Shoe Me The Way

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Women are known to be having an obsession with shoes – Okay, not all – but a lot of us really do. I am not one of those with a hundred plus pairs of shoes on their closet but it is always the first thing I look for when shopping. I even once caught myself puzzling over why I love shoes as much as I do. Yes, they’re just an item of value but the way they make me feel is just so extreme. I admit that it always make me feel better about myself whenever I’m noticed by other women through my shoes. Don’t we all? I’m guilty of that. *wink*

I can’t remember the time I started loving shoes, maybe it was the time I started learning how to walk. From stilettos to flats or any loafers – from looking smart to casual or sporty. I believe most of us think that shoes reflect woman’s personality or even to men. The butt lifting feeling and the arching of the back when in heels is just so feminine. And I so love it.

I always find it a good option matching different shoes with the same clothes to spice an outfit. It has been a dream of mine to be able to design one someday and to be able to have the best collection of the most affordable shoes in my own closet. I love getting mine at Zalora! And even if I sometimes end up not wearing them, I still love having them around. Of course, as a fashion enthusiast it always amuses playing with them in a different outfit while imagining some hot celebrity style as an inspiration.

And quoting what Christian Louboutin popularly chimed, “a shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk” which I strongly agree. Shoes played a big part and transform me as a woman. And yes, I am a woman and I love shoes.


  1. i love shoes too 🙂 haven't gotten a new pair in a while! but when i get one new pair, i like to donate one of my other ones 😀 GIG

  2. I love shoes but in the summer time I find myself only wearing flip flops! :p I also have issues finding ones that are comfortable for me

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