I, then, created another blog mid of 2012 and thought of it to focus solely on fashion and beauty. It ran smoothly and I had so much fun with it. But life as a blogger wasn’t all merry as others would think. Creating and publishing a post is not as easy as just clicking your computer’s keyboard. Some spent days writing a draft and thinking of what to write. Others experienced writer’s block once in a while. But at the end of the day, it will all be worth it.

Life as a Blogger - Che Goes On

Some people would think that blogging and being a blogger gives us money. While it’s true for some, others are not earning anything at all. I started as unknown blogger who barely gets someone to read my blog. With the help of some local bloggers, I learned so many things like the must-do for your site, the codes, etc. For the first two years, I get to know people online who shares the same passion as I do. Although, I never get to see them personally until now, I’m still very thankful to know them. Of course, I am hoping to meet them one day.

To tell the truth, when I told my friends and family about having a blog, the first question they asked was ‘What do you get from it?’. And to answer that honestly, it will still be the same – ‘it gives me relief’. Relief in a point that I get to express myself regardless if my readers will get my point or will understand what I’m writing. I don’t blog mainly for money. Or get famous. I don’t blog so others will appreciate me. Of course, those are a bonus. Lucky those who get to have those things and at the same get to express themselves.

When my blog turned two, that was also the time that I became a mother. As much as I would like my blog to be consistent with fashion and beauty, time and situation did not permit. I was and I am a full time mother with a little to no help at all. Everything that has to be done with an infant was done by me. Up until now. So creating blog posts with the niche I chose first became a bit hard. I shifted my blog to personal and lifestyle which I believe covers almost anything. Lol! I thought at first that it was easy. Managing my time as a mother and wanting to still actively blog is never easy.

It will never be easy but at least now, I get to find the right way to manage everything. Not only that I am a mother to a very active kid, I also manage a small online business and of course, blogging will always be part of it.

Che Goes On

Growing a blog from scratch really requires hard work. And life as blogger requires a lot of patience because not all the time people will appreciate you. I remember one time when I became a finalist for a local blog awards and I read from a blogger posting negative thoughts about me and my blog. We were not on the same niche and it’s sad to be criticized that way by a fellow blogger. Can’t we just support each other instead? But yeah, like I said, it’s not always merry. How you handle every situation really matters. Being criticized and compared to others should never bring a good blogger down.

People call almost everyone who does the same thing as me as ‘influencer’. I’m not sure thought that I’d like to be called as one. I’m just a small time blogger who blogs about my passion big time.

And as of this writing, I already have over a thousand of prospect readers and I have an amazing group of followers. That alone already makes me the happiest blogger. I don’t mind paying for an annual bill for my blog to stay up and active. Those people alone who believe in me are already more than enough to make me work harder. But of course, getting collaborations and work offers make blogging even more exciting. What matters most is that I love blogging. I love being here. I love writing here. And I love the life as blogger.


  1. You are amazing,, please continue to inspired us. Congratulations po

      • Anarose Lucero Reply

        It will never be easy it’s true,but with all your hard work and passion with your niche, everything will be possible.The most important factor is that you love doing it,just be true to yourself always and we as your followers will love you even more for that..keep going Ms. Che
        this blog truely inspire me.

  2. Hazel Mary Ruiz Reply

    Nakakainspire naman po tong kwento niyo Mommy Che. Thank you for sharing your stories about how you started blogging up until now na may family na po kayo and you still keep on inspiring all of us.

  3. Jennylyn Prado Reply

    Super love your talent po and very very inspiring, I really love the part you meet some friends online that until now you haven’t seen yet you feel comfy to express your thoughts and feeling about you passion po. Keep it up. Congratulations po.. ♥️

  4. Very inspiring Momsh ang Ganda NG kwento and congratulations Momsh

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