Shopping Tricks for Christmas Season

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The holidays are the deadliest,Β most stressful and most competitive season for shoppers, aside from Black Friday. Shoppers are at the mall from opening to closing hours and the huge seas of people all trying to beat the holiday rush is enough for most people to either just give gift certificates or cash as presents or better yet, just order from It can really be a tiring way to prepare for the holidays but there are tricks to make it easier for you. Consider this your handy guide for shopping made easy during the holidays — all curated from veteran

  1. Shop early. This is the most often given but never heeded advice. But really, it pays to shop early. You can get better deals when it comes to stock quality, pricing, and sales. It is common practice for retailers to jack up their prices first before slashing them with a discount to count off a great deal during the holidays (when in fact you are just really buying an item at its regular price). You can also have the time to leisurely shop for ideas, compare deals and enjoy the season better.
  2. Don’t shop with kids in tow. If this is close to impossible, it is actually worth it to pay for babysitting services than to tag them along. You can get things done faster, save more money (since they might want to try you to get to buy something for them) and safer. Holiday shopping rush is dangerous for children — the throngs of people increases chances of your kids getting lost in the mall. Now in the event, you have to absolutely take them with you, orient them. Tell them what they need to do in case they get lost.
  3. Go bundle your tasks. When going shopping during holiday rush season, plan your outings. Traffic will be horrible, as expected. So go to places that can be walked to and fro if you are planning to buy from different establishments.
  4. Dress the part. And by this, we mean dress the part of a shopper on a mission. Wear the most comfortable shoes, have extra bags with you and as much as possible, just bring your cards in a small sling-type bag.
  5. Shop online, really. What better advice is this? You can easily shop for your gifts online – anytime, anywhere – even in your pajamas. You can expect to have it delivered the next day right at your front door. Most retailers extend their discounts online and even offer free shipping with a certain spending limit. There are catalogue websites that let you virtually shop for everyone on your list and even lets you open a credit line with them so you can pay on installment. They have a variety of items organized by category that allows you to tick off your list in no time. Call it your one-stop shop for Christmas gifts online!

Christmas shopping need not be stressful! Enjoy the season of giving!


  1. The best here is to shop alone. When you have to keep an eye on your kids, you will never get anything done. I do my best shopping alone.

    • If you have time, go for traditional shopping without your kids so you will be able to check the items without rushing your time. Personally, because of my busy schedule I prefer to shop online.

  2. This is actually a big help, thank you so much for sharing your ideas. Shopping early since there’s a great deal of sales at almost every mall. It’s time to take hold of it for us to have actually own a big savings on our part.


  3. Your post just reminded me that I should already start with my Christmas list. I need to start shopping already. The good thing about living in the province though, there are several small shops that sell local products, which I plan to give out this year. πŸ™‚ Plus, traffic is not as stressful as in Manila.

  4. It’s really almost Christmas! It’s better to be prepared early to save than to rush gift shopping for our loved ones.

  5. Shop early and shop online can really get you the best deals. It’s also good to keep the kids away, they tend to ask you to buy more.

  6. Yes, I definitely agree with shopping early. I started shopping for the holiday so I would not cram. This time I take advantage shopping online too, iwas traffic. πŸ™‚

  7. I too shop online for mass products and craftsmen for unique products. In either cases no rush involvded. I am petrified of crowd…

  8. Oh more importantly have a gift list prepared with approx budget… so you don’t go over board! And be stressed come Jan with your credit card bills (If possible shop in cash, using the plastic card can easily can make you loose track of how much you’ve spent).

  9. I agree with all these tips! Shop early is no.1 talaga! As early as september i already started hoarding gifts for relatives and friends. I usually spot them on sale.. then some i buy online.. real time-saver!

  10. Shop online. πŸ™‚ That’s really the best way to go nowadays. No need to commute, no traffic, no lines. Just wait for the items to be delivered. πŸ™‚

  11. I couldn’t agree more of your tips here. Knowing that sale is everywhere, it pays to prepare ourselves and consider to shop earlier rather than go together with a bunch of people. It surely is quite frustrating. Well, online shopping, perhaps one of the best option to take should we opt-out for long queue.

  12. These are the same guidelines that my bestfriend and I abide when we shop during the holidays or even during big sale events. And yes, with a lot of stores setting up online shops nowadays, it makes it more convenient to shop. No need to brave the worsening traffic conditions too πŸ™‚

  13. As a Momma, I am now more of an online shopper so I say yes to tip #5! Haha! Btw, my mother-in-law used to shop for Christmas as early as summer season, I think! I mean, when she has the chance to go to Divisoria, or Baclaran, she would buy something for someone and give it on Christmas. She does Christmas shopping little by little instead of one time big time shopping. Mas praktikal nga naman at hindi masyadong pagod. πŸ˜€

  14. I agree with dont bring the kids. Its double the effort if kids are in tow because 1) they get bored easily and 2) they ask you to buy things that are out of the budget hahaha πŸ˜€

  15. I’m getting stressed already thinking of the expenses we’ll be incurring this Christmas. Lol! But honestly, despite the money issues, I still look forward to celebrating this season of love and giving with the entire clan.

  16. Helpful tricks Mommy. I think online shopping can help us save more kasi mas nabubudget natin talaga and Yes to not bringing the kids hehehe!

  17. Yes, online shopping will probably be the best way to beat the shopping crowd! Just the other day, we spent an hour on the road just to go to a mall which is supposed to be 20 minutes away from our house! My baby girl became fussy in the car, so kawawa.

  18. I don’t shop and I always think that it’s always a mama’ job. Hahaha. I hate crowds that’s why no. 5 is the best!

  19. Hi Cheryl! Awesome tips! People nowadays are very lucky because they have the option to show online! Sometimes, online stuff are cheaper than those found in the malls, right?

    I agree with bundle your tasks, shop early, and don’t shop with kids. Bundling tasks makes the shopping faster and easier. Shopping earlier helps you avoid those pesky and long cashier lines. And not shopping with kids? Of course! They have low tolerance for nonsense and they would start crying if they are tired! So better leave them in the house with a baby sitter or bring them in the department store with a babysitter somewhere else!

  20. Yesss I agree with everything you wrote here, especially the shopping early and shopping online parts! I already bought some Christmas gifts months back haha. Each time there’s a sale I also pick out a Christmas gift. Saves me time and money!

  21. I find online shopping convenient as well. One could shop even in the comforts of her bedroom and in her pajamas. No taxi fare to worry about or where to park the car problems. And yes, no children in tow to worry about. And when the package arrives, we feel all giddy and excited.

  22. I can’t agree more! It’s indeed better to shop early to avoid the Christmas rush! Shopping is also helpful for convenience sake. πŸ™‚ I’ll keep these tips handy for my holiday gift shopping. πŸ™‚ Thanks Cheryl!

  23. Shopping during the Christmas season can be really tough these days. I’m really planning on doing most of my shopping online.

  24. Yes, shop early! πŸ™‚ This is what I usually do when december is approaching. Other items become expensive when it is already December. And I don’t want crowded places that is why I shop early πŸ™‚

  25. My advice is to try to organize your stuff at home first, before doing any shopping. You might find hidden items or possessions you can just wrap as gifts instead of shopping kaagad. Most of the time kasi I find a lot, and it saves me also a lot.

  26. We started our Christmas shopping as early as October in Divisoria. Other were bought thru online shopping. I find them convenient and effective against stressful shopping. πŸ™‚

  27. Yes! The most stressful yet loveliest time of the year. I remember giving out cash to my relative’s children and my godchildren last 2012 because I didn’t have time to shop because I got married 2 weeks before Christmas. The whole year was spent preparing for our big day.

  28. Totally agree on mentioned tips mommy, I usually shop earlier to avoid Christmas rush. I have tried once, grabe haba ng pila at ang daming tao. Feeling ko nasa divisoria ako. hehe

  29. Elizabeth O Reply

    I like your tips. I hate it when there is a Christmas shopping rush, every one is so busy and the traffic is heavy!

  30. I try and do my Christmas shopping as early as possible. I take advantage of sales especially for toys. I also do alot of online shopping. Great tips!

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