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We were born to deal with our own emotions in whatever way we can. The hardest it can get, the stronger we become. Too many questions, yet there are only few answers.
What if you’re like the ocean? Would you be brave to carry our own waves? Would you be able to remain calm in the middle of dark because of its depths? Would you be willing to clean yourself despite the varieties of trash thrown on you? And would you still volunteer yourself to help humans with their livelihood?

What if you’re the forest? Would you be able to nurture yourself? Or would you rather ask people to do so? Would sacrifice the whole lifetime standing under the heat of the sun or under the pouring rain just to shed people? Would you always bare fruits to feed them? Would you be patient if kids will play around you? And would you understand if you are cut down even if it’s illegal?


What if you’re the people around you? Would you waste your time talking about other people’s lives? Would you bother yourself because you wanna be like them? Would you gamble anything just to prove you are right and they’re not? Would you be so trusting just for the sake of being open? Or would you rather keep all things by yourself? And would you be brave enough to fight for all you love and to what you believe is right?


Too easy to ask questions, yet very difficult to build answers. What will happen today somehow depends on your choices yesterday. It’s like knowing if you have to pick the flower you like or just watered because you love it. So always make the right choice. And don’t forget to always choose to be HAPPY!


  1. Yes, so much questions and yet difficult to answer! Anyway, it is a matter of choice. Choose to be happy! By the way, great flower images!

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