Online Shopping and Motherhood

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I believe the title makes it pretty obvious to what this post is all about. Pardon me for I am not good at teasing you. But I will try next time. Hihihi. Let me start with telling you that since I became a mother, shopping (physically) has turned dreamy. Not that i can’t find time but because the fact that I’m breastfeeding my son (up to now) I have to bring him wherever I go. Of course, that’s fine because I always need to be with him too. But going out for shopping is such a hassle. Hassle because my son doesn’t want to ride in a stroller the entire time and carrying him while looking for something is a pain in my back and because I have to carry his stuffs too. Fitting is also impossible, not unless I have someone with me to look after my son while at the fitting room.

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This is why online shopping is sometimes a good choice. A saver to some because almost everything can be bought online. Me, on the other hand, started with ‘Should I buy this? Should I go for that? This is the new trend, I want to have one. Etc. Etc. Etc.’- that thoughts almost all the time. Why? Because I’m usually settled with wearing a basic tee for everyday wear. And getting one online that really fits my taste is so hard since I have to consider the materials, the fitting, the price, the comfort, and the ‘yes’ answer to the question ‘Will I look good with this?’. Good thing I found a large selection of basic tees at Zalora. Comfort is still the key though. I prefer wearing a comfortable one especially now that carrying a toddler might mess up the entire outfit. And because when I’m comfortable, so is my child.


  1. I can totally relate! Even now that my kids are a little older (the 4yo still likes to be carried though!) shopping at the malls can be quite a circus! LOL Love shopping online too! 🙂

  2. I agree with Nicol.. Online shopping is so convinient for everyone.. Personally, I have no child, husband etc, but my job is really demanding.. Gone are the days when my girls and I would meet at the mall we just send each other links and thats pretty much how we shop.. Most stores are closed by 6pm here and I get off work at 5 le sigh


  3. You look great! I love online shopping, I'd rather sit in the comfort of my house than walk around the streets looking for stuff. I also do click and collect on my food shop so I don't have to walk up and down isles looks for items I can't find

  4. Elizabeth O. Reply

    I never saw myself shopping online before. There were to many worries, stolen identities, lost packages,etc. But then I gave it a try and since then, I would normally shop online if I don't have time to go to the mall.

  5. I have 3 kids and another one is on the way. Been online shopping for 2 years now and have been satisfied with all of my transactions, I got them cheaper too with less hassle haha.

  6. Bringing kids to shopping mall is actually a burden for mother unless there is someone who takes care of them. But if the mother is alone taking care of her kid is, of course, a pain or a burden. Going shopping then with a kid could be avoided by doing it as what you have written it here online shopping.

  7. I am not really a fan of online shopping, especially when it comes to clothes and electronics. I want to fit the clothes and see how it fits on my body before I buy it. I want to feel how a gadget feels on my hand and how it works before buying it.

  8. I love how shopping online is super duper convenient and that its just delivered straight to your door! I love shopping in Zalora as well! 😀

  9. I can totally feel you, my dear. I was very blessed to be able to shop a little when my girl was between 1.5yr – 3yrs. Going into fitting rooms can be a hassle but we make do. I think basic tees are ok to shop online. But other fitted clothes, I rather go and try it out myself. Sometimes I end up with a pair of shoes too tight when I buy them online, haha!

  10. I think online shopping can really save you a lot of time. You can really use those time for the family.

  11. nowadays, online shopping is a fad and necessity for mothers, that's why it helped a lot! But it has its own advantages and disadvantages of course!

  12. I'm not a really big shopping fan so, when I became a mother it wasn't a huge difference. I do shop online as well, but I also go to various shops when I need to 🙂 Enjoy motherhood!

  13. Totally relate to you dear as with my two kids going on shopping is fun but only their shopping as rest everything is too time consuming so i have switched to online shopping these days.

  14. I prefer online shopping also, save time, money and stress. Now days the shopping mall is so jam and finding a car park is a challenge. I will usually shop online at the website that is reliable and have good quality products.

  15. The only way I shop nowadays. I'm so happy when they started online stores in the country 3+ years ago.

  16. Yes, online shopping is indeed super convenient, just not a fan of the disappointment after receiving the goods and it ain't what I wanted. I will be disappointed and regret my decision.

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