Three Shades

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I admit I am pretty much good at going out bare face. Literally naked face since most of my time is spent preparing for my son’s stuff. And do not worry about it, it’s perfectly okay to not wear anything at all on the face except for a sunscreen when you’ll be exposed outside. Just smile and remember that confidence is the key. Anyway, I am sometimes (most of the time I mean), settled with just fixing my eyebrows and putting up a lipstick. I believe that I do not need to wear anything fancy because how you carry yourself will mostly define you.

It is normal for a woman like me to not get contented with just one shade of lipstick. I also like to look different each and every day even just through my lips. Here’s my three favorite shades (these are the only lipsticks I have at the moment, tbh! hahaha):


Estee Lauder Pure Color in Rose Envy Shimmer. Perfect for an everyday use. This can also be worn with any outfit I choose. It just doesn’t last very long as I thought a lippie should be. But I love the fact that it doesn’t dry my lips. This is also a good choice to achieve a kissable lips.
Colour Collection High Definition Lipstick in Caramel. For a minimal and not too obvious color, this makes it a lovely choice. This doesn’t blend well on my lips though, but when worn with a lip balm or any lip moisturizing makes a perfect no-occasion look.


Colour Collection High Definition Lipstick in Cinnamon Red. Fierce and a bit of seductive. This could make one a head-turner once applied perfectly. I love using this whenever I’m a little bit moody. Paired with a gloss will make an entire look perfect for a night-out.
P.S.: Sorry for the pixelated collage, only using mobile to take this photo.
How about you? Do you have favorite lipstick shades too? Comment them down below so I can check it out.


  1. Lovely shades and actually all are looking so rich in colour giving a brightness to you face. Cinnamon red is looking really nice to me.

  2. Same here, well, I've never delved into cosmetics yet since birth haha. Might try it out in the near future since social engagements linked to my husbands career is on the horizon and formal parties that require make up is to be expected. Going to try lipsticks soon! Great review, my mom has the same lipstick. 🙂

  3. I like the red one (Rose Envy) – I'd definitely use it (a colour perfect for me). I've never tried one from Estee Lauder – so I could give them a try next time!

  4. I am a lippy fans, so any lipstick will excites me. The cinnamon red looks good on you and it compliments your skin tone also.

  5. my current favourite lipstick shade is nyx round lipstick in Paris. it's a very pretty, barbie pink colour. and I go out to work totally bare faced too. just sunscreen and lip balm, nothing more.

  6. Oh my! Same here! I almost always go out of the house bare face! I'm not really fond of using make up because I don't know how to, but I think I agree with you on this. Sometimes, going out pale-faced makes people think I'm ill or something. Haha! Guess I'll have to try putting on lipstick na ah! 🙂

  7. I'm quite conservative with my shade and I try to avoid really dark red colors. Currently only using one, it's an old rose shade and has a little shimmer on it so it just glides on the lips.

  8. I love lippies, but as much as I love them I don't like wearing them all the time. Hahaha. I think it's time for me to start. I get too uncomfortable all the time, but I do love wearing them on special events 😀 By the way, the Caramel shade is my favorite! 🙂

    Mimi Gonzales | The Foxy Heroine

  9. My trainee did a demo on how to ware a lipstick. Never knew how complicated it was wearing one. I'm still amazed on how many colors women can distinguish over men.

  10. I have tried colour collections because of sampleroom and I got that cinnamon red too. Too bad, I didn't get the chance to try out the caramel. I'm more interested with that kind of lipstick shade.

  11. caramel looks so natural on you! 🙂 I too am loving color collection especially the slim ultimate wear lippies in Temptress. It's my perfect red shade hahaha!

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