What It’s Like to Live in Ottawa

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Every Canadian can recall at least one field trip, or trip with their family, to explore Ottawa as a child.  Many this cements their idea of the capital as some boring, or outdated, city: but it’s more than that.  Ottawa is malleable and changes with the times.  Still, some things never change.  Here are the essential, unchanging parts and what it’s like to live in Ottawa.

The Entertainment

Despite the high number of government and tech jobs, the top entertainment in Ottawa isn’t as cerebral as you might assume.  Sports are where it’s at and what inspires some of the most passionate conversations and debates the country has ever seen.  If you don’t like the cold of a hockey rink, soccer and football are both a big deal here!  All of the teams can be recognized by their red and black uniforms: and their incredible skill.

The Food

As the capital, Ottawa oversees endless people coming and going from the country at all times.  The food in the city reflects that, with restaurants that can vouch for nearly every sense of taste possible.  Whether you want your food spicy and fried, or you’d instead settle down for some gelato or falafel, you’ll find something you’ll love to eat here.

The Transit

Ottawa is infamous for its traffic.  If you need to be somewhere directly before eight in the morning or right after five in the afternoon, you’re going to catch yourself in a lot of traffic.  Luckily, public transit in Ottawa runs on a pretty smooth schedule.  With both a light rail system and a bus system, if you’re running late, there are several options for how to get to work or school on time anyway!

The Housing

Ottawa homes for sale can often seem prohibitively expensive, and it’s not far off from the truth.  The average house in the city is 26% more expensive than the national average, a number that’s hard to swallow.  Apartment rent has gone up incredibly high in the last five years. And there’s a recent shortage of dwellings because landlords are turning towards renting out the apartments as one-night stays on programs like Airbnb.

The People

Don’t let the high-brow feeling of the endless museums and exhibitions make you nervous about talking to anyone.  Ottawa residents are amiable, whether it’s because they’re burning the campaign trail.  Show it back by offering to buy drinks for new acquaintances, asking questions that they’ll be excited to answer, and offering up some knowledge of your own.  It’s easy to start a conversation with anyone from Ottawa.

The Weather

Ottawa is a chilly city with summers that people dream of. And winters will keep you happy that the heating in your car works.  The in-between days, where you have to wear many layers to work and then slowly take them off throughout the day.  This will help you deal with whatever temperature the city throws at you while still looking cute!

Those mentioned above are only some factors that have meanings to people who live here. But there’s no better way to know what it’s like to live in Ottawa than to live in Ottawa.


  1. Anarose Lucero Reply

    Ottawa City has its own beauty that many Canadian and tourists still love, their weather and the architectural views are amazing

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