The Perfect Wedding

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How would you describe the perfect wedding?

Would it have a specific theme or would it be classy and traditional?

Should the wedding be noisy and super funny or just quiet and emotional? What about the wedding portrait, how important it is for everyone to have a good one?

Every single person for sure, would give different answers and would imagine different weddings but at the same time every bride wants the best of the best. If the bride decides to be Fiona and her future husband to be Shrek, in the wedding photographs they should have the perfect Far Far Away Background. If the bride is Rose and the groom is Jack who survived, the pictures should have a real “We survived Titanic“ air.

The thing is that the bride, when it comes to her wedding photographs, has a critical and a riveted look at all the details that for someone will seem small but for her, all the details have huge importance. That’s why it is essential to have your own wedding bells tiny perfection expressed into photos that in the first place are memories and not framed papers or digital characters. There are hundreds of wedding pictures with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, and all of them are special. It is clear that the couple that’s in the picture searched for the perfect SanFrancisco Wedding Photographer to make from the same idea and the same place something different that will mean a lot to the couple. There is only one sky, but it always looks like a new one on the wedding photographs.

The sacred celebration of two souls becoming one should be memorized and honored. It can be done by capturing the whole event in order to have it today, tomorrow and always. That’s what makes pictures timeless and priceless at the same time. The wedding photography should be imaginative, intimate and authentic because it is pure art. And when all the details matter there is no place for “it’s ok, no one will notice”, people who care about it will look at the photos with eagle eyes and will notice everything. The big story that’s behind every wedding influences the photos and makes them powerful and breathtaking. A simple formula, that gives the photographer the ability to capture the beauty of a person’s essence and the style within. Also it is all about love and putting this strong thing into everlasting portraits which can give a special feeling that do not expire, its’ truly powerful.

Starting with the photo session before the celebration itself where the bride and the groom show their affection and special story or the reception and finishing with the cake and the tired but happy faces guests have, every moment should be captured and later remembered.

Because you weren’t born into a fairy tale and you get a chance to make one to live a night in, it is important how you’ll get to reveal the memories of that special celebration.


  1. I've always dreamed of a big, amazing wedding when I was younger. But as I grew up and when I finally fell in love with my soulmate, I realized what mattered in a wedding was us. Not the decorations, the catering, or the dress. Just us. As long as he's with me and we're surrounded by the people we care about, then my wedding is already perfect 🙂

  2. A perfect wedding? Isn't being able to marry the one you really love a perfect wedding already? ^^ Cheesy, I know. lol I want to have a beach wedding someday. *-*

  3. Each and every wedding is special because all the brides (and grooms) have slaved to hard to make it perfect in their own ways =]

  4. Aww, I love this post. My hubby and I will have our special ceremony next year, not classy or traditional one, something different – obviously nothing outrageous – we just like to be different and have a say on things that we want. And with weddings, it's all about the memories and how you make every moment special – and I have to choose, I'd go something low key x Donah GiG

  5. What a lovely post! I had a really simple wedding… more of a tea party kind of thing, with only close relatives 🙂

  6. For me the definition of a perfect wedding depends from person o person 🙂 The most important thing is to marry the person you love. If you are one the luckiest few to be able to do that, everything else would fall in place on its own 🙂

  7. I don't really have any ideas about my (potential) future wedding! But I do think that choosing the right photographer and investing in photos is a really important part of documenting the momentous occasion

  8. the perfect wedding is so different for everyone. for me, my wedding was perfect, surrounded by our family and closest friends <3 we committed to each other in front of God and then later had a celebration dancing til 6am lol. gig love

  9. I loved my own wedding. It was on the smaller side and we made a point of keeping the whole evening upbeat. Everyone had fun and was up on the dance floor after the ceremony. I loved every moment of it! GIG

  10. My dream wedding will be by the beach >.< But that's actually quite expensive where I come maybe a garden wedding, until I think about the rental costs….so maybe just a simple one? unless my future hubby wouldn't mind spending just to make me happy..hahaha

  11. I personally think that weddings are overrated… for most people this is the most stressful day in their life… why would you want it?
    Run to Rio and skip all the party and drama, this is my idea of a perfect wedding 🙂

  12. Hmmm perfect wedding? Haven't really think of it but I think as long as I'm with the one I loved, that's more than enough? 🙂

  13. I'm not really big on the perfect wedding coz when I got married I was sick with a flu and all that was planned din't happen. Despite that I did enjoy the wedding.!!

    xx Chaicy
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  14. My hubby and I got married in 2012. It was a bit of a rush so I was not able to prepare for the wedding…we're planning to have a church wedding soon and I can't wait to plan and prepare for it.. 🙂

  15. awww, I've been planning my wedding since I met the one, and photographs are the most important thing for me! =) A perfect wedding is simple, full of love, and absolutely fun!

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