M Lhuillier “ML Moves”: Bridging Families and Businesses with More Than Just Money

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In the heart of Filipino culture, family and community are paramount. Recognizing the importance of connection, M Lhuillier, known as the “Tulay ng PaMLyang Pilipino,” has gone beyond traditional financial services. The company has extended its reach into the world of logistics, becoming a bridge that not only facilitates financial transactions but also connects families and businesses through innovative logistics solutions. Let’s explore how M Lhuillier is redefining itself as a hub for more than just money.

M Lhuillier ML Moves

M Lhuillier Logistics “ML Moves”: Connecting Lives and Businesses

1. Venturing into Logistics in 2015:

M Lhuillier took a bold step in 2015 by entering the logistics retailing sector. This move positioned the company as an extended business center for third-party logistics partners, aiming to provide innovative solutions for both walk-in and e-commerce transactions.

2. Walk-In Transactions: Sending Parcels and Documents:

M Lhuillier simplifies the process of sending parcels and documents, catering to both domestic and international destinations. Customers can drop off their items at any M Lhuillier branch offering ML Moves services, making it a convenient one-stop shop for logistics needs.

·       📦 Drop-Off at M Lhuillier: Visit your nearest M Lhuillier branch providing ML Moves service to drop off your parcels and documents.

·       🚚 Shipment Partners: M Lhuillier collaborates with local courier partners for domestic deliveries and DHL Express for international destinations, ensuring secure and timely shipments.

3. ML Moves Rates and Branches:

To make logistics services more accessible, M Lhuillier offers competitive rates for ML Moves. Customers can easily find branches with ML Moves services, creating a widespread network for logistics convenience.

“An innovative logistics solution that positions M Lhuillier as a reliable drop-off and pick-up center.”

E-Commerce Solutions with M Lhuillier

1. Returns for Lazada & Shopee:

M Lhuillier simplifies the e-commerce returns process. Once a return/refund application is approved, customers can drop off their items at any M Lhuillier branch, and the company takes care of the return shipping without additional charges.

2. Branch Pick-Up for Lazada & Shopee:

M Lhuillier offers flexibility for Lazada and Shopee customers. Packages can be dropped off at the nearest M Lhuillier branch, providing customers with the convenience to pick up their orders at their preferred time.

3. Sellers Drop-Off for Lazada & Shopee:

Selected M Lhuillier branches become drop points for Lazada and Shopee sellers. Couriers from these e-commerce platforms periodically pick up parcels from M Lhuillier branches for seamless delivery to line-haul carriers.

M Lhuillier’s foray into logistics represents a holistic approach to connectivity, transcending the conventional role of a financial service provider. By embracing the world of logistics, M Lhuillier continues to bridge families, facilitate e-commerce, and support businesses, becoming a true “Tulay ng PaMLyang Pilipino” that extends beyond financial transactions, connecting lives and businesses across the Philippines.

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