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Okay. So it’s been a while since my last post and I’m sorry for that but I’m not sorry that I stayed home for almost two weeks. 😀 However, Saturday bores me, this day has left me nothing to do, so I decided to go out and stroll around. But since it’s summer already and the weather may not be friendly with me, I chose to wear comfy clothes to keep me cool yet still looking hot. 😛

So SM is already ready for Easter huh! Fine! I’m trying to do the Easter Egg Hunting in advance since I have never tried this my whole life. Hahaha


Would you collect more eggs if I’m the Easter Bunny? 😉
As much as I love wearing pumps or wedges, I also love wearing flats especially if I’m just going to the mall. One of my fave flats, what’s yours?
I was trying to braid my hair all by myself and ended up with my hands drooping. It’s not that easy especially that I have a very thick and long hair. I think it took me almost an hour to finish the braids. LOL. But I think I did it well though.
I love how messy it looks. My first time, not that bad right? Hehehe.
Liz Claiborne Top, Thrift Shorts, Katrina flats, NAS bag, Thrift accessories (Old)


  1. Your hair is long and perfect for braiding. You also look good with your printed top. I hope you were able to find a lot of Easter egg. Come to think of it, I haven't tried Easter egg hunt too.

  2. Ohhhh I envy you for the fish tail braid! I've been practicing to no sucess haha.

    happy easter to you and your family!

  3. I actually like how you did your hair, not bad for a first-timer, and I envy your thick lock! I used to have thick hair, too, back when I was still studying, but being a WAHM has taken its toll on my hair. Lol!

  4. Love the fish tail braid! Also I really like leopard prints. 😀 And I hope I can go to any SM now, I want to go shopping! XD

  5. Love your arm swag! Fish tail is my fave braid, haven't done it for a while sin I got layers, bummer huhuhu

  6. You have such beautiful long hair and you did an excellent job with the braid. I really do like messy fish tails 🙂

  7. you look lovely,i love flats too, they are so comfy!! and can i just say omg your hair is soo longgg love ittt!! want mine to grow that long! but so slow hahah totally lazy LOL
    big hugs hun <3

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