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Hello everyone, yes I’m back. I know I’ve been MIA for couple of weeks now and it feels like forever, isn’t it? It made me feel like my brain suddenly stopped working for this blogosphere. 🙁 But if you’ve followed me with my social accounts, you know I’m still alive. Hihihi! I miss so many things here, and this dashboard is one of them. So I wanna give this one a soft touch of love for now before I’ll get back to what this blog is about, and here’s a treat for you 🙂

We all love music, don’t we? It is part of our everyday lives. We listen to it, we sing to it, we even have LSS (Last Song Syndrome) sometimes or even most of the times. Agree? There are lots of music videos which became viral last year. Lots literally! But to not make this post long, here are the videos me and my friends made the day before Goddess In Disguise was born. Just being nuts! Hahaha! The videos are kinda shaky and poor in quality but I hope you’ll have fun watching as we had fun doing them. 😀 xx!



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