When in Bohol

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This is my third time in Bohol. In fact, every visit to the island brings a different story. Of course, I’m so lucky to be able to visit different tourist spots from each visit. I came to visit Danao Adventure Park the first I went there. I rode the park’s cable car, although the plan was to try its zip line. I’m scared of heights!
The second time I went to Bohol was with my entire family so we took tours available in our hotel. It was the time I was able to see the chocolate hills closer, I also got to meet the famous Tarsier. We were also able to see Prony, dubbed as the biggest python in captivity. We also had the chance to see different butterflies at the butterfly farm and a lot more.  It was actually an incredible trip because imagine being able to visit several spots in a day.
The weekend before Valentine’s Day, I visited Bohol again. This time with a whole new story and adventure, not to mention I brought my son with me. As expected my hands were full, because, mother duties. It was our first long travel and glad that my little one cooperated, although not all the time. But what are toddlers!

Our first day was a relaxing day. We only went to the Fort of Saint Vincent Ferrer or commonly known as Punta Cruz Watchtower. We were lucky to arrive there just in time for sunset. But because LO kept on running around, no good photos for me.

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On the second day, we decided to hop to Pamilakan Island. About two and a half hours travel from Baclayon by boat. We arrived in Baclayon at around noon time so expected to meet big waves. Plus the weather was not that friendly that day. It is recommended to go there early in the morning where the ocean is calm. That’s according to the locals we met at the pier. And yes, the waves were scary! But the island is really worth the travel.

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During our third day, we decided to travel to the Eastern Tip of Bohol. It is where Anda is located. Beach! I was actually expecting it to be just like the beaches found in Panglao. Amazed as I was, I fell in love with Anda. Long white sand beach. I couldn’t get enough of it. I wanted to stay there longer. It is better than Panglao, most of the tourists who went there said Anda is better than Boracay. I haven’t been to Boracay, though. But because Anda looks untouched and is beautiful as it is from its creation, I know it is better than any other beaches.

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  1. Bohol is one of the most unforgettable destinations for me. I stayed there for only two days but I felt like I stayed for a week. I enjoyed the beaches and farms. The countryside tour is also wonderful. Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay! Let’s travel Philippines more!

  2. I love Bohol. I still can’t forget my experience there especially the Loboc river cruise. Anyway, it’s my first time hearing of Anda. Thanks for sharing that. I’ll make sure to drop by there when we visit Bohol again.

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