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Traditional Fluvial Procession Viewing at the Boardwalk

Mandani Bay joined the wider Cebu community, both local and global honoring the Holy Child Señor Sto. Niño with its Fiesta Señor/Sinulog 2024 events, fulfilling its passions and sharing them with a global neighborhood.

The Sinulog season began with Balikbayan Night last Monday, January 15, 2024. The Balikbayan Night offered returning and visiting overseas Filipinos the warm welcome of Mandani Bay, a cultural treat fitting the contemporary heroes that they are – cultural dances, Sinulog street dancing, and a feast of delectable native cuisine.

Fluvial Procession Viewing

On Saturday, January 20, 2024, the Mandani Bay Boardwalk received thousands of Cebuanos and visitors for the annual viewing of the Sto. Niño Fluvial Procession. The Fluvial Procession Viewing started in 2016, is now a Sinulog tradition.

The Boardwalk has an unobstructed view of the Mactan Channel as part of the masterplan. It will soon have a theater, the Marina, and promising retail and dining.

Thousands attended the Fluvial Procession Viewing, enjoying the sunrise revelry that preceded the surreal moment when the head galleon bearing the miraculous Sto. Niño image faced the Boardwalk en route to its Cebu City landing. The event was a grand celebration of song and dance, both a showcase of Cebuano culture and a spiritual offering to the Holy Child. Local cuisine was also on display as on-site concessionaires offered a vast array of meals and delicacies.

Everyone was welcome at the Fluvial Procession Viewing.

With its participation in Fiesta Señor/Sinulog 2024, Mandani Bay strengthened its bond with the wider Cebuano community and actualized its passions for culture, creativity, water, and adventure.

Mandani Bay is Cebu’s most promising development. With a 500-meter water frontage facing the Mactan Channel, this world-class 20-hectare development has a stunning view of the coast and encompassing cityscape. The development celebrated a significant milestone on Monday, January 15, 2024, with the simultaneous topping-off of the four towers of Mandani Bay Quay. Its retail strip and the Boardwalk are set to launch soon.

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