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I have been missing in action for few days already, oh my! A not so busy weekend at my hometown, but wasn’t able to post anything since internet connection there was a bit unfriendly during that time. But before I’ll talk anything about the weekend happenings, allow me to share about this “Getting Fit” tip from me! 😀

I was a horrible food lover for the past few months and it made me gained too much weight that I couldn’t even afford stepping on a weighing scale. Too bad that I actually ate a lot, but then, it’s not something that I would regret. At least for once in this journey, I experienced getting fat. LOL

Now here’s the thing, losing weight / getting fit is never easy. I word it! It takes a lot of hard-work, effort and discipline. Going to the gym or exercising at home is not enough. Food dieting is not enough. You have to do both at the same time. Hard as it is, but it’s the only safe thing to do this time. I’m happy for myself that I am able to control my food cravings and this butt laziness! ^__^ But aside from that, I also make sure that I get the vitamins and nutrients my body needs, maybe not all, but at least most.

Here’s my daily buddy that helps me getting fitter 🙂

Yogurt and Lemon are just so perfect for me 🙂
*Acti-v is a flavored yogurt snack. It has actifibras which is scientifically proven to help regulate bowel movement. It helps support a good digestive system.
– Actually best anytime of the day, so I can have this any time I want 😀
Speaking of lemons, having a lemon water every morning completes my day. This citrus fruit is a very good source of Vitamin C. This has actually lots of benefits, one is; this helps with weight loss. This also relieves respiratory problems, clears skin, freshens breath and many more.
How do I do it?
Pour hot water into a mug, doesn’t have to be boiling.
Wash the lemon and cut into half.
Squeeze the lemon into the hot water (or use juicer if you have).
Good to drink.
Enjoy 🙂



  1. Hay, I am also in my diet mode. been eating a lot the last few months, as in super. so need to be fit.

    Me naman (as recommended by my doctor sa heart coz have hypertension na rin coz of my weight), I eat twice a day (pinapili niya ko actually kung regular meals na twice a day, or 5 small meals).

    for breakfast, I just have coffee (black, one brown sugar)

    for lunch, I eat one cup rice and ulam (kahit ano).

    for dinner, salad.

    Although now that I jog every morning na, I also eat breakfast na but one one hardboiled egg, then water, no more coffee.

    Sorry napahaba. Just wanna share.
    Love reading about your diet as well, at least lam ko di ako nagiisa hehe 😛

  2. i have to agree! it's challenging to diet! right now im trying to incorporate more fiber in my daily eats. 😀 it feels good to cleanse that way. (GIG)

  3. I feel you girl! Sometimes I wonder why do I still eat if I end up feeling guilty afterwards? Mamatay na lang siguro ako kung di din ako kakain?? lol! I guess it's always been a girl thing…so conscious of our body! The lemon with water is a good morning regimen accdg to others. I haven't tried it yet..
    Btw, hope you can join my giveaway… Thanksssss!! xox

  4. i love yogurt, but cant have it often because i am lactose..and boy does it make my stomach turn and…ahahaha bad. i do drink lemon water too!


  5. Yay! I also take lemon water before taking breakfast and before going to sleep. It's after ive read that it's actually good for the skin and immune system.

  6. don't eat sweets(eat only once in a while in one serving),drink black coffee and tea after every meal(no sugar)and eat food not in moderation but in small servings everyday. no soda(soft drinks, eat fresh orange juice or Florida oranges. I bet you will lose weight in no time.THe problem with people is they eat TOO MUCH, kaya kahit mag exercise, waalng epecto.

  7. Hi dear, I advice you stop eating flavoured yogurt because it contains sugar as well buy organic or no flavour at all then just eat it with your fave fruits instead. i put lemons on my water tumble too! xx

  8. I haven't tried the "real lemon" yet.. but once in a while to make sure I get enough vitamin c, I drink calamansi juice which is a great substitute for lemon.. 🙂

  9. Good to hear that more and more people like you are conscious about health and the food they eat. I have no eating regimen except… I take everything in moderation.

  10. I also love yogurt and im trying to switch since my milk is not very nice to my stomach 😀

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  12. I love Activ-V Yogurt! Especially strawberry flavor. Sometimes I mix it with a few fruit slices like mango or grapes. 🙂

  13. Yogurt and lemon is such a great tandem to lose weight. I tried taking yogurt for breakfast or dinner for one whole straight week and saw immediate results. 🙂

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