Review: Palmolive Naturals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner

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Combining Keratin and 100% Natural Ginseng Extracts with Palmolive’s latest hair care science, Palmolive Naturals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner nourish hair for up to 13x less hair fall. Hair remains to have the right fullness so you can style it in any way you want.
*Keratin penetrates the hair cuticle to bond brittle and broken hair strands. Ginseng stimulates the scalp and strengthens the surface layer of the hair, making it stronger. 

Palmolive, in general, is expected to have the sweetest fragrance when it comes to its shampoo and conditioner. Its latest variant never fails to surprise me. And it is by far my favorite. The scent lasted the whole day, even a day after. Although the conditioner is very light, both the shampoo and conditioner when used together makes a perfect combo. Great for everyday use.

Too early to say, but my hair is becoming a Palmolive baby. I don’t usually get much time to comb my hair. More often than not, I’ll leave them as is after taking a bath, or just finger combing them. Sometimes, I immediately tie them even when they’re wet. With that, expect my hair to be dry and frizzy. This makes a good timing for Palmolive Anti-Hair Fall. After two weeks of using both the shampoo and conditioner, I noticed less hair fall. My hair is smooth and shiny even after a busy day. I didn’t notice any difference with the strands though, but it feels like my hair is stronger now. They don’t break easily when combed plus it feels so light. I also love how inexpensive they are, 180ml for less than a hundred is such a good deal.

Downside? There’s none actually.

Have you tried this Palmolive’s latest variant? Let me know how’s your experience so far. Share them in the comment below. xo.


  1. I read from Jessica Zafra's Blog that shampoos harm the environment because the rinsed shampoo go down the sewers. Do you have any info whether Palmolive has covered issues like this?

  2. haven't tried anything for hair from palmolive. i think i've tried one of their body shower foam before and it smells heavenly! does this smell nice too?

  3. Palmolive is a very well known brand over my country. I love their original smells i had only tried their body soap/ shampoo.

  4. Wow this is news to me. Anti-hair fall is something that I need, for sure. My hair has been in dire condition after 3 months of giving birth and they just keep falling 🙁 I always try to air dry my hair and pony tail them often hehe.

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