Weekend Madness: ‘That Dress’

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Starting today, I will be posting my weekend madness featuring my random thoughts, tales, hang-ups and wish lists and anything that comes out of my mind in connection with what this blog is all about, of course. Let me start with a hang-up!

It’s November and it’s the same month I got the chance to wear one of Cebu’s young designer’s creation. Back in 2011 when my cousin was about to get married, I was chosen to be one of the bridesmaids. The rule was to wear anything we like as long as it matches the wedding’s motif. Of course, that’s always something to look forward to. Not every bridesmaid are given the freedom to choose their dress style. I was lucky enough to know someone who can provide me the dress I like. A talented and a good friend, James Cañete (may he rest in peace), handed me his creations in drawings. Choosing one was actually hard, I wanted to have all the designs he made for me, however, I only had to choose one.

James Canete Creation

Since the dress had to be long, I chose one that will not cover my shoulders for it to be balanced and so I won’t look covered from head to toe. I also wanted a simple one to not steal everyone’s attention. Of course, the center of attraction should be the couple especially the bride. The dress came with an instruction on how to wear it and what accessories to pick by James himself. I was also told on how to style my hair. I’m such a lucky client. Lol!

James Canete Creation
James Canete Creation
James Canete Creation


James Canete Creation

This made me missed my long hair. Now, that’s a hang-up! I wore this only once. I might look for an event that might need me to wear this one again. Hahaha. What do you think of this dress?

P.S.: Took the photos above using a smartphone only. That’s pretty obvious, I guess!


  1. What lovely cool color it is <3 So simple yet the tussles and accessories on the dress are enough to add a perfect glam to it… You look lovely 🙂 xx

  2. beautiful! the dress and the colour suits you so much. i wish i would be able to pull it off

  3. I love how balanced this dress is. Perfect for not showing too much skin and it is what makes this dress sexy.

  4. I like the shade. That's actually my favorite color. 🙂
    Such a beautiful creation, really a lucky client!

  5. The dress is sooo pretty. And i think letting the bridesmaids choose their own gowns for the wedding is a great idea, too. 🙂

  6. Elizabeth O. Reply

    I love the dress! And the color! It definitely fits you perfectly.

  7. That's a very elegant outfit! Love the pearl, chain detailing on the shoulder. Just spectacular. The color & one shoulder style is just perfect!

  8. The dress is very elegant in design, makes the wearer look taller because of its long vertical folds. I am imagining it would look so good in red or green as well.

  9. The dress is really nice, reminiscent of a Greek goddess! You should wear it out more often, hopefully more formal events will come up.

  10. Cool article! Weekend madness! I so love the concept and the color and the style of your dress. It's so greek goddess!

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