Say Goodbye to Your Old Habits of Cleaning Your Face

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Managing skin is a tough job, indeed. And having a bad facial skin sometimes equals to frustration. Using makeup products to cover bad skin may not be enough. I am not a makeup person, so using a concealer is always not a good idea. It might just worsen the situation of the skin. So why not say hello to a product that will definitely do wonders for our skin?j-1

Few weeks ago, I checked SampleRoom and saw a product that looks nothing unusual that I even kept on ignoring it until I finally decided to check its details. A skin purifier? Really? That’s new!

Maxi Peel Fresh and Natural Skin Purifier. A first of its kind in the skin care market that purifies the skin from external and internal contaminants delivering purified, healthy and fresh-looking skin.

How does Fresh and Natural Skin Purifier do wonders for your skin?
It has MicroPurifiers, a unique blend of safe and potent ingredients that effectively moves beyond the skin’s surface, down through the skin layers to purify skin from unwanted contaminants.


* Clears skin from blemishes
* Effectively loosens the build-up of skin contaminants
* Keeps facial pores unclogged and tight
* Visibly evens out and brightens skin complexion
* Fortifies cells from free radicals encouraging growth of fresh-looking skin
* Suppresses melanin production that causes darkening

How to use:
1. Start with a freshly washed face.
2. Moisten a cotton ball with a few drops of Fresh and Natural Skin Purifier.
3. Smooth gently all over the face twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime.
4. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and moisturizer.

My take:
I actually have waited five days before writing this, although it says the result will be visible in a week but five days may be enough. I am using this product as directed – Β in the morning and before bedtime. Yes, it lessens dark spots on my face and tightens the skin. Unclogged pores? Maybe! This is with alcohol content but did not dry my skin. Of course, I always make sure to apply moisturizer. I have a sensitive skin and I’m glad I have no allergic reactions while using this product. I tried Maxi Peel’s astringent before but because it visibly peels off the skin, I stopped. Good thing this Skin Purifier does not. As much as I love how beneficial this is for me, the strong smell is really a big NO. The first used made me think that this is even stronger than the astringent. The smell last for about an hour which kinda irritating. Hoping to get used to its smell though as I want to include this in my daily skincare routine. Β 4.5/5

Have you tried this Skin Purifier?


  1. My sister has a problem with facial cleansers… her face will turn red and it gets very itchy too… I think she really has a sensitive skin that's why she refrain using facial cleansers immediately unless consulting a skin care specialist.. maybe I'll show this to her and maybe this one works better for her _^
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Dry skin may be the reason why it's itchy. I experienced that too. She may need to hydrate her skin. Moisturizer will help.

  3. My bad habit is not cleaning my face before bed time! I never really tried any maxipeel products before because I think its just too strong for me.

  4. My skin was dry, maybe bcoz of the weather these days or maybe becoz of a new product that i am using.. this sounds interesting.. I'l check this at sample room.. πŸ™‚

  5. Too bad for me I have ultra sensitive skin and my dermatologist forbids me to use over the counter skincare products especially toners. But I'm matigas ang ulo most of the time. I'm really curious with this skin purifier.

  6. Glad that you mentioned the smell as I myself have issues with products that have strong smell especially if the product needs to be applied on the face. Glad that Maxi Peel produced a more skin friendly (in terms of peeling) product.

  7. Sometimes it's hard to switch from one branf to another. But this one's a purifier and something different. I think i need to check this out. πŸ™‚

  8. Didn't know that maxipeel has a new product on the market.. I must be living under a rock lately hahaha! gonna put this one in my to buy list at the grocery store later. πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Cheryl. πŸ™‚

    I don't really splurge on beauty products, just the basic facial cream, astringent, and that's it. But I sure wouldn't mind giving Maxi Peel's Skin Purifier a try. I'm a little scared about the smell though hahaha…

  10. If not because of my recently bad break out that I became a lot careful in choosing whatever I put on my face, I would really love to try this! The "it lessen the dark spots" made me think if I should give it a try because that's my major problem now with my face, dark spots. Maybe I'll do try next time when I'm confident enough to try other products. πŸ™‚

  11. I have yet to really fall into a good skincare routine, but I know it's time to start. This looks like a nice product to try out. πŸ™‚

  12. ooh, maybe I'll try this product someday. Been using Belo for a while now. Time for a change. haha – Ariane Peralta

  13. This looks good enough to try.. I have a problem.with blemishes too.. Sana available pa sa sampleroom πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing!

  14. I always thought soap and water are enough to cleanse our faces. Hindi pala. Looks like a good product to try πŸ™‚

  15. Maxi Peel's formulation has always been too strong for my skin. Good thing this product seems to be milder! (I won't be able to handle the smell though.)

  16. I think a skin purifier would not only make the skin cleaner. It would add more moisture to the skin.

  17. I think this product is quite good and I would like to give it a try. Afterall, skin needs some pampering after hard day's work.

  18. this sounds great but its such a shame it has alcohol in it πŸ™ my blemished skin doesn't agree with it

  19. Sounds interesting! May be I'll try it out too… CTM is one time taking process everyday that I end up using just makeup remover wipes to cleanse my face and apply moisturizer.

  20. Elizabeth O. Reply

    That's really interesting. I normally just use facial cleanser on my face, so this is something that I'm willing to try.

  21. I'm more comfortable using organic products but you hot me to get curious about this one.. I used to not touch my face at all with any products, but as you age pala you will be needing help na talaga in maintaining your skin.. i am actually in search for the most hiyang brands for my skin type.. wl take note if this

  22. Its my first time knowing this product, its quite innovative too. I wish to try it myself to know the results. Thanks for sharing.

  23. You got my attention with that first benefit of removing blemishes! I saw a blemish on my face just this week and I have been looking for how to possibly remove it safely. Thanks.

  24. Skin purifier? That's something new to me and must admit this product sounds rather useful especially for those who are frequently exposed outdoors to all the dirt and exhaust fumes in the air.

  25. Health is wealth, i always believe in using spirit and wool thinking it the best but i will try this to see it reaction

  26. I don't know about this brand and because of my sensitive skin, I usually avoid using brands without recommendation… this might be something I will check with more friends before using!

  27. Great review! I think it is not as new. I have seen some face cleaners here. But I do not follow cosmetics trends, so I may have been mistaken.

  28. I'm like you, while this sounds like a great product, I don't like products that have strong scents or ones where the scent last too long. I will pass on this. Thanks for the review. πŸ˜€

  29. Skin purifier that's something new!! They always come up with new things and get me wonder what is it. Would like to try it to see what's the difference!!

  30. I'm very picky with the stuff that I put on my face and stuck with the same product that has worked for me for decade (Clinique). However, I had hormonal imbalance last year so I finally gave a brandless, almost name less Asian product that my aunt has been suggesting. It works wonders!

  31. I haven't tried Skin Purifier. I actually feel like I have to up my skin care routine game because I'm not getting any younger!

  32. This looks interesting. I've never used such a product – a natural skin purifier – but it looks like a must try given the benefits. It's always great to learn about new, useful products πŸ™‚

  33. Good thing that sample room provides freebies so you can try it first before buying. So the smell is not nice.

  34. I’ve never tried a skin purifier because I am trying to go back to using natural and organic products as much as possible – you know the salt or sugar and essential oils kind. For now, I still do cleanse, tone and I moisturize with either almond oil or castor oil. Thank you for sharing your review but I am not sure if I will try it since it has alcohol content and it has whitening properties. Can you describe the smell?

  35. Thank you for sharing this tips with us. I do not apply anything on my skin. Just soap and water. I am quite reluctant to apply skin care products. This one interest me. I hope that it will help my skin to look younger.

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