5 Reasons to Visit Mt. Hambubuyog

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I used to be an outdoor person before I had my son but I haven’t really tried going to a mountain. I haven’t tried visiting any place too that has a temperature below normal literally. Most of the time I opted for beaches to relax and unwind. This year has probably changed my adrenaline. First one to reach was Mt. Hambubuyog located in the municipality of Ginatilan. Getting there actually gives you a couple of choices such as through the roads from Samboan town, Oslob or Ginatilan. You can also opt to trek from Inambakan falls.

Mt. Hambubuyog is one of the places I won’t mind always going back. My reasons? Keep reading. . .

1. Majestic. Mt. Hambubuyog’s peak is where the Divine Mercy chapel is also located. It has solemn feelings and it’s a great place to visit when you want to achieve peace of mind.

2. Views. Standing at the peak allows you to witness the sun setting at the Negros island side. The neighboring island’s panorama is not quite clear during rainy season so make sure to visit there during summer to maximize the experience. You can also see the Bohol island at the other side of the peak.

3. Camping. Despite the very cold temperature of the place regardless of the season, staying overnight is a must-try to everyone who will visit there. There’s a camping area below the chapel where you can place your tent and other camping needs. You can also stay beside the chapel in case it rains. The place has comfort room so you don’t need to worry if nature calls. Also, the chapel has electricity.

4. Accessibility. The good thing is it’s accessible with vehicles so trekking is just an option. If you don’t own a vehicle, you can ride a habal-habal. But if you want an adventurous journey, go for a trek. You can trek from Inambakan Falls to Mt. Hambubuyog. You can always ask the locals around.

5. Child-friendly and safe. As a mom, it’s always great to visit a place where I can bring my 2-year old son. Although some visitors left trashes there it still has a worry-free environment and my son loves it there. And when you are with your family, you can also do some activities such as kite flying.

Have you been there? How was your visit?


  1. Those views sure are something special! The place seems good for families who’re into nature and camping. I’m not that much of a camper myself but maybe I could do a short visit and then drive to a hotel. Haha! Thanks for sharing your tips and experience! 🙂

  2. Like you, I used to love the outdoors so much. I trek mountains and cliff dive, do kayaking and even enjoy zipline. But after giving birth to our son two years ago, I forgo going out and just enjoy babysitting my son. My husband and three boys though still trek mountains and swim on beaches. I miss the outdoors. Perhaps I could join my family again once our youngest is able to join, too.

  3. I haven’t been here, but I’m inlove with the place. It’s too relaxing to watch and good for meditation as well. How I wish I could visit here.

  4. I haven’t visited places like this but it looks fun and exciting. For sure the kids enjoyed their day here. And the things you stated are indeed enough reasons to visit the area.

  5. Mt. Hambubuyog seems nice. The trail looks easy and I love how tranquil looking it is.If I find myself in Cebu, I’d certainly climb that. I hope campers visiting it will not leave their trash behind. By the way, is it still necessary to hire a guide?

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