“Tres Marias Adventures” goes to Azienda

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And so I’m ready to post something about me, my closest cousin, and my dear sister. I wanna call this “Tres Marias Adventures” which is of course about our adventures literally and our journey in life together. Not everyone is lucky to have their sister and cousin close to them, especially if they don’t live in the same place. Well, I guess I’m just so much luckier that I don’t just have a sister, a cousin but best friends as well. We can actually be anything we want. We can be the craziest persons on earth, the most serious ones, or the jaded! Hahaha! And oh, we can give you the loudest laugh and the annoying cries if you like. LOL!
We honestly don’t have too much alike, but we always make sure that our differences won’t hinder anything! As the saying goes, “Similarities create friendships, but differences hold them together!”. So join us while we are making the best of this roller coaster called life together! xoxo!



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