Trick or Treat?

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It’s almost the time of the year where the kid in me will come out, Halloween. While to some this may be just any ordinary day, the other part of the world is jumping for excitement. The trick-or-treating has always been fun for kids. However, the spooktacular parties thrown by your parents or the neighbors can become boring as you grow older. Well, there are always ways to throw an age-appropriate party. A themed party can be one.

trick or treat

How do you want to appear on your Halloween party? You can be a superhero or your favorite cartoon character or transform yourself into your favorite celebrity. But that may cost you a hundred few bucks for a one-time event. You can actually save money by doing ‘dressed up’ instead of a ‘costume’. You really don’t have to be scary. Unless the party is a majority for kids then if you can’t be scary, at least be funny for them. You may also opt for an all black outfit – chic and modern way to style yourself. Just do a little trick on your makeup so you won’t appear plain.

I do love dressing up, who doesn’t anyway? And Halloween is undoubtedly the best time to do so. You can actually use items you already own instead of buying one at the mall, forget the rush at this moment. But then, why stop yourself when you really want to buy a new one? You can always check for the best and most affordable pieces online. Hence, I have marked down Zalora’s Cyber Sale into my calendar to make sure I get a good steal. Here’s my pick for an all black outfit:

Halloween outfit
Never leave your outfit preparation to the very last minute. What’s your Halloween outfit idea? Share them in the comment below! xo!



  1. I dress up so much that I've become a pro at it to a point that I make my own costume. For my bachelorette's party, I had a Moulin Rouge theme and we all dressed up. I spent close to nothing and people though I must have spent a fortune! It's all about being creative, right?

  2. Elizabeth O. Reply

    It's been a while since I last attended a Halloween party, I honestly can't remember the last time I had to wear a costume. I love Halloween though, I think it's one of the best Holidays! Candy!

  3. Ooooh I just love dressing up too! I love the bangle and earrings you got, they'd go well with any outfit, not just for Halloween! 🙂

  4. Wonderful it looks and i so much wish to do it for my kids. Last year my friend did some halloween creepy painting on her kids tshirt it looked superb.

  5. I guess the more time you plan your outfit, the more you can save on the cost plus you have more time to make it better. This would definitely rock the Halloween.

  6. I am not too much into the Halloween thing. I am also not too much into black clothes or gothic accessories. Some look good in them. But I know I don't nor will I feel comfortable wearing black.

  7. Nice outfit you got there! I'm also planning to wear all-black this weekend. Dressing up is my all time favorite activity. However, I'm a bit worried on how to make a "Halloween Themed" makeup. 🙁 Do you have a tutorial for that? Your help would be much appreciated since we're going to have a contest in our company. 😉

    Cess |

  8. That's true. Dressing up is more appropriate because Halloween parties do not only mean being scary but also mimicking some personalities and icons. I'm jealous of the bangle. <3

  9. This would probably lok good to one of my female friends. I can suggest this to them when have a party. hehe Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  10. I like the top. But I must lose weight to look good in a crop top!!
    As for Halloween, I never did dress up but it is one of my favourite time of the year. Perhaps I would get an opportunity soon.

  11. i've never attended a halloween party before, never celebrated this festival even once. haha… but i like your outfit, especially the skirt and the heels!

  12. I'm not into Halloween really… too many years living in a college town filled with drunk obnoxious people dressing skanky. It got old really fast haha! They already started yesterday… so I don't really get excited anymore like when I was a kid!

  13. We had our trick or treat party in the office last friday.. how i wish I read this earlier and get the gorgeous outfit idea you mention above! It's sooooo nice <3

  14. i love your selection. I actually quickly went through zalora before this halloween but couldn't find any…. wish i visited you blog earlier 🙂

  15. I love this time of a year although I don't celebrate it but I still love the fun,costumes, makeup and everything about it ^_^ Loving your picks for Halloween x

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